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    #CoupleGoals with Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle
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    1. Fe Rietbergen

      'What if he never meets my baby? I don't wanna hang out with some stupid baby that's never met Jake' - Charles Boyle.

    2. tf_u_want ?

      In a weird but beautiful way, Boyle also took over the role of the Dad Jake never had but wanted. :)

    3. NF P

      Jake: Why do all your characters get STDs? Boyle: Because they’re living life! That’s how optimistic he is. A rare treasure!

    4. Burinnu

      Is it weird if I admit I agree with Charles on Tinkerbell?

    5. Skholiwe Zondi

      "Why do all your characters get STDs?" "Because they're living LIFE"

    6. Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc

      charles’ character and its dynamic in show is amazing and relatable af. in a realistic friendly workplace that’s exactly how ppl would treat such a incredibly hard working, supportive, precious coworker and potential life long friend.

    7. Deepshika Cheyyur

      I really loved Jake with tips when he was Larry

    8. Riya Dantale

      In which episode is the hunch hunch rap kinda thing??....

    9. Anniina Takala

      Hope Jake understand how lucky he is ❤

    10. GVyt

      Jake and Charles is Like Hitchcock and Scully Back in their day

    11. Aradya B

      “Why do all your characters get STDs?” “Because they are living life“ Lmao 😂😆🤣

    12. CBW Figures

      Charles is so awesome.

    13. Mike Mensinger

      Jake: Why do you all your characters get STDs? Boyle: Because they're living LIFE!!

    14. OriginalDon


    15. pranav

      Should have added the episode where Charles is jealous of a Jake having a relationship with a robot. So funny as well as shows his bromance.

    16. Hans Kamau

      7:25 hand sanitizer shop jake!! In 2020 he would be a millionaire xD

    17. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

      “Don’t make any new best friends...huh huh, maybe you shouldn’t go.” Dear god, I literally said that to my best friend before he aban...I mean, moved to Europe. 🙄

    18. Amna

      Building hasn't moved *cries*

    19. Misha Kapadia

      .1254 kilometres away is what Charles says, but when you can see it through Jake's binoculars, it says 0.1631 km. suspicious.

    20. Idiot Dojo

      Wait what’s does Jake say at the end before the hole bullet tornado both times thing?

    21. shadow Monk

      Wish I had a friend like charles

    22. { Insert Funny Name } !!!

      Jake and Charles remind me of my BFF and I

    23. PyroJohn19

      Got to trust a bro who would rather get shot for celebrating your birthday than not celebrate it properly.

    24. Saphira Plays

      When you realize Stevie is coach from New Girl

    25. Titli Roy

      The fact that Charles is a way better Detective than Jake but keeps jumping around and cheering Jake instead of making a big deal about his own achievements and Jake despite being really self obssessed never holds back cheering Charles' achievement is the sweetest thing.

    26. Valeria

      am i the only one that finds boyle weirdly attractive?

    27. John


    28. baden closson

      7:30 Jake would make a fortune if he set up shop today XD

      1. Hans Kamau

        I just commented that

    29. Keith Platt

      Get you a friend who hypes you up like Boyle

    30. lucas dantdm

      I fell like doug judy is the best best friend

    31. Joaquin Wells

      Jake and Doug Judy are better

    32. Olivia

      Charles: *I hope you like it, cuz if u don’t I will KILL MYSELF! so tread LIGHTLY*

    33. Jibb's Compilations

      Just replay 6:02 over and over again lololol

    34. Ross Elworthy

      Well call ourselves.... the night boys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Maria Jose Rangel Acuña

      At first Charles was an annoying punchline character obsessed with Jake and i was scared of all the Rosa thing, but I love how he was actually lovable and caring and Jake is indeed also a best friend to him, a very reciprocated love. It was so refreshing when he just backed off when Rosa said no and was still a very supportive friend.

    36. Tahrae The storyteller

      Again. Stop 👏 limiting 👏 your 👏 videos 👏 to 👏 10 👏 minutes 👏 You’re missing so many important clips

    37. Olivia

      Jake: *breathes* Charles: TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!!!!

    38. Brianna Dinocento

      At first I didn’t think Jake was that good of a friend to Charles but as the series went on you realize that he truly does love Charles and is his best friend. That just fact at like 4:19 or whatever they started singing the “hunch” song it just goes to show how close they truly are

    39. Ariane Toni

      So, I know you're Jake's best friend... Didhesaythat? Didyougetitonatape?

    40. E Presley

      I’m obsessed with your videos!

