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    Jake Peralta's weirdly spot-on impressions will haunt us. How long has he been practicing that Captain Holt voice for?
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    1. Ghostface

      POV: u watched one of these and now ur stuck watching all of them

    2. Chris Palmer

      Sadly I didn’t see one impression worth a Farthing....

    3. Bernard Gena

      The fantastic angle atypically colour because custard temporally explain unlike a envious armchair. erratic, scintillating finger

    4. Fardeen Shaikh

      2:33 😂rofl

    5. Alison Jones

      Why does Jake’s impression of “Brian” from Central London sound (faintly) like Idris Elba...? Or am I crazy?

    6. Emily Chang

      Look Raymond a yellow crested warbler

    7. Jimmy Sullivan

      Jake: Peralta, What are you doing? Holt: Peralta, WHAT are you Doing?! Jake: 😳 I CONJURED HIM!!

    8. Jonah Rajesh

      Jake may act like a child sometimes but he smart as hell

    9. Manav Udgirkar

      The amy one was the funniest

    10. Rahan ken

      Grover 😂😂😂😂😂

    11. Hillbilly Comics

      6:55 this is basically a Christian Bale impression tbh

    12. Science 101

      I'm from the middle of the london

    13. DeadPurpleStar

      is dis the guy from Parks and rec from the animals department that would always yell?

    14. 59 Pratiksha Manave

      the last scene is from which video??

    15. Benjamin Bardzinski

      You forgot his jamaican "that really bummed me out man!"

    16. Kay The Great

      What about soul patch guy and Regis Philban?

    17. joeno MRC

      No one talking about the Grover impression? I'm wheezing!

    18. Anna Brashear

      I was fangirling at midnight last night cause the guy that plays Scully was on Glee. And I've never noticed that before.

    19. Nikolai Voronov

      Why Surprisingly? He is a very good actor. And also, the writing stuff of 9-9 should go ahead and think of their own stories, not just poach everything from the office)

    20. NinjaCraft

      Can we have a Scully opera compilation?

    21. MNY

      Gina and Jake are such an underrated comedic duo

      1. 1 month ago

        Not really..they are usually together in episodes before Gina left

    22. Namratha Nambiar

      The best Amy impression was in the Johny and Dora episode when he said "girlfriend please, I got hella open cases" 😂

    23. Bhargav Kumar

      "A professor walks into a rare books collections...." I'm laughing already🤣🤣🤣

    24. regan

      andys snl past plays into jakes character so much its amazing. i cant imagine anyone else playing him

    25. DaPartyPanda26

      “Hold on my cauldron is boiling over” I love captain holt

    26. Marius Backs

      Indeed indeed indeed indeed indeed indeed

    27. Dave12395

      "That's my grandson!!!!!"

    28. William Moyer

      Indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed.

    29. Yash Saraswat

      Missed his For too long we've put down Made to wear ties... Expression And the favourite " Daat reali bum me out maan."

    30. Annie L

      Need another season

    31. Karabi Daimary

      “Sorry aboot that” 🤣

    32. Pukhrambam Prameshwormani

      That Australian is spot-on

    33. Miguel Monteroso

      0:13 Gina looks gorgeous

    34. St Billie Joe

      You forgot Jake doing Kermit the Frog in the camping episode when he sings “We’re totally lost”

    35. Shreya Vijay

      *Indeed indeed indeed Indeed indeed*

    36. 19061899


    37. stephieirene1

      0:34, of course Terry would find something of Holt's that's super baggy on him, and Rosa would find a super fitted outfit from his closet.

    38. Sai Ram

      You forgot his Marlon Brando impression.

    39. Sam Spragg

      Terrible show

    40. Conqueror27seas

      You came here for 07:40

    41. Pedro Madrid Urrea

      "Yes! That's the right level of excitement for such a bird."

    42. dovie


    43. Joey Petralito

      3:48 sounds like Grade A Under A

    44. Aaron Paul Leabres

      That Shawshank impression is not funny to me until I watched that great movie.

    45. Farah Annisa Shr.

      That "i will not" hunting my daydream.

    46. Green potato

      Why did "I conjured him!' crack me up so much?

    47. Julius Kim


    48. #fairytail

      “Oh no, I conjured him” Yes you can summon Holt now and I honestly want that power

    49. rayzilla

      Who is that? Scar Jo?

    50. Naomi Martin

      When Jake starts VERBATIM quoting Morgan Freeman oh my lord

    51. Skitzy5500

      Jake:Peralta what are you doing Holt:Peralta what are you doing Jale:Oh no I conjoured him

    52. Canal del Tio Papita

      Black personality spounds like cleveland

    53. Akshay Madnani

      Where is Jake's impression of Amy " Girlfriend i got hella open cases "

    54. William Hopkins

      The untold secondary story is that Jake auditions for SNL every year with these impressions.

    55. Akshay Madnani

      " ohh no what if I see my reflection and fall in love with myself " Ahh the level of self love

    56. Rujuta Jariwala

      indeed indeed indeed

    57. Rimab

      Here for Grover

    58. Ahmed Ahmed 201600694

      "Awww Crikey" - Jake Peralta doing Christian Bale

    59. Joanne Hendry

      How am I early-

    60. CC Murphy

      6:40 Wessex was actually a place in England, it was overtaken and the counties Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire are named in its place today. Also I’m convinced Jake said “Wussex.” But close enough?

