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    It's Jake & Amy's Love Story: Part Two! This time round we've got their wedding and their journey to parenthood. Those were some toit nups y'all.
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    1. Noel Sison

      The fact that they included Charles there made me laugh out loud.

    2. LP xMari

      Their wedding vows are just perfect I mean: "Life is unpredictable not everything is in our control but as long as you're with the right people yo can handle anything, and you Jake Peralta are the right person for me"

    3. Abigail Patterson

      Whenever I watch the wedding scene I always cry!!! ughhhh

    4. Gonçalo Sousa

      *Mummy brain much?*

    5. Gonçalo Sousa


    6. A

      Jake went from being a kid to having a kid.

    7. YourPrinceNXT

      I can't believe Melipnois was there at the wedding. 😂😂😂😂

    8. Samia I

      I tear up every time

    9. KroumKroum

      "I have a video if you want" "AMYHOLDTHISBABY, ROSAGIMMETHATPHONE"

      1. Piero Ulloa

        Everyone wash your hands

    10. KroumKroum


    11. sartorian darkstorm

      i love that boyle knew

    12. Sohum Khaladkar

      Holt is gonna an awesome grandpa

    13. Heather Stephenson

      Aw, this is just so beautiful, so in love with their love. It's so adorable and sweet that they picked things for their wedding that they knew the other would love, as they love to make each other happy :)

    14. R͛a͛w͛a͛n͛e͛ G͛e͛m͛a͛y͛e͛l͛

      How fitting is it that the last line in season 7 was "eVeRYoNe wASh yOuR hAnDS"

    15. Jake Belgira

      Who TF disliked this?! You better hide bozos!

      1. Tereza Švábová

        Teddy disliked

    16. Choke On That Agust D

      My heart broke when Amy said "I'm sorry I'm bad at making babies"

    17. Mark Calloway

      Hope to see some good parenting moments from them in season 8

    18. Haggart9

      Classic video of jake and amy annnnnd there's the Boyle cameo IT HAPPENED

      1. Mark Calloway


    19. A D

      Amy, we are a family. This sentence made a grown man cry.

    20. Dawishes DaSandwich

      My favourite clip is when Charles senses that Jake is having a kid and wakes up immediately

      1. KameiD

        "It happened!" 😁

      2. Mark Calloway

        Me too

    21. Melissa Mikaelson

      That baby is NOT a newborn lol

      1. Melissa Mikaelson

        @Mark Calloway it looks like 10 months old hahah

      2. Mark Calloway

        it’s at least a few months old lol

    22. YonekuniKyuhyun

      This is peak relationship goals. One of the healthiest couples on TV ❤️

    23. Zachary M

      That 1 dislike is Teddy

      1. Mark Calloway

        any further dislikes are teddy on his separate accounts to stalk amy

    24. Asha Rani

      Give me that phone.. Give me that phone 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    25. Ceddy

      I love how Captain Holt smiled, like a proud grandpa meeting his first grandchild.

      1. Ceddy

        Also Uncle Terry.

    26. Rebecca Rich

      It’s still so iconic that the last line of season 7 is “everyone go wash your hands”

    27. Ketan Srivastava

      We stan non toxic couples

    28. Sabarish

      Love this pair

    29. Dhaval Harsuda

      I'm still disappointed Charles didn't get his BM speech or jake's best friend Judy didn't show up to his wedding

    30. Mr. Goose

      7:15 Boyle’s was like I fell a disturbance in the force

    31. Shreyashi Bhadury

      "You're both Sevens." Excuse you? Amy has driven guys crazy just by being herself, and Jake? Seven? SERIOUSLY? HAVE YOU SEEN THE GUY???

      1. Spoder Chungus

        yeah honestly I would turn gay for Jake.

