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    Jerry's wife is so beautiful we literally can't stop thinking about it. Keeps us up at night. While we puzzle that one out, enjoy this Parks & Recreation dedication to Jerry's perfect life.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 19 روز


    1. David McCoin

      i never watched the ending. if i never see the end, that means i can go on believing that it hasn't ended.

    2. Julio Diaz

      In minute 2:08 ben calls jerry larry, i never noticed that before

    3. Razzy1312

      He's 100 and she's barely aged lol.

    4. Deathlord 9091

      is gail immortal

    5. Michael Iv

      Out of all the jokes of Parks & Recreation, I hated the ones that made fun of Jerry. The man is the definition of a grandfather

    6. Gerald V Woodall Jr

      My name is Jerry. I love this. Let the haters hate. lol Good for him because they're always messing with him. God is good.

    7. Derrick Lafrance

      Couldn't find my comment to retract it. I said a scientist put together the DNA of Heather Locklear, Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley and made Gayle. Never read the credits. I didn't realize it was Christie. Lol.

    8. Kimberly Terasaki

      3:30 Jerry worked at the parks department for 40 years and only had 4 pages worth of good memories in all that time, but still never held it against his colleagues and had an amazing home life. We should all aspire to be like Jerry.

    9. Aaron

      I read somewhere that the writers of the show actually loved the actor who plays Jerry and they felt bad about how everyone bullies him so that's why they gave him such a hot wife and perfect family

    10. Cheyne Hill

      Also, Gerry is STOIC AF - not according to the lame modern connotation but stoic af according to the great stoic philosophers

    11. Cheyne Hill

      In a show filled with generally good and likeable people - not perfect by any means - I loved both how the bullying of Gerry was a constant reminder of the dangers of group behaviour, and I loved, even more, how Gerry was basically impervious to it. Gerry is a person of true confidence, someone who is so confident in themself that they can allow others to see them as weak

    12. Chocolate Banana Smoothies

      Donna is the best friend that Gary needed.

    13. Ego Ruderico

      Gorgeous slim perfect skin beautiful girls while eating Egg bacon and toast every morning? Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense. I eat one extra toast at breakfast and i have to adjust my belt next day.

    14. cat

      i think gayle married larry cause he's a nice guy and talented and T H E L A R G E S T P E N I S

    15. pat2rome

      Pillboi spoke at his funeral!

    16. Dark Jedi Knight

      Some say living well is the best revenge. Well Gary gets his sweet revenge knowing he goes home everyday to that. And the other miserable bastards that harass him ALL wish their home lives were even half that great.

    17. Enoch Root

      Wow, Brandi Maxx star of more than 11000 adult films in the last two years?!?....just doing the math made me exhausted

    18. Matty

      Wait what, I watched the entire series and thought his name was Jerry? It's Garry?? HAHA

    19. madden ramsey

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    20. Travis Taafua

      The kids got the mom’s look but Gerry’s personality CRAZIEST BABIES EVER

    21. Ian mak M

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    22. PoolSpray

      I have never been this jealous in my life

    23. JoDon Looney

      He deserved a Kings ending.

    24. JoDon Looney

      "The hug machine is firing on all cylinders " man

    25. scarlips1995

      It was Now O'Clock when I realized that Gail and Diane are the same actress... they hide it well.

    26. KenzieHurlock

      I always thought it kinda odd that his adult daughters all live at home still.

      1. Rosella Altman

        I believe the youngest was mentioned to be a teenager in the first season. I also believe at least one of them was mentioned to be living on her own at some point. I also don't think any of them were over 30. It's not that unusual for people in their 20s to move in and out of their parents home, especially when they come from such a supportive, loving family.

      2. Rhys Barzaga

        It was prolly a ‘full house’ situation

    27. yoyoyoholla1

      All I see is Pillboi

    28. Rick Matsokotere

      Brandi Maxx is my favourite character

    29. Tori Kami

      He’s the king of his own castle and I love it

    30. VideoKilledTheHeros

      Donna is a real friend. I'm glad at least one person had his back at work. She was the kindest overall anyway.

    31. Anakoth13

      The first scene is better to be last one,so you can solve the mistery at the end!!

    32. Travis Taafua

      I may or may not know why Gayle is with Garry now.....if you catch my drift😂

    33. Hyde S

      i usually hate it when a character is the constant butt of the joke but i never minded it when it came to garry, because he really did have the perfect life. so i would just think, the people picking on him are the sad ones, he gets to go home to fuckin gayle

    34. Kris10

      Season 1 “Jerry won’t be running for office, too many public urination tickets”. And how many decades was he mayor 😂

    35. 김건열

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    36. alora turner

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    37. Toast N' Jam

      I find Christie Brinkley more attractive in her late 50's then back in her supermodel days.

