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    The Nine-Nine are never short of an amazing cold-open. Here are just some of the best of Season 4.
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    1. Benji Boi

      "There's a new drug. Its called your relationship. And im high on it." Charles it great

    2. JustAnOtaku

      +You've been a little depressed -Have i ? 1:02

    3. JustAnOtaku

      4:40 i love how Jake is being such a dramatic about... Tips🤣🤣

    4. Joseph Goldberg

      The Florida episodes were some of my favorite in the whole show!

    5. Dott Winial

      I understand it’s unpopular opinion but, I don’t like Florida plot that much. It feels underwhelming and sluggish to me.

    6. Nishanth Kavuru

      1:46- Assistant TO the manager

    7. Mitchell Anderson

      I love how Jake knows Brenda's name...

    8. Anthony pHung

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    9. Pun Master LV 14


    10. MFL

      I loved the Florida episodes, and I loved it when gina crashed figgis's car with that truck, then just wiped out a random gun 😂

    11. Onion Zest

      Umneumnum jake!

    12. hangming zheng

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    13. { Insert Funny Name } !!!


    14. BWu

      Sometimes I think Marshal Haas is more disgusting than Hitchcock

    15. Alexandre Alves

      What the músic of Holt enter in 06:01

    16. treasurexplanet

      I liked the blonde tips

    17. Adam Chen

      Did Jake and Holt just tell the major to cheat on her husband?

    18. Mahfuj Sajid

      5:24 the cheetah lady is fine af

    19. SuperEmm

      The best part about them shaving off Jake's frosted tips is that even Hitchcock and Scully didn't like them and acted as the muscle lol

    20. jacob henderson

      I am wagging Brenda!

    21. mierpub8lam

      I love when Blocker says BABYYY!

    22. Colin S


    23. FreudMessenger

      FreudMeesenger enjoys when Terry lift people easily

    24. Precious Kavezeri

      The Florida and Prison episode's where the ones that got to me .😭

    25. Gaetano Tarantino

      I only realised now that he said she wasn't "his girlfriend tonight" because she was about to become his fiancee

      1. Mariokemon

        wrong season

    26. fish bloop 💕

      Is it just me or does Michael Shur seem to really like Florida?

    27. Raymond Jones

      3:07 I can't 😂😂 I just can't lol "My entire body is on 🔥" 😂😂😂

    28. Burak Uçar

      I just realised that Jake mispronounced Greg everytime he could like Sherlock did to Lestrade. Idk if this was deliberately done but i like it

    29. Fluent Visions

      jake tried biting gina, best moment of the episode

    30. ToqsterStrudel

      2:20 Wait, so is this what The Judge meant when she said she was taking a trip to Earth?

      1. Toyota AE86

        And it was a mess

    31. Catalina Zubro

      “I am wagging Brenda”😂 😂😂

    32. December Sylph

      The Christmas tree opening is HILARIOUS! XD

    33. Joseph Aleman

      God damn rosa got that cake on that last clip

    34. smartPuff 73

      Holt pretending to be straight made it funnily clear that the only difference he saw between men and women is that women have breasts. That is great.

    35. Rose Puppy

      Everyone knows Terry wore it best.

    36. Akshay Madnani

      Well Terry has been trapped inside break room forever, the only thing left is to move on with our lives It's what Terry would have wanted 😂😂😂😂 This is the most underrated series

      1. Yahya Kemal KAPLAN

        You should watch the good place if you wanna see some underrated series :)

      2. Mr Sweetkandy

        I don't think it's underrated. I've mostly only heard good about it


      The “TELL GINA I LOVE HER” gets me every time 😂😂

      1. SmokeyChickenWings

        wait when? I totally missed that

      2. Tim Jones


    38. Nandita Sikka


    39. Sophie Koscielny

      5:53 Umm Terry did you change your name to Colleen Larson?

    40. red engineer


      1. KucklePuff

        @Dave C. kind of. One spouse pays the other alimony until one of them kicks the bucket.

      2. Dave C.

        Do guys really pay alimony till they are 65? That a thing?

      3. xXXDumbWordStupidNumberXXx

        Genuinely one of my favourite lines from the show.

