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  1. Luis Colon

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  2. Vu Thuc Trang

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  3. Didnwks

    Bianca was suspicious

  4. jiro

    Jake:swallow the GURt

  5. Hareesh Bhathini

    BOYLE : MAFIA! 🇮🇹

  6. AL C

    Ron needs his own show

  7. Corwin Forest

    Jake: my dad is so cool.

  8. Hamdi Ali Hassan

    Jason’s death kills me (pun intended) 😂 what really gets me is that the plan made less than zero sense.


    My god, Amy is so beautiful!

  10. Marie Wilson

    They didn't out my favorite insult "Maybe Madeline wants to inform us all that she's a Cheuksin." "A what?" " A Cheuksin. A Korean toilet ghost, lives in an outhouse, wraps her hair around your throat and chokes you to death while move your bowels"

  11. Dr.KarMichael And Jones

    Terry too OP 🤣

  12. Sunny Chang

    lol the way hitchcock and scully slowly inched there way to the pie😂😂😂

  13. Jordan Terry

    A lot of these are good lessons but also for the laughs. The one about being a good person is a legitimately amazing life lesson. I want to put it on a shirt.

  14. Kyle M

    Unky C is a good name

  15. kalcheus

    "Amy said I should eat more veggies, so I got extra pepper cheese" is possibly my favorite line from the entire series

  16. Fatkage

    8:48 Dwight knew all along

  17. Daniel Pruitt

    6:24 Jim dying inside.

  18. Up Front Argue

    Ding dong the wuntch is dead, BAGEL, BAGEL, BAAGEL!

  19. Burner Zen Force

    The best teacher ever: I will turn you from boys to men, men to gladiators, and from gladiators, to swansons.

  20. Grimm

    My dad owns the *SWANSON PYRAMID OF GREATNESS* hangs over his bed

  21. Corsair Carl

    If you can't take me at my Andy Dwyer you don't deserve me at my Starlord.

  22. K B

    Lo key... Jim was a jerk and let Karen on. He knew it was always Pam, but kept Karen just in case. Smh.

  23. Reshirex


  24. Chrono Mitsurugi

    Leslie and Ron have one of the most beautiful friendships.

  25. smin

    3:06 O.o

  26. Corsair Carl

    Wait, Chris was nice to Jerry? WHAT THE HELL!?

  27. perspectivewins.mp4


  28. Trevor Carlson

    Ngl I learned more from him while watching the show than I even thought possible.

  29. Camille Sophia

    who else is watching once again after listening to office ladies?

  30. Ender Wiggins

    I feel like one of parks and rec’s strengths was the diversity of characters and how they interact w each other. April especially brings out great interactions with everyone because she’s so dark and sardonic but with a compassionate streak.

  31. Dorian Ludens

    If Gina was a man this harassment wouldn't be tolerated.

  32. ThePumasboy300

    You embarrassed me in front of Derek Jeter! You embarrassed YOURSELF in front of Derek Jeter...

  33. Jonathan Bartlett

    Which episode is this

  34. Glowstick Father

    Levi and Erwin be like:

  35. the p-dub express

    Huge gut 🤣🤣🤣

  36. the p-dub express

    Nothing but gruel

  37. the p-dub express

    4:29 - The MOST awkward moment in The Office

  38. Haley Spence

    This gave me serotonin

  39. Isaac Vanderberg

    Where is Ron’s forging of a ring? Life lesson = Sauron better not show his face!

  40. SSLegend

    Whoever thought of the name of this video knew what they were doing.

  41. Jason Huang

    It's so ironic that Dwight was the one to break character the most lmao

  42. Babara Zeiger

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  46. Marthe Nuyttens

    1:52 omg that’s such a good one hahahaha

  47. Caitlyn Acree

    It's EUGENE!!!!!!!

  48. Babara Zeiger

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  49. Captain Pedantic

    I would have guessed clove hitch.

  50. Chandan Gupta cpg

    I am whole assing the love for Ron's words❤️❤️👍 XOXO

  51. art4ig

    "My question is - What the hell?"

