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    When I find myself in times of trouble, Darryl Philbin comes to me, speaking words of wisdom: pippity poppity give me the zoppity.
    Doug Judy and Darryl Philbin FACE OFF in the best of Craig Robinson's starring turns on The Office & Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.
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    1. Nathaniel Raymond

      Doug Judy 100%

    2. pataytoe patahtoe tomaytoe tomahtoe

      The crossover we needed!

    3. IKELLA

      Doug Judy obviously won this

    4. Ryan Dujumbo Mamutuse Elephant Tmnt

      Doug Judy is like Darryl’s long lost twin brother except funny and cool

    5. Neil Oscar Salac

      Doug>Darryl by a MILE

    6. CC - 3802

      4:27 That's what she said!

    7. Richard Rice

      Micheal wearing the women's suit will get me everytime 😂

    8. Prina Jindal

      One of the things I want for the last season of b99 is to see more of the office characters/actors on the show.

    9. N Mouning

      Did anyone else see the woman at 1:59 next to Jake?🤣

      1. Abdul Muiz

        What about her?

    10. aron jones

      900th like

    11. Ntombikayise Nzimande

      it's Doug Judy, the Pontiac Bandit for me 😂♥️

    12. Kiv Acedky

      It is Darnell not Darryl

    13. TropicalSprite 69

      Judy’s song was actually pretty catchy

    14. Jericho Ortega

      Where's the scene where Doug Judy said 'Twas a cat.

      1. Divanshu Kumar Mahajan

        ‘Twasn't trying to.

      2. Scott Holder

        You will NOT win me over with your use of “T’was”!

    15. steris h

      Doug Judy would want to die if he knew Game of Thrones had a terrible last season

    16. Erick Villafuerte

      Is not the VS we need, but is the VS we deserve.

    17. Vaibhav Joshi

      Craig Robinson is a national treasure... change my mind

      1. Abdul Muiz

        Nobody will argue

    18. Lil' tw33ty


    19. Ace IV

      4:36 he ate kevin

    20. Sonoro 90

      Doug Judy is the type of guy Darryl hates to be around

    21. Michael Scott

      I couldn't help just wanting to be from the hood. I just didn't know he would do me like that.

    22. Doodl Prod.

      Definitely in my top 5 characters on both shows.

    23. Talita Rodrigues

      Something tells me that Michael's going off key at 4:06 wasn't planned

    24. dianaMidnighTdreary

      L❤️Ve Darryl & Doug Judy Da na na nuh 🎵 Phil Collins Sussudio demands Vinyl Like when X-Men teamed uP with Magneto to stop ☄️Apocalypse Wasn’t great...I still wanna see it though I’ll watch it again ⚜️

    25. Advaith Surya

      Man, honestly, The Office is WAY better in comedy compared to Brooklyn 99. The comedy is "real" real.

      1. 0.o

        Nah man i disagree the office is too optimistic for me

    26. CJ Scrubs

      Craig was great at playing Darryl, but he made Doug Judy his own.

      1. Abdul Muiz

        @Clive ward b99 for life

      2. Clive ward

        Yeah the office is the better show, but Doug is a better character

      3. Joe Anthony

        That’s exactly what I was thinking!

    27. sridhar sundar

      I just feel that even tho Darryl was along the team for most Part, whatever Judy does is absolute gold and the character is better than Darryl

      1. Abdul Muiz

        No doubt no doubt no doubt



    29. Revati Gokhale

      It's weird that I didn't really expect this compilation to be created, but now that it's here I can't stop being excited to see this! P.S: I ship Doug Judy and Rosa, a lot!

      1. Abdul Muiz

        The ship will no longer be able to sail since Judy‘s about to get married

    30. Swagolf Hipster

      There is no competition This comment was made by Office gang

      1. Abdul Muiz

        Yh there’s no competition Doug Judy is faaaaaaaaar superior

    31. Hannah Stinson

      Daryl dancing in the office is the best thing ive ever seen

      1. Aariyah Kittles21

        What episode was that

    32. get_dead -_-

      🎼 A little bit to the left 🎤 My left My left My left My left

    33. Ryan Dooley

      I like Doug Judy more, I just love his bond with Jake and I don’t rly see that with him and anyone else I. The office

    34. Adrian Wong

      Doug Judy is a scorpion, whilst Jake's just the frog

    35. Akhilesh Kapuskar

      I get a smile whenever I see someone from the Office in B99. Oscar and Meredith still had a great role😂

      1. L C

        Who was Meredith?