    41. Kyle Hawkins

      1:05 hahahahaha gets me everytime

    42. William Cortelyou

      Rosa at that step class... Damn that's a beautiful woman, with an AMAZING ass.

    43. GraceGrapes

      maya rudolph is hilarous i love her

    44. Mach Dude

      "NNNNFGFGGGGGHHHJAKE!" I love Terry.

    45. Cecil Goodman

      I am wagging Brenda!!!

    46. Noah Ravelo

      The Christmas tree one is by far one of my favorites due to the ending. I mean hell even HOLT joined in!

    47. Alex G Reid

      4:35 Jake was about to take Gina’s whole arm off 😂

    48. Brian Amundsen Barnkow

      One of the very first 99 scenes I ever saw was the Shared Fence cold open, and I thought Holt and Piralta were a poorly concealed couple. I was so, so wrong.

      1. The Lamb Sauce

        Omg lmaooo I mean they did kiss ;)

    49. GhostlySuicune

      Holt: No don’t eat the burrito Peralta: *sobs* It’s disgusting *sobs* Lmao best moment even

      1. blue glaze

        @Jacqueline Morici I wouldn't

      2. Jacqueline Morici

        @blue glaze id rather it be jacuzzi water rather than juices

      3. blue glaze

        @Jacqueline Morici as long as they're not soggy because of jacuzzi water

      4. Jacqueline Morici

        @blue glaze well, sometimes they're made soggy!

      5. blue glaze

        @Jacqueline Morici oh no don't eat that burrito

    50. Kyle Klodnick

      3:10 what has that woman been in, she looks so familiar

      1. Kyle Klodnick

        @Mikayla Baer yes thats it

      2. Mikayla Baer

        She was also the Judge in The Good Place.

      3. Noisy -_-Gaming

        Grown ups

    51. emm_gee12

      9:22 who loves squats

      1. Insert creative name Here

        emm_gee12 ohh yes squats are the best workouts ever

    52. tea tar

      Assistant TO THE (regional) manager

    53. Sean Walters

      Damn Rosa 😍😍

    54. Jareth The Goblin King

      God bless us everyone?

      1. Just Monika


    55. AUZZER

      Jake-the true Florida man

    56. Mohammed Harfan

      7.50 ... captain s cheering

    57. Xergyo Salgado

      Lunch lady: Were having tacos today ! Me: 7:40

      1. Insert creative name Here

        Mom: the pizza rolls are done Me: 7:40

    58. Courtney Hibbert

      I aM wAgGiNg BrEnDa

    59. william5862

      Yo the lady in the Leonard print costume in the background 👌🏾😍

    60. Alphabet Girl


    61. Glenn Mark

      Hitchcock ftw!

    62. Maria S.

      5:56🥺🥺 I always wanted jake for myself but dawg

    63. Ginger Bakes


    64. mythri

      Maya Rudolph is so good in these roles, wish we got more of her at the 99

    65. tj Johnson

      6:56 that Christmas tree was my favorite when terry busted through the window 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Vicenzo Stella

        What i really liked about that is no one was really mad at Jake for doing that. It's really cool.

      2. Ida Dolce


      3. Maria Duffy

        tj Johnson do you know which specific episode it was from?

    66. Guisella Vanessa aguinaga

      Omg I love them so much

    67. Jason Reliford

      5:14 Damn...who's that cheetah?

      1. Insert creative name Here

        Moosicman it’s a cheetah dressed as a person

      2. Moosicman

        someone dressed up as a cheetah.

    68. Georgine Verano

      Jake and Rosa make a good team actually

    69. Alexis Chand

      “I’m disgusting”. - Jake Peralta 😂😂😂

    70. Alexis Chand

      I just can’t with that wet burrito 😂😂

    71. Madzod007

      no, dont eat that burrito

    72. John

      4:06 Scully and Hitchcock cut of Jake's escape route, guess they can still be real cops sometimes....

      1. Mish Ya

        Am I the only ine who think back in the day hitchcock and scully is jake and charles

      2. Ximena Chambi

        I need a spin off about them :')

    73. Udaya Bhaskar Maganti

      Jake and Amy... "Such a dork." 😍😂

    74. Stephanie S

      I honestly still can't believe just how brilliant the writing & acting is on this show. 👌 The only other show that made me laugh as much on every episode, every season, was 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'.