    32. Sofia

      The only comedy that can make me cry

    33. Jordi Cruz Lopez

      All the dislikes are from teddy why crated a ton of accoubts

    34. PieYEETER

      I can’t stop laughing at the it happened bit 😂😂😂

    35. Sumit Sarkar

      Their love story is the cheesiest in the best possible way. Love them. Gonna miss them so much 🥺

    36. OneShot-Berry

      The dreary smell steadily mine because process bacteriologically rely failing a fanatical daughter. plausible, typical state

    37. Janaína Vieira Braga


    38. Beans

      Jake’s vows are the best thing in this whole series

    39. Crunkles1119

      It would be the height of hilarity of their kid becomes a firefighter 😂😂

      1. Yashu Dixit

        Come on man, don't curse the couple

      2. zeus Rulez

        I told you, we let a firefighter touch our baby and this is what we get!

      3. R͛a͛w͛a͛n͛e͛ G͛e͛m͛a͛y͛e͛l͛

        wait, you think the firefighter might have contaminated the kid!?

      4. Mark Calloway

        The irony 😂

      5. Shreyashi Bhadury

        I wanna see that 😂

    40. Imellew van Putten

      Their wedding preparations prove how much they know about each other and care about each other’s interests 🥺♥️.

    41. Tyler Morris

      The baby is cute it's a boy baby

    42. Riya Ketelsen

      jake saying their already a family is the sweetest thing i have ever seen

    43. Tuấn Nguyễn

      So peraltiago was invented by a bartender

    44. Adil Rahman

      I love how Mlep(clay)nos is straight crying

    45. SwervingSphinxs

      so our biggest take away from Jake & Amy's relationship is, don't listen to the universe, listen to your hearts and what you want

    46. Lexi Rosenblatt

      "a firefighter touched our kid" *"WE WASHED HIM OFF"*

      1. Taasfia Fatema Prapti

        Yeah... but I'll always know

      2. Shreyashi Bhadury

        That baby is so frickin cute though 🥺

      3. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

        Lol… *our Sorry

    47. Daboss 6585

      Charles is a psychic or something

    48. Mia-Catherine Naranjo

      I vote for captain Holt and Kevin to adopt Jake

    49. Ricardo Castañeda

      Best couple ever

    50. Taasfia Fatema Prapti

      They both are very clearly 10.C'mon writers!

    51. Calorie Morman

      7:13 is the best part

    52. Shazam Khan

      Amy and jake should have taken a trip to lonely island ...oh wait

    53. Momby82

      Amy is so strong to be able to give birth to a 6 month old baby.

      1. Chantal Ackermann

        This upsets me every time I see this scene

      2. adam herzenberg

        @N Mouning lol neither can I

      3. N Mouning

        I can't 🤣🤣

    54. Monky Dollqueen

      Confidence is the only key. I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.

    55. Suhana Maheshwari

      Jake & Amy are PERFECT !!

    56. Kelvin Waweru

      I was disappointed to learn they are not a real couple in real life.

      1. Nitin Kapoor

        @Atharv Nag you haven't seen Game of thrones (it is the best show ever even tops breaking bad soparanos wire) Only because of a bad ending it is not the most rated show otherwise it was the MOST rated show ever( also most popular (more viewership than even friends))

      2. Atharv Nag

        @Nitin Kapoor who are they

      3. Atharv Nag

        Who are they???

      4. Nitin Kapoor

        Well Jon and ygritte are though❤️

    57. N Mouning

      I don't care what anybody says. JAKE AND AMY ARE THE BEST TV COUPLE EVER!!

      1. Whitney Williams

        I don't know Jim + Pam and April + Andy

      2. LP xMari

        @adnan hussain totally agree with you

      3. LP xMari

        @adnan hussain totally agree with you

      4. TheDanhenk

        Nope, April and Andy.

      5. YourPrinceNXT

        @Karthik Kannan Very hilarious.

    58. Lisa B

      Hold onto him girl, he seems really sweet and you’re bothe like.......SEVENS c’mon!🙄

      1. Derek Lasker

        Amy’s clearly like a 15 million

    59. Haz1 Games