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    We present to you: Brooklyn Nine-Nine's fanciest moments. Because when we think "fancy", Adam Sandler is definitely the first person to come to mind...
    If you had to soundtrack your own slow-mo ~fancy reveal, what song would you use? Let us know in the comments.
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    1. Zen

      what was the song used when Gina and Jake walked out in fancy clothing?

    2. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

      Jake is me trying to be marginally classy.

    3. N

      1:36 Jake trying to flirt with Amy is adorable ♥️

    4. Mihika Mathur

      Seeing Eugene on this show was everything ♥️

    5. shubhika

      me: watching B99 endlessly(even when tom is my exam) The Holt in me: The overwhelming Time pressure Me: watches in 1.25x

    6. PrEvIoUsNaMe


    7. Burinnu

      3:13 Pretty sure this is the story of Pan and Syrinx?

    8. Olivia H.

      Jake: "Peralta, what are you doing?" Holt: "Peralta, what are you doing?" Jake:😳😀"I conjured him!"

    9. Liz-Maria Jose

      man veronica lodge lookin real different here, good thing her daddy payed for her new face

    10. etatwell1229

      Was that the dude from try guys in the last one?

      1. etatwell1229

        @V P thanks haha

      2. V P


    11. Jonah Rajesh

      Amy's fake name was the best

    12. Annabelle Baldamuerte

      RoNDa ShaWarMA lmao

    13. Cosfairy Gaming

      6:57 - that line 😂

    14. Movie Buzz


    15. Beth May

      Rie from Tasty: Now this looks like a job for me

    16. Megan Land

      Anyone else notice that the name Gina gives in the last name translates to Grapefruit The Cross? :))

      1. Jaime Carter

        well yeah but i think it's supposed to be the flavoured seltzer in this case

    17. Matt Martin

      uptown funk

    18. Agniswar Das

      "It was made in the year ff…five" oh jake

    19. Charlie Buday

      Has it occurred to anyone else, that the music when jake and Amy first dance together, 1:40 and when they confess their love to each other, THE SAME MUSIC IS PLAYING Jeez I think it’s a bit windy in here isn’t it 🥰😭

      1. elodie the koala


    20. Evets Zerimar

      Eugene for life!!

    21. gyrodriver

      Wrong video. I was expecting Rie 😅

    22. ray laowei

      I can hear the Daddy scene just from the thumbnail.

    23. Dash Roodle

      I hated the Sandler appearance. He could have been genuinely funny, but that was just sad to see.

    24. Marria Logan

      is it just me or is that a reference to rie and her make it fancy show

    25. parikshit agawane

      Good old day when GINA used to be in the show i am glad they are ending it and I was rooting to get paraltiyago to have their baby but it wasn't the same fun without GINa

    26. raMMar YT

      0:17 which ep?

    27. Rajeshwar Rao

      You stretch your leg up your head 😂😂

    28. Lu D

      I've conjured him

    29. Anushka Dutta

      Somebody show this to Rie from Tasty

    30. fAnimation


    31. Purple-Smart Heart


    32. Zeina Yasser

      What episode is the second clip from? The one with the dance competition

      1. Hawk the Spork

        last episode of first season

    33. CC Murphy

      I heard the thumbnail in Rie’s voice from Tasty. “Make It Fancy”

    34. Ayakkusu McGill

      Plot twist Gina wasn't acting that's her natural self

    35. ZeOreoLord

      I never got a bejewelled anything, stupid amy

    36. Sky W

      "I conjured him" XD

    37. 리버틴

      Ok Amy DOES look like a mermaid doe

      1. elodie the koala


    38. Carminho Coelho

      the last scene is to good for me

    39. Damien Rey

      6:27 I just realized he was wearing balenciaga

    40. Bethany

      dadddy daddy yes daddy daddy i want this man fired whats your first and last name ok daddy everything is well daddy. lol b99 is amazing!


      My god, Amy is so beautiful!

    42. Caitlyn Acree

      It's EUGENE!!!!!!!

    43. Chyuu

      when eugene saw the phone on the lock screen was funny af

    44. Ayca Altay

      Oh, my favorite Greek fable. Boy meets girl, boy has goat legs, and just a whole bunch of wheat.

    45. Ace Fury

      I wonder if the other Try Guys have ever dressed UberWealthy!Jame and Gina to recreate this scene with Eugene

    46. Sireesha Putcha

      Can literally see the lock screen ay 7:35 😂

    47. Finlay McGrath

      Eugene Lee Yang not being the eccentric one in a conversation? This world is backwards!

      1. Dragon’s Touch

        It is an omen

    48. Joshi

      They already look ready to exploit minorities

    49. Confusion.exe's Life

      I love the fact that in one of the scenes Eugene from the try guys played a character. That's awesome

    50. bumblebee

      00:20 in love with Pimento's outfit

      1. KrypticcInTheSky

        @Shruti K season 3 episode 18 called "cheddar"

      2. Shruti K


      3. KrypticcInTheSky


    51. Maro Malul

      Jake in Holt voice: Peralta what are you doing? Holt behind him: Peralta what are you doing? Jake: I Conjured him!😨🤯

    52. 9B07 Siddharth arodi

      To all people wanting to know the songs being sung in slo-mo there's a playlist in spotify named Brooklyn 99 slo mo please go there!!