    75. Yogesh Suradkar


    76. Panda Savage


    77. Talha Mumtaz

      Jake... Oh sorry, adam should be deadpool

    78. letsgomets07

      “Greg” Lololol

    79. bouncyballblue

      4:20 Jake biting Gina hahaha

    80. Joshua Samms

      That was funny.

    81. Kimberly Stevens

      No nut November can suck My left tun.

    82. Thegoddamn Darkknight

      9:24 YES!

      1. Damian Le (502damle)


      2. Casshern

        Ah yes I was looking for this comment

      3. Fried Riceboys

        Thegoddamn Darkknight hello sir this is the horny police

    83. Luke Schmidt


      1. warsame awale

        Hahahahahah omfg

    84. Unity Prime

      Isn’t that Boyle’s ex

    85. Basement Dweller Cosplay

      I AM WAGGING BRENDA A phrase I wish I could use but can't

    86. Chris Floyd

      my wife just died, no more alamony

      1. Insert creative name Here


      2. PBK SmallDog78

        Subarus it’s a scene from the show

      3. victor martone

        @Michael Hewitt-Clarke loss*

      4. Subarus

        just in case you don’t understand it means divorce money

      5. Katherine Hearnet

        Hestoceles 😒

    87. Bilbo Targaryen

      Straight Holt is hilarious!

    88. 11C-47-Vora Ansh

      FeMaLe WoMen, with NICE HeAvY BReAsTs

      1. SuperEmm

        Two bros, chillin' in a hot tub. Five feet apart 'cause they're not gay.

      2. Just Monika

        Such straight

      3. Cynical YT

        Heterosexual 100

    89. Beachbum_

      3:54 Marco = Jaxon Day.

    90. lex snow

      Jake Peralta has taken over my vocabulary and I have no regrets

      1. Nesh Uy

        Captain dad. Uh- Officer dad

      2. JustABiasedSportsFan

        I’ve been saying Cool. Cool cool cool. After watching Community and I can’t shake it

      3. Dissociated Women Incorporated

        So you frequently mispronounce "Andre Braugher" as "dad"?

      4. Mariana DeSilva

        This is a family occurrence as well

      5. Dave


    91. I'm Actual Trash

      Is season 6 still coming to netflix?

      1. Jennifer Salamanca

        72957498273192875409870 45934845984 in different parts of the world it is, such as England where Hulu doesn’t work

      2. Pepe Silvia

        none of it is. get hulu. its all on there.

    92. trinton sauvola

      Captain is the perfect type of gay lol

    93. Keni Noelle


    94. Tristan Heng

      3:54 what’s that guys real name? Asking for a friend

      1. Raymond Jones

        @Houdini 3:07 I can't 😂😂 I just can't lol "My entire body is on 🔥" 😂😂😂

      2. Houdini

        Well, I don’t think Larry would do anything illegal

      3. Beachbum_

        Tristan Heng it’s Jaxon Day

    95. Stewart Fletcher

      Man. Rosa is smokin' at Razmadaz

    96. Trapper Folo

      Terry the badass

    97. 정현우

      Who's sgt. Colleen Larson @5:53

      1. 정현우

        @jamie weatherson oh thanks for the explanation!

      2. jamie weatherson

        The detectives share spaces with people on the night shift. Terry shares his desk with Sgt. Larson

    98. reeseslightning11

      I never thought of Andy Samberg as sexy until I saw this show. Now, it's like I'm the jock in a late 90's/early 2000s rom com where the "ugly" girl took off her glasses and now I see how hot she really is.

      1. Dissociated Women Incorporated


      2. Zenia Shanze

        Have you seen him in the movie popstar??? Andy Samberg is one hot dude!

      3. Brain Trope

        I definitely think the haircut he has in the show really helped. Just look at his previous haircut that’s in the theme song. Awful.

      4. super Jenius11

        Did Andy samburg write this?

      5. Deadpoyle Always Sunny

        You forgot her taking the ponytail out via clip or scrunchie.

    99. LFPS0311

      Rrrrrrrrrrrosa! Keep wagging back there *YA FEEL ME?*

    100. mariposa

      "Although don't kiss anyone else. I love you so much." UGH I LOVE

      1. Dan Papp

        Terry loves love!