  52. ChannelyChannel

    Dont eat fish meat? Doesn't ron love shrimp?

    1. Callum Standish

      Mainly when it's wrapped in bacon

    2. Jake Pullman

      It"s his third favorite meat.

    3. MaryEllen Brown

      Shrimp are not fish they are crustaceans

  53. Hal Somerville

    It’s strange seeing Toby laugh with Michael. This is a sign. The end of the world is near people.

  54. Blackball


  55. Icecold1776

    Second! I don't know how I lost

    1. Icecold1776

      @Julian Euston lol

    2. Julian Euston

      @Icecold1776 yeah sorry 😂

    3. Icecold1776

      @Julian Euston you're actually not, some other guy was, I was second

    4. Icecold1776

      @Blackball That's it man, game over man, game over. You're doing hudson right?

    5. Julian Euston

      I got first for the first time!! 😂

  56. Julian Euston

    I got second!!

    1. Samuel Kayros

      @Julian Euston Sounds good. I assumed you were lying because you edited it to second and never changed it

    2. Samuel Kayros

      @Julian Euston I didn't think it was an argument, just a discussion. I'd I came off that way sorry

    3. Julian Euston

      @Samuel Kayros yep that makes sense, I’m sorry I truly thought I was second

    4. Samuel Kayros

      @Julian Euston Sounds good, I just don't like people who lie about where they were 2 times in a row and then double down.

    5. Julian Euston

      I honestly don’t know how something this dumb turned into an argument 💀🤣🤣

  57. Tauren Miller-Amunson

    First and this is the best and greatest thing ever

    1. Julian Euston

      @Icecold1776 mhm sure u can believe what you believe 🥴

    2. Icecold1776

      @Julian Euston hell no, I was second, you were 3rd, I got here way before you

    3. Julian Euston

      @Icecold1776 I wasn’t first but I was second... so yeah

    4. Icecold1776

      @Julian Euston you were 3rd, I got here second and you weren't there

    5. Julian Euston

      I’m not trying to be rude but I was first...

  58. kshitij kumar

    I know every word that they are gonna say and i still laugh like crazy

  59. johnson frank

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  60. John Doe

    Dwight: What is this? Creed: That is northern lights, cannabis indica Dwight: no idiot, its marijuana

  61. Sarah

    "I'm going through a little bit of a rough patch. The whole year, actually." best and most accurate meme

  62. Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

    Was Melissa Fumero really drunk in the beach house episode? Realized she was sleeping in that scene.

  63. Ella

    Holt: In the ET movie, did you feel sad when ET died? Rosa: He wasn't a monster. Holt: He caused a real commotion. Rosa: *mm fair*

  64. N Reddy


  65. El Chapo Lauren

    When she introduced herself as Anastacia Beaverhousen til this day it still tickles me pink lolz Gotta love Karen 🤣🤦‍♂️

  66. Aedan McGinley

    taliban branch lmao

  67. Nishita

    John Krasinski holding his laugh like the entire scene from 6:53

  68. Rahul Singh

    We will burn utica to the ground and pam realising michael dating her mom is missing.

  69. Luis Enriquez

    The cut pendulum methodically chew because moon luckily fill via a jumbled shovel. hungry, incredible adjustment

  70. Souls&Scrolls

    Where are the turtles was my notification sound for 6 months. This gave me ptsd

  71. Raveesh

    "Yes Kevin they moved it a full half inch"

  72. chlloe. _

    so is kelly his wife or his dog


    I'm just confused how anyone in the world can dislike this video

  74. Carlos Rios

    The last scene is sad because the accounting firm just wants to love and have him, but Ben keep toggling with their hearts

  75. The almighty HUD

    Gina just wants that BBC.

  76. Far Rider

    When me president - they sea 😂 .•°

  77. Chris Malone

    Off all the house rules April gives, I feel like the Spanish one is serious.

  78. Hridya Bansal

    8:13 still one of my favourites ever😂 gets me everytime

  79. Simon Olsson

    4:26 Rosa breaks charachter haha