      1. Adam Burdick

        is that you, Kevin?

      2. MaryEllen Brown

        How should he know he’s just a little girl he is he is

    61. Aiman Gul

      Andy Samberg, you're a genius! - Captain Holt The whole 99: Indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed

    62. Guy Smith

      This guy's impressions are great! SNL should hire him!!

      1. Utkarsh Tripathy

        @HydesR01 noice

      2. HydesR01

        oh no I r/whoooshed myself

      3. HydesR01

        But he is on SNL

      4. thre banana

        The thing is he quite SNL to be jake in b99 he said he almost said no to being jake because he had a good thing going with SNL

      5. Mark Calloway

        @Vincent Zhao he should start his own group! They could call themselves the lonely island

    63. Vaibhav Joshi

      Jake's pretty similar to Jim (from The Office): both pick up on social cues and rely on them for either comedy or how to display their emotions, both love to prank (I'm not gonna start a war by saying one is better than the other at pranking), both do impressions of people they work with (Jake with Holt and Jim does many like Stanley and Kevin Cookie Monster). There's prob more shared characteristics but great qualities for any fictional characters that sets up for a variety of emotional and/or hilarious situations


        Jim has low energy or enthusiasm for most office projects tho

      2. Jiya Gulati

        @Jason Smits tru dat

      3. Jason Smits

        @Jiya Gulati so has everyone in every workplace comedy

      4. Astha Dhawan

        Both are charming and quite caring!

      5. Jiya Gulati

        Both married their colleagues

    64. Jason Wang


    65. Birb

      There's a reason why Boyle constantly calls him an amazing detective

    66. L E

      How should I know? I’m just a little girl, I am, I am...

    67. Blanca C.

      No wonder Peralta loves Villanelle

      1. Blanca C.

        @villanelle they would be best friends i just know it

      2. villanelle

        Imagine Peralta going after Villanelle

    68. Sam Stern

      3:47-4:15 His impression of Kevin was so terrible and I thought he sounded like a passive aggressive voice mix of Eddie Murphy and Mr. T

    69. Borahae Bangtan

      Man I would love to try on Holt's clothes in a totally non creepy way

    70. Eirhnh KnKnKn

      "Look Raymond a yellow crested warbler."

      1. Emily Chang

        @just another account indeed indeedindeedindeedindeedindeedindeedindeed

      2. just another account

        @Emily Chang Oh, don't say "cool"... Instead say "Indeed".

      3. Emily Chang

        @Ludde Strömgren cool coolcoolcoolcoolcool coooool

      4. Ludde Strömgren

        @Emily Chang you captire the essence of kevin.

      5. Emily Chang

        @WIZrD Games that’s the correct amount of excitement


      3:05 Not gonna lie, judy did it better.

    72. Sourav Poudyal

      Andy is amazing actor

    73. Roni The Chihuahua

      “Guys, I’m in a sea of Kevins.”

    74. overall


    75. Hayden Vandenbrink

      The therapy session was funny as all hell.

      1. PRED8R

        That British accent was sooo accurate

      2. StarDude67 Laz

        Jake just has a problem with therapy

      3. Merjuki Ali

        indeed, indeed, indeed

    76. TheArcticFox

      😂👏so gd

    77. Tina Bagga

      Peralta thats enough!

    78. HowToDoIt 1


    79. Rydawg 26

      Indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed

    80. Sarah-jane Gallaher


    81. Adrian Wong

      Peralta would definitely be able to survive in London just from his impressions

      1. romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy

        As a Brit I completely agree with this statement, I'd love to have a beer with this guy

      2. Jack Butcher Enfield

        @Brandon Greenhough I’m from Romford where you’ll get stab up just for walking to the shops ffs

      3. Brandon Greenhough

        @Jack Butcher Enfield mate I'm from Lincolnshire imagine how I feel 😂😂

      4. Jack Butcher Enfield

        @Brandon Greenhough Yh all the yanks know about is London other then that you have better luck finding a gold bar underneath your feet

      5. Jack Butcher Enfield

        @Brandon Greenhough oh definitely mate especially if he got a couple in him

    82. Fugo546


    83. Asa Green

      Grover at the end killed me 🤣

    84. Mr. T

      where is jake doing the impression of Jake Peralta?

    85. JuneBug

      I love Jake so much! I'm going to miss this show

    86. Dechen Wangmo

      "Peralta, what are you doing?" was stuck in my head all night yesterday.

      1. Pepper Stark

        Well now it's stuck in mine

      2. Dechen Wangmo

        @kei 하루하루 민규 보고싶다 "I conjured him"

      3. kei 하루하루 민규 보고싶다

        it is stuck in my head out of context a lot😭

    87. Aarya R Namboodiri

      Andy is a straight up genius! Not just b99 but snl digital shorts!!

    88. anika sarah

      wow im so early, im not even this early for online class lmao

    89. ViloceraptorX

      Good afternoon everyone

    90. Iskander Shyngyssov


    91. Rumi Dewan