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  1. Rebel Love

    I love how his fiance has a guy's name & her fiance has a girl's name, just noticed that 😆

  2. Marlie Jay

    She is... - hilarious -mad -incredibly good at her job

  3. Skholiwe Zondi

    "I am offended, I am angry, I am very tired..." said every uni student

  4. Jaqen H'ghar


  5. Herkus Bagdonas

    "I own over 200 horror movies"

  6. Damon Pono

    Started with a Kit Kat add, perfect

  7. Emmanuel Emma

    Did Hitchcock Say "nueve amigos"?

  8. Bot Or Die

    karen > pam! yea i said it! everyone forgets about jim asking pam to dinner right after dumping karen too

  9. mars Sh

    I whish I could hear the Addams family themed rap vow, we only got to hear a small part of it, I really want to hear it all.

  10. Prod. by TZ

    April: *displays affection* Ben: Youre acting very strangely...

  11. Prod. by TZ

    5:20 lol

  12. Finneas

    "Sorry Dad."

  13. James Jacob

    The shocking half-sister conventionally pack because tights extracellularly attach circa a perpetual eyelash. imminent, alcoholic blowgun

  14. Eggy games

    Gabe is trying to be the Hulk, Toby is trying to be the cool kid.

  15. MrCdub88

    Dwights laugh though at the beginning is so priceless and so natural, a laugh we all would love to join.

  16. Andrew Massey

    Pepper-alone-i killed me 😂😂

  17. Jesus Lopez

    Oooh this scene tugged at my heart strings

  18. Tat Fukuda

    HOW could you not have the whole Snake Juice dance from Parks & Rec??? COME on. Ron's was probably the best, but it needs the rest as a backdrop at least >:(

  19. Collin Marden

    Is this not rap hahah I love it

  20. Cope ‘

    Haha, Kevin’s smile is so wholesome after DwighT’s sarcastic comment 😂😂

  21. David McCoin

    i never watched the ending. if i never see the end, that means i can go on believing that it hasn't ended.

  22. Shadow

    "i AM NIGH" -Dwight Schrute

  23. specs

    "dear God woman"

  24. Sivana Velt

    When u take a shower u touch a wire U die Ron:that is accurate😂😂😂

  25. Georgine Verano

    i love how holt and kevin had to deal with issues all through the show and still were the best couple 🤍

  26. Bernt Sunde

    The laughter is so infectious my face hurt here haha

  27. Brodie Renner

    How many of you guys wish you were Ben so you date Leslie

  28. smackingman

    How does Jim win he said 42, the other guy said 50, he is so much closer than Jim. The count was 49.

  29. Faith Jarod

    i really thought i wasn't gonna cry🤡🤡

  30. King Astaroth

    I didn't know that the original voice of Eleanor was so sweet, I think that it makes funnier her attempts to blame/saying bad words.

  31. overall

    Wario lol

  32. dianaMidnighTdreary

    Boyle ~Holt eating a marshmallow 🥴😛😄🥰

  33. SuperiorPegasus Fox

    Can somebody uncensored What Glenn said

  34. Fiona Newton

    Terry: are you playing the gay card right now :Holt yasss queen

  35. Miguel Aragon

    Leslie came up against both Tammies and survived

  36. Shoomapa Doo

    What would really be good is if you could play the scene correctly AFTER the bloopers. That would be a better bloopers reel

  37. Formula Montage

    4:23 this is so out of context for people who haven’t seen this episode lol 😂😂

  38. awgeezhas :/

    the world is a nightmare

  39. uncursed

    0:06 the mic on the top is visible

  40. Robby C

    "The less I know about other people's affairs, the happier I am." Words to live by if you want a life time of happiness.

  41. Joseph Schneider

    Imagine this in the voice of the EA guy: "Horse hunt - it's in the name!" Or... you know... alternatively, imagine Dwight saying the actual slogan! 🤗

  42. Skholiwe Zondi

    Did Santiago ask him about his bank account?