      2. Akhilesh Kapuskar

        @Prina Jindal yess😂

      3. Prina Jindal

        Andy was there too as Jack Danger 😂😂

      4. Akhilesh Kapuskar

        @DH Gaming yes forgot about him for some reason 😂

      5. DH Gaming

        also ed helms in the USPIS episode was good

    36. Planet Geek

      Darryl ANYDAY!

    37. Daboss 6585

      Doug Judy > darryl

    38. Tanush Bhatt

      Darryl and Micheal singing in the car after Mike's heartbreak is one of the most wholesome scenes from The Office

      1. Ashcool

        Too bad it follows Michael being racist towards Darryl by assuming he did something to Holly.

      2. Random Crap

        Steve’s inner Gru came out that time

      3. Harry Hogan

        It is a good scene

    39. duplex

      06:50 Kevin in the back 😂😂😂😂

    40. overall

      Definitely doug judy

    41. Abigail Marie

      hey, darryl and doug kinda look alike

    42. Federico Asmussen

      That's Jake's actual best friend, if he was more present in Jake's life Boyle wouldn't have a chance

      1. Trisha Lennex

        @Max Foskett so? That would be Jakes best friend in the show. Boyle wouldn’t stand a chance like the said

      2. Max Foskett

        They’re characters on a TV show 🤣🤣🤣

    43. Dustyboialex

      doug judy is def the best but darryl's goodbye dance will always be the best moment

    44. mariel Balaoing

      🎶Rosa, Rosa, Rooooosaa, Rosa🎶

    45. Owen Collins

      Doug Judy is so much better

    46. DA-TA

      That Rosa song was dope

    47. ASH TV

      Stanley was the black man

    48. Sam Stern

      Dwight: Darryl is a criminal we gotta see if he's still into crime Michael: Why did the criminal have to be black? Angela: I don't think we should have criminals here Darryl: I'm going back to Brooklyn

    49. Ocean

      Doug is better

    50. Melek tenekecioglu

      think of me when you smush

    51. Sonali

      I was watching FRIENDS after a long time today and I realized Craig Robinson was the person who gave Phoebe the form to change her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

      1. Isabelle Araújo

        Yeap hahahah

      2. Abdul Muiz

        Yh I loved that too

    52. Llean Lovelyn

      no not the asian dude 😭

      1. Aayush Chintalapati

        Noo someone just ruined the 69 likes

      2. Nishka Rathore

        this is still a love song people this is still a love song people

    53. sofia khan

      still sad Doug didn't go to his bestfriends wedding... smh

    54. FJ7

      they kinda look similar 👀

    55. gothilic

      Doug judy 🥳

    56. Ryan Leary

      Underrated & great on both timeless shows.

    57. Andy Dwyer

      Doug Judy is better but Darryl is great to Craig Robinson is just amazing

    58. Ted Talk

      I guess Athlead didn’t go too well and he turned to stealing Pontiacs

      1. John Smith

        It’s actually Athleap now😉

    59. Garrison Griswold


    60. Tino17!

      Doug Judy is Superior!

    61. ANTONIO Rodriguez

      Doug Judy really looks like Darryl

      1. Aayush Chintalapati

        Ikr I wonder why

      2. Numair A

        It's crazy

      3. Hrishikesh Kulkarni

        This is your captain! HOLD ON TIGHT, PEOPLE!! A WOOSH IS COMING!!

      4. MaryEllen Brown

        @Avaneesh Venkatesh because some people don’t understand what jokes are

      5. Avaneesh Venkatesh

        Why do I feel a woosh coming.

    62. JamesMusic

      Daryl is the 🐐

      1. JamesMusic


      2. Abdul Muiz

        It’s spelt Doug Judy not Darryl Think u made a mistake m8