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    It's time for Jake and Holt to go into quarantine. Here's some all-too relatable moments from their lockdown experienece.
    From Season 3 Episode 12 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "9 Days": Captain Holt and Jake contract the mumps during an investigation and decide to be quarantined together. Rosa tries to help Boyle mourn and Terry cleans up Hitchcock and Scully's mess.
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    1. Garrett Standifird

      This clip aged so freaking well

    2. YonekuniKyuhyun

      When Jake wants to poke his goiter, and Captain Holt says "bad idea", it made me wonder if he too poked his goiter before Jake did.

    3. Ali Ahmad

      I luv it when jake nd holt work together

    4. David Romero

      March 2020

    5. General Kenobi

      *K A S E*

    6. debjoy12

      how could they leave out "Balthazar, meet...Penelope!"

      1. MikeRiderOOO

        It hasn’t shown up in the clip yet.

    7. Vandana Subash

      I still remember, it was such a coincidence that the first time I saw this episode was last year, when I was in lockdown as well. xD

    8. Mrmeble


    9. Donny Burger

      Nonsense Santiago

    10. Seth Gideon Caringal

      Holt and Peralta are the only ones going crazy during quarantine

    11. AtomicKoala

      The most unrealistic thing about this episode is the US health department successfully and responsibly quarantining patients, and then the patients actually playing ball

    12. Adam Christie


    13. JayAnime L

      4:28 case?! 😂😂🤣

    14. Ben Mathias

      Forks are very weird, I agree.

    15. emmy wang

      well. well. well.

    16. Kevin Gomolchak


    17. Marthe Nuyttens

      “Omg i thought i was following her, yeah i should probably lie down” -falls on the ground-

    18. Marthe Nuyttens

      The way Holt says ‘case’😂😂

      1. DangerMenAtWork

        I've replayed that so many times omg

      2. Andrew Gagne

        Amy-"Now he is spelling it with a "k"". Jake-"Is that not how you spell it?"🤣

    19. sullivan2339

      MUMPS !!!

    20. Radhika

      Jake- standing there like a statue Also Jake- "Omg I thought I was following her"

    21. Gui.ribeiro

      KASE!! is the best thing b99

    22. ibrahim

      “Hey what’s up girl”

    23. Xergyo Salgado

      1:21 When your pal finds that walkthrough video you have been searching 8 hours for

    24. N Mouning

      Not brooklyn nine nine predicting the future...🤫

    25. overall

      Anyone else thought season 8 had come out

    26. Ahsan Bilal


    27. Looby Loo

      One of my favourite lines from the whole of Brooklyn 99 is at 4:22

    28. Tom R.

      Do you have a psychic on your writing team?

    29. Miss Granger

      Jake and Holt wore a mask years before corona and some dumbasses still refuse to wear one

    30. RJ Tavares

      Amy walks 8 steps. Jake: "Amy is Usain Bolt!"

    31. Ketav Raj

      I will miss this show the most after the season 8 being the last one ... please dont do this nbc !!!!

      1. Vegadra

        Just give us a Ninth season with nine episodes.

    32. AT Silent


    33. Joni

      The Kings of Quarantine!

      1. Cait

        This book tho 👌🔥

    34. 1 2

      Yall really got me with that thumbnail

    35. Icecold1776


    36. Prave Bannhammer

      So funny😂

      1. Icecold1776