    41. Roseanna Faith


    42. Natalie 654789

      I wish I had a Charles. I think I am Charles 🤭

    43. kenneth tong

      I’d rather get shot lol. We all know what happened.

    44. GoMT

      LeS gEnDaRmEs ILs sOnT iCi

    45. DarkKing009

      Charles Boyle is the 6th Man

    46. tony cee

      I believe you mean “bromance and whatever Charlie’s does”

    47. AlexAhrens911

      Jake had the idea to sell hand sanitizer before it was cool 7:33

    48. absurdlyy

      "and not celebrate you're birthday properly? I'd rather get shot" awww

    49. Hubbabushka

      Boyle is a simp

      1. Jose Perez

        You're the only simp here, my friend.

    50. Smruti P

      Lowkey wants a bestfriend like Charles

    51. that rainbow girl ash

      Stevie is couch from new girl

    52. PieceofLove B

      in literally ANY other show the writers would make charles seem 1) super clingy to jake and jake unresponsive to his friendship 2) not rly give him much interaction or connection with other ppl and 3) make him seem like a burden or someone who just continually gets in the way. but instead they built a loving actual friendship where although charles is very headstrong about their relationship, jake has always seen him as his most trusted and loyal friend who has never been a burden to him and each help each other be better people. and boyle also has a great relationship with everyone in the precinct, although he can be a bit much sometimes everyone still likes him, even gina! and i think thats really sweet and great writing and decision making.

    53. Olivia Bradley

      "and not celebrate your birthday properly? I'd rather get shot."

      1. Tahrae The storyteller

        “You do you Boyle”

    54. Tea Veritain

      9:24 awwwwwwwww

    55. official phub

      when americans see a school nearby 6:01

      1. Mya Roscoe


      2. Tahrae The storyteller

        It’s a big problem and should not be joked about because people ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING THEIR LIVES!

      3. Tea Veritain

        @official phub Yes. The well behaved schools don't get into the news, obviously.

      4. official phub

        @Tea Veritain are you american

      5. Tea Veritain

        @official phub It's called rude

    56. Jesse Jia

      what 65 assholes downvoted smh

    57. rahib

      At the last scene Charles' said the building was 0.1524 km away but on Jake's binoculars it said it was 0.1631 km away.

    58. y2kayla

      boyle is baby

    59. Amirdha Navinaa

      Hand sanitizer shop. JAKE IS A VISIONARY!

    60. Gustavo Alonso RG

      I wish I have friends

    61. Keira Rees

      5:18 “where ddriving in a CAR, destination drug dealers BAR, pass the mike right over to CHARLES..we forgot Charles” love it!!

      1. Lisa B

        @Alan Perez. farles*

      2. Alan Perez.


      3. Tahrae The storyteller

        giantgoblin toe we have to turn back we can’t leave him

      4. Alan Perez.

        but we can't turn back cuz we gon to farol

    62. SneakingCian

      6:00 Look at Rosa and see how badly she's holding the gun

      1. Julian Avina

        Kinda but not really. She had her finger outside the trigger well because that is proper procedure. She didn't take time to stance or aim because she immediately noticed it was charles being a goofy idiot lol

      2. Tea Veritain

        She was startled😁

    63. Neta B

      Jake says he’ll sell hand sanitizer.... lmao

    64. Steven Caress

      4:26 is honestly one of my favorite moments of them 🥺 it really brings out how much Charles likes Jake and how much of a wingman/yes man he is 😂 he just cheers for jake and he doesn’t even know what he’s cheering about 😂🥺 Edit: also makes me realize how it shows that Charles and Jake will always be there for each other lol

    65. Johnny Boy

      broback mountain ? you clearly didn't see the movie

    66. adam

      Boyle will end up murdering jake and wearing his skin


      We all need a Boyle in our life and we should be a Boyle in someone else's life. Such a wonderful friend with unconditional love. Its really hard to compare the characters in Brooklyn nine nine but if one has to Boyle is the best😀😆😊

    68. Ben Rajan

      5:12 is awesome.

    69. Aggie Baggins

      All the dislikes were from Stevie and his corrupt goons.

    70. MothMan

      7:29 jake was way ahead of his time

      1. Kyle Bayungan

        i thought it was a reference on his music video Y.O.L.O.

    71. Ylfing_47

      I love at 4:26 when Jake starts chanting his name and Boyle just joins in with no hesitation 😂😂😂

      1. FalonGrey

        It fucking slays me everytime I see it, just because Boyle is such a gift to the world.

