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    As Queens of Comedy Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kick off the 2021 awards season with the Golden Globes, we thought we'd put together the best awards moments from Parks & Recreation and 30 Rock (ft. The Dundies and Ron Swanson!)
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    1. 쀵쀵귀염이

      I love how Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star in the movie, Sisters, together as well. That one was truly great 🤣

    2. Lindalee Law

      Don't take our award ceremonies.pkeeze its all we have. And masks

    3. Carter Nelson

      The dundies episode is one of the best of the entire show, “I feel god in this Chili’s tonight” -Pam Beasley

    4. mercytoday

      Typically politician, blame the people for their in aptitude... LOL!

    5. José Carlos Lazarte Aspíllaga


    6. Enrico Tweedy

      they just muppet babies

    7. Gayathri Gld

      **emotional** I feel god in this chilis tonight. **SCREECHES** WHOOOOOOOOO!

    8. Horseman Pit

      Swanson: I don’t want it.

    9. Robert Ho


      1. Misha Kapadia


    10. Misha Kapadia


    11. Addy Hoffman