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    Here's all the iconic end credit scenes from The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks & Recreation. Not sure how anyone could top Dwight and Michael's full performance of Lazy Scranton, to be honest.
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    1. rickjames21

      "Technically I am homeless"

    2. Dan Onil Galang

      April's Kiss of Death. Lol

    3. RG Comedi

      I always called these “Hot endings”


      Some say I’m a genius. I just say .... true

    5. Mascha.nitzling

      Ah look. Who hasn’t had gay thoughts?

    6. Rahma Eyad

      4:50 feels like an old smosh video 😂

    7. 3 Blind Mice

      Dwight's perfect crime should be a movie.

    8. Gell H.

      This is literally my 3 favourite shows in one video. Freaking amazing!

    9. Anxietyヅ

      Notice how Michael Schur produced all of these shows.

    10. 쀵쀵귀염이

      Kevin getting mad about the movies is literally one of my most favourite end scene every time 🤣

    11. Deniselle Swan

      "Clubs. Girls. Dancing. Naked. MOM?!! Argument. Police. Fleeing the scene. Hiding in the dumpster. Coming here. Crashing on your couch for a week cause *technically I'm hooomeless!!*

      1. I’m trying my best

        I cant explain it but that had Stefon from SNL energy

    12. Jaqen H'ghar

      I too hate bananas

    13. Ellis Bradley

      Maybe this is why I’ve been nicknamed smellis, thanks April

    14. Piyush aneja

      No one can top that Tiffany story

    15. Rohan Shankar

      Kevin getting mad at jake was amazing 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Sajid Iftarul Hussain

      Scranton! What? The electric city!

    17. Andrea Tiangco

      I kinda wish that all of these great characters would cameo in B99's finale.

    18. Remi Cantin

      Can’t make an end credits video without Community.

      1. Sarah

        Troy and Abed are in mourning😔

      2. MX 3

        While the shows in this video mastered the cold open, Community mastered the end credits.

    19. Sana'a Shaikh

      newbie serious ben losing it on turd crapley's show will never not be funny

    20. Rebecca Rich

      Why do I not remember the rock painting scene from B99 in the slightest

    21. Cameron Madsen

      Never noticed Charles and Rosa high-fiving during the real Ray or fake Ray game haha

    22. Deep Sharma

      Technically I am homelessssssssssssss

    23. Valenteena Gentles

      Michael Scott + Law and Order = GENIUS!! 🤣🤣

    24. Gobias SomeCoffee

      I'm with Ron, bananas are disgusting.

    25. Ellis Bradley

      Steve Carell is such a good actor that he can act as a bad actor

    26. Marthe Nuyttens

      Oh god i really love these shows haha you have no idea🤪

    27. Am Lost

      April manhandling Ellis- I can’t-

    28. oof

      i like how it goes from andy samberg in b99 to lazy scranton

    29. Josh K

      I’d like to legitimately try a banana in a burger

    30. Gabby Doux

      3:16 I'm being flipped off

    31. HV

      Twentythird ;)

    32. Evan Nance

      No dont, I'm just getting into the first act

    33. Steam Addicts

      I like to believe they all exist in the same universe it’s the comedy MCU

      1. Tessa McManus-Mendelowitz

        That would be nice, but there’s too much actor overlap between Parks and B99

      2. aswmdude24

        It’s the MSCU, Mike Schur cinematic universe

      3. Atithi Pradhan

        @Steam Addicts Nahhh, they’d be best friends. Like the passive aggressive type

      4. Steam Addicts

        Just imagine Dwight meeting Rosa before he was with Angelia he would most definitely flirt with her “you know I’m a deputy sheriff with the Scranton polices and we recently caught the Scranton strangler” - Dwight “How many people did he kill ?”- Rosa “Well he didn’t actually kill anyone he just strangled them “ - Dwight.

    34. Jack Odgers

      @8:45 I like that michael told me the time today :)

    35. Tatum Puckett

      technically I’m h̷̡̡̪̰̺͉̙̜̰̥̥̙̤̉͆̅̅̑͋̍̿̔̄̕͠ǫ̶̡̝͉̯͙̱̹̘̙͎͑͛͛̆͜m̶̨̛̱͖̥͚̫̣̥̜͇̟͖̄̓͛̂̋̔̕e̶̠͂͋̔̿̀̈́̎̌͆̀́͝͝͠l̶̺̭̳̰̮̲̭̈́̍e̶͙͇̯͔̳̘̭̅̈́̍s̸͉͉̮͂̒͜ͅͅs̴̢̢̝͎̯͚͙̮͇̜̞̊̓̊̈́̒̏̀̍͂̍̎͒̔̕ͅ

    36. Sam Stern

      1:48 that's why you shouldn't be on your phone while crossing the street

      1. donthewatcher

        it was fun filming that scene, it took 4 takes.......

      2. Sam Stern

        @millie bobby brown true but she still stopped in the middle of the street to look at her phone

      3. millie bobby brown

        technically she was looking at amy and charles when she got hit

    37. Aqueel Kadri

      "367 paintings of one rock. This guy PARRTYYYS"

    38. Emil Henneberg

      Where is the Ron going bowling?

    39. wordkyle

      Ron Swanson trying to eat a banana is one of the funniest bits I've ever seen.

    40. olivia benedict

      ...y'all are hella specific

    41. Eva McDonough

      I can't decide which is the best show!!

      1. tungabunga

        The office is my personal favourite out of all of them

      2. Pramod

        For me , P&R >>>> B99 > TheOffice

      3. Lucas Nehoray

        Parks and rec obviously the best

      4. Ahsan Bilal

        in my opinion B99 > P&R > the office

      5. Snaxamus

        B99 is definitely my favorite but all are good

    42. Misha Kapadia

      "More like tUrD CrApLeY." Ben is the best XD

    43. Anjelica L.M

      Scranton, what?

      1. Harper Why do you need to know my last name

        The electric city

    44. Arnab Roy

      As soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew I had to watch Scranton the electric city.

    45. Sol

      Gotta love Ron trying to eat a banana

    46. M. McCarty

      I didn’t even realize I was early lol

      1. Snaxamus


      2. Anjelica L.M

        Same lmfao

    47. RJ Tavares


    48. Matthew Ma

      Scranton What? The Electric City!!!

      1. MikeRiderOOO


      2. Hunter McGrath

        Scranton, what?

    49. realDavid Mooradian

      Why is Michaels southern accent actually decent

    50. Looby Loo

      In the episode when Gina gets hit by the bus, she said earlier in the episode she’d rather get hit by a bus than get another text from Charles, then the moment it comes through she gets slammed

    51. ViloceraptorX

      Good afternoon everyone

    52. Adrian Hall

      I forgot how much I love parks and rec 😂 Nobody: Not a soul: Ben: More like turd craply

      1. Adrian Hall

        @MaryEllen Brown I don’t care about you opinion. Have a nice day! 😁

      2. MaryEllen Brown

        Anything that begins with nobody: not a soul: is automatically not funny

    53. Brendan Hayes


    54. Frag44


      1. jackoboy 223

        Your first