      1. Rocío

        Thanks! You made my day

    53. Joy Augustina Petinrin

      He was borrowing a thong?!!!🤦🏾‍♀️😭

    54. Ta Thoi Classical Indian & Bollywood Dancers

      Yes, Daddy. No, Daddy. Daddy! my favourite lines from Jake Peralta. PS: Gina looks fab. She's born to be rich!

      1. PrEvIoUsNaMe


    55. Rebecca Rich

      Adam Sandler’s cameo was highkey one of the funniest things to happen on this show

      1. Nevaeh Humongous cok

        Did you even watch the show??

    56. Steve Fernandes

      The season 8 will be the last season :(

      1. I Jayawardena


    57. Derek Lasker

      The cross section of people who watch this show and people who understand and appreciate the Joe Theisman joke is way too small

      1. Grace MacIntyre

        It's so aqesome that he did the cameo lol what a good sport

      2. Derek Lasker

        @Radhia Deedou well yeah you can draw that from context, but the payoff is better when you understand what happened ahead of time and you know a joke about the leg is coming

      3. Radhia Deedou

        Obviously something happened to his other leg and it ended his career or something

    58. Uwalani

      i did NOT know eugene was in brooklyn nine nine

    59. Ayah

      “Remember all rich people are monsters so unleash the beast” - jake Peralta I love him😭😭😭

      1. Andrea F

        omg hi swiftie

      2. Sze Qian Le

        @Arnav Kaushik was it a reference to taylor swift?

      3. IDontHaveAYT

        Tru tho

      4. Arnav Kaushik


    60. Sapphire

      Anyone else read Make It Fancy like Rie from tasty ? 😂

      1. Elizabeth Annie Sleeba


      2. SV

        Make it funsie

    61. bkg2004

      Daddy, daddy, Daddy.... 🤣

    62. YoMamaSus -

      "You need to see a therapist" what a genius line

      1. Kate Hill

        I found it kind of odd considering Jake had something against therapists.

    63. Peyton Munson

      When I see Eugene dealing with Jake and Gina, it's like dealing with Keith and Ned lol. Just hearing daddy gives him flashback to the lap sitting lol 😂

      1. romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy

        I've never watched the Try Guys in my life, just googled them

      2. Prina Jindal

        Omg so true 🤣🤣

      3. Bornil Murchhona

        @MaryEllen Brown this is actually normal for them, so don't be concerned.

      4. MaryEllen Brown

        For some one who knows nothing about the try guys except that the Asian one is Eugene, this is very concerning

    64. John Smith

      _'Why are you wearing a thong?'_ 'It's my something borrowed.' 😳 ...wait. That means... Oh, Boyle. No, dude. Just no.

      1. Mixed Bag of Content

        Something borrowed basically means it's already been used by another bride and it's used for good luck.

      2. lem0n

        @Andrew Gagne explain 🔫😃

      3. Andrew Gagne

        @Gokul krishna You don't want to know, man.

      4. Gokul krishna

        what does that mean??

      5. Andrew Gagne

        Oh cheese! 😰😐😳 I feel you man.

    65. ViloceraptorX


    66. Livins Varghese

      Oh DADDY🤣🤣

    67. Althaf TH

      WHO IS HEEE !

    68. Fuzzy Llama

      Which episode is that first clip from?

      1. Misha Kapadia

        I forget which episode but it was season three sometime and I'm pretty sure it's called "Cheddar" and it's the episode after pimento shows up

      2. Tessa Katwijk

        It was the ep where they lost Cheddar I think, s03e18

    69. Sam Stern

      This is Brooklyn FAN-CY

    70. SpamsNTea

      guys at least we got 8 great seasons 💔

      1. OBLIVION

        @No Thanks :'(

      2. naturegeek33

        @No Thanks what!!!?

      3. fish bloop 💕


      4. Apollo Sunshine

        No Thanks oh, ok

      5. No Thanks

        @Apollo Sunshine the 8th season is the last

    71. Corinna

      0:43 Amy’s head droop always makes me laugh

    72. Gayathri Gld


    73. N Mouning

      Daddy! I can't 🤣

    74. Abril Rodríguez

      I love this so much 😂

    75. RY KAZ

      Y’know I am pretty fancy myself, once I had coffee flavored ice cream

      1. PrEvIoUsNaMe


      2. Asia Palmer

        Oh yeah, I've had Amaretto. I'm practucally swimming in class

      3. Noelle Jackson

        That just sounds gross

      4. Planet Geek

        That isn’t anything I once had coconut sorbet.

      5. sayaka

        oh my , showing of are we ?

    76. kim