      2. Rory Young

        Honestly tho that is true friendship goals and it gets me every time

      3. Aanand Sivam

        @Emily Joplin the power of their bond can be seen in this one single moment

      4. Emily Joplin

        It’s what any true best friend would do. Also Boyle doesn’t need any excuse to chant Jake’s name. 😂😂👌

      5. Aanand Sivam

        a very underrated scene for sure

    72. Jotta H.

      I literally felt anxiety when I believed they'd be splitting up...

    73. Jamilaa Zahra

      Me just like "Omg it's Coach"

    74. Charlotte Martin

      Charles is creepily obsessed with Amy and Jakes relationship, but in the way that he ain’t harmless he’s just a reallly devoted third wheel with no concept of what’s appropriate and not. It’s sweet, I love Boyle 🤗😂

    75. Austin

      “Why do all your characters get STDs?”

      1. Moklapp


    76. LimeGreen LemonMan

      You know when someone says "Lemme tell ya something" you're in for an hour long conversation about a topic you could not care less for.

    77. Ella Jones

      We all need to be Charles a little bit more.❤


        Absolutely 😀

    78. Nick Devita

      Boyle is hysterical a true loyal friend

    79. Ivy Hnin

      I would love Charles to be my friend . He’s a bit invasive but so are my relatives and I could actually talk to Charles about my relationships and stuff. He’s also very loyal and caring and I just want to have food adventures with him

    80. sweetface

      Everyone needs a friend like Charles in their life

    81. J9

      Honestly that hand sanitizer shop would be pretty welcome rn

    82. Laura Smith

      Charles is a best friend simp.

    83. Jessica Lee

      I kinda want a Charles in my life omg He's like the best hypeman ever!

      1. gail crandll

        I'll be ur Charles

    84. Twoswordsdrizzt

      "You know what, you do you Charles"

      1. Tahrae The storyteller

        “I’m doing me!”

    85. Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc

      nice thumbnail

    86. Nightfall 78

      Joe is such a good method actor. One of my favs every since superbad. If you dont remember his part in the movie you have to look it up . One of the funniest characters ever lol pretty sure that's where they got some of the humor for boyle.


      What about Hitchcock and scully?

    88. iBrhomz

      4:30 best scene ever 😂😂

    89. RMX


    90. Abigail Snider

      “Let me tell you something about Tinker Bell”

    91. Shad Stanger

      Doug Judy and Jake are better bros

      1. Parth Patel

        From Charles respectfully: Get the FUCK OUTTA HERE 😌

    92. Chef Boyardee

      anyone else constantly repeating the clip where everyone pulls out their gun?

    93. FrozenStar

      Another exactly 10-minute compilation. Wow, what a coincidence! All key moments in this show are worth exactly 10 minutes.

    94. MsCunningLinguistic

      "It comes out when he's excited" is the name of Jake's sex tape

      1. Tahrae The storyteller


    95. Shambhavi Ramabhadran

      Jimon and Purboy become friends with Stimba😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OH jake!!

    96. leonie bendr

      At first I thought Jake doesn‘t really like Charles and Charles likes him very much But now I know that Jake likes Charles as much as Charles likes him. I just love this Bromance😍😂

      1. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

        Nah I don’t think he didn’t like him but I just thought that the relationship was very one-sided but now it’s evened out a bit more Emphasis on *a bit* Charles still obsesses over Jake

      2. Ak'hasshativeritsol

        Yeah, at first I thought it was going to be sort of Michael-and-Dwight scenario from the office, but I'm so glad they decided to make them a real Bromance

      3. Julian Avina

        Hell yeah! Jake let him live out his die hard dream! And Gina got to use a flamethrower.

      4. Glaz Wrld

        @EL TIPO DEL MOSTACHO Boyle deserves a good friend like Jake


        In the pilot it seems that way but is awesome that jake truly loves him

    97. Ian Stephenson

      It might be unpopular, but I really hate Boyle. He's jealous, creepy, and doesn't understand boundaries.

      1. Ian Stephenson

        @Sanjay Raju Except it's not funny at all

      2. Sanjay Raju

        That’s part of his humour

      3. Madhava Rajaram

        @Ian Stephenson liverpool just got dumped out of best european competition. Not best anymore

      4. pjcaps100

        Ian Stephenson I’m a spurs fan 😩

      5. Ian Stephenson

        @pjcaps100 Best club in the world but ok

    98. Brenda Dm

      oh yasss my brotp

    99. Michaela Belle

      Gotta love that manly throat clearing 9:18

    100. Safwan

      Charles is hands down the best character in b99