  43. Gunchaser

    “Is this not rap?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Derek Smith

    "Is that where youre gonna sit?" "Yeah, im driving." 💀💀

  45. Tears of a waterfall

    I love how they’re not the gay stereotype

  46. miranda romo

    2:20 now there's a pizza dough on the microphone!😂

  47. Skholiwe Zondi

    "Why do all your characters get STDs?" "Because they're living LIFE"

  48. Skholiwe Zondi

    1:42 Scully and Hitchcock are so cute 😂 look at them and their paper plates

  49. Pam Tutisura


  50. Nicole Chase

    6:15 is the best 🤣🤣

  51. PsychodelicPanda

    I thought the world wide average foot size was 8 or like 9 lol

  52. Alanna Devereux


  53. Harry 78


  54. Micheal Scoot

    I literally thought IRflow hanged

  55. Micheal Scoot

    Wtf is going on 🤣🤣🤣

  56. Sam Stern

    Calm down Captain Robot

  57. Georgine Verano

    the office was always meant to be offensive - but to see how tv has progressed thanks to people like those who work on b99 is amazing.

  58. MyKillerson

    4:28 The thing about compliments, if you hand them out like that, like they're candy, they become meaningless. A complement from a person like Chris would mean nothing to me. I'd smile and say thank you, then immediately forget about it. But, a compliment from someone like Ron, that would actually mean the world, make my day, and I would probably never forget the moment

  59. AV Blank

    Dr Harris is the human version of Squidward

  60. Christan Will

    It's not that Stanley doesn't care, he just minds his own business

  61. Trent Weiss

    I challenged myself to try to not laugh. The first super loud "NO" immediately got me. I actually spit out coffee like in the movies.

  62. Diego Ramirez

    "Don't sass me"

  63. deathbyrockandroll

    Pmuls is even funnier in dutch

  64. Becky Loucks-Morris

    I am pretty sure that many people will agree with me, that The Office (U.S.) is comedy gold and one of the funniest, most entertaining, and overall greatest shows made! I've never been able to re-watch a show the way I can The Office! Every time I watch any episode of The Office, no matter how many times I've seen it before, I am always entertained and NEVER bored! I will also admit that there's been a few times that I've thought that I'd never seen a certain scene or heard a certain line or exchange between the characters, even though I've seen the episode a million times previous (obviously an exaggerated number.....but close lol!) The Office is just pure entertainment and comedy gold! I'm so glad I finally caved and gave it a chance a long time ago when my friends kept bugging me to check it out. There's no other show like it in my opinion. From the writing of the show, to the actors who bring the characters to life - there's nothing like it ......it's awesome and I wish it never had to end.....it could just go on forever lol.

  65. Anakin

    “all natural baby, thats how I like em swing low, sweet chariots” 😭💀

  66. Roni S. S. Palermo

    I crack up everytime Holt says "pop, pop". Hahah

  67. Georgine Verano

    imagine that marriage. just being a part of that marriage. just happily discussing ornithology and more 😭

  68. Abby Miller

    If I’m ever near Gabe, I’m not going into a bathroom He’ll follow me inside 😨

  69. Georgine Verano

    so holt is elle woods

  70. Mika Plays

    Amy gave so many hoots, she is hootless 😎😅

  71. Hideo Kojima

    2:20- " thank you Brian" to the boom mic operator 2 seasons later, whats the name of the boom mic guy?? COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

  72. Didnwks

    Charles is the only person who doesn’t look different at all in the flashbacks

  73. Tom Bowen

    I think 4 drinks will be fine for our 1st date lol

  74. Duygu Ozcan

    It can be weird but I love the way how Holt says “Madeline” on 02:46

  75. Jareth The Goblin King

    Man we REALLY need to see Rosa fly a jet.

  76. Isabella Zegarra

    I really love this show

  77. • Jan Stormborn

    That red carpet scene, pure gold 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 😂☠️

  78. Brodie Renner

    She is my new crush 😍

  79. LambertOfGod666

    *Sergio* lameeee

  80. Ricardo Casinhas

    The Fact that their married in real life kills me all the time.