    38. David Μυρμιδόνες

      He's a straight up honest to God, awesome dude.

    39. EntertainVids

      When Jerry died and went to Heaven, he was promoted to God.

    40. podster12

      Perfect Life for him!

    41. TheLegendaryD

      Maybe it's because I'm not a viewer of the show but does it bother anyone else how his name is constantly "changed" by the actors? One calls him Larry...he himself calls himself "Gerry" as he's explaining how his wife would be mad at it a running gag or did the show just not catch this in production?

      1. CFH

        It's been a running gag on the show.

    42. heartribbonhairband

      Ben is so jelly

    43. Jones Barrington Jones


    44. enzochiapet

      Yet just another genius character storyline that makes Parks and Recreation one of the best.

    45. Anish Philip

      The Garry future story is by far the best

    46. John

      Get me a piece of that family

    47. Get_Into_It

      I'm just here for Eggs Bacon & Toast.

    48. Robert Joslin

      This is what good writing and a good life is all about and I wish more communities and family/ friends/ and life was more like this after so much effort we often fall short of our goals.

    49. Rain Man

      I will always call him jerry

    50. MAEMARA

      Is no one gonna tell me that Gayle's actress was Billy Joel's wife or am I supposed to Google that myself?

    51. MAEMARA

      I love Garry so much

    52. Aila Rovei Balanga

      Remember that one episode when Chris said that the superhuman who will be able live for more that a hundred years was already born and he thought it was him. Yeah... I think that person is Gale

    53. poen poen

      6:27 trump missed out on one hell of a inauguration

    54. billyjbradshaw

      My favorite thing about Jerry...even though he was the brunt of every joke, at home he was Superman. late -Billy

    55. Brandon Wei

      Gerry's house is a self contained alternate universe

    56. Raymeester

      His family are basically Golden retrievers.

    57. ssanderford63

      Oh but there is a logical explanation Chris, there most certainly is.

    58. Zechary Khoo

      Seeing how cool and suave Jerry is at home with his family, it makes sense. He's literally The Man when he's at home. Also Ben is all of us when we found out who his family is.

    59. qhk slz

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    60. josh pring

      Gary wasn't the mayor the wanted, he is tje maypr everyone deserves. He is legitimately the nicest character on the show.

    61. Aidan Cort

      He fits in perfectly as the mayor

    62. Jules Podevyn

      God I love this man

    63. Sherri Gaskin

      11,000 adult films in 2 years. Hilarious.

    64. J Mystic

      Pill boy is the minister at Jerry’s funeral 🤣🤣

    65. UglyApprentice

      Wait so is it Jerry, Gary, Larry or anything else? It was taken off of Netflix before I got an explanation

    66. Sean Piriyakul

      Jerry and his family is from the time when love, honor and true partnership was understood as why couples were together. The looks and questions are disappointing, even in good fun it's sad

    67. Jorge Mendez

      Why does ben keep calling him Larry?

    68. Sai Doddi

      My favorite thing is that the single most optimistic person on earth has no idea what is going on

    69. Kevin M

      Once again I'm reminded of why that show makes me nauseous.

    70. Ankan Datta

      i like how gayle hasnt aged even when garry was 100 yrs old

      1. Rosella Altman

        None of the Gerrgich women aged. The only way to tell the difference between his daughters and his granddaughters was the age of the men standing next to them.

    71. seulgames uwu

      donna and gerry are friend goals

    72. Stephanie Lovat

      Dude how is it a mystery? He's a great guy, appeciative, a great husband, a great father, a hard worker, a good mayor with good morals and he is endowed with a large dong. I get thats the joke but seriously.

    73. WorkHard BeNice

      So which is it-is his name Gary, Jerry or Larry? Because in various episodes he answers to all three!

    74. Jwen7836

      Jerry's perfect life reminds me of the hex illusion in WandaVision 😂

    75. My dick is tiny but,

      I love how invested Ben is in why Gail is with Jerry

    76. Reese Hendricksen

      I just realized, Garry won by a write in. The whole town, but his friends, knew his correct name.

    77. Richard Napier

      Parks and Reac, today, tomorrow and forever!!!

    78. Ya boy Ed

      Garry and Donna 🤩

    79. Vesperitis

      And then he got to make out with Aubrey Plaza. I'm with the Parks Department. I hate this man so much.

    80. Neel Verhoeven

      I love Jerry’s and donnas friendship I really liked donnas character because of it

    81. Paul Frakher

      I know this is about garry but all I can think about is the fact that if you run the math in order to star in 11000 adult films in 2 years Brandi Max would need to produce 15 videos a day with no holidays

      1. mickey disco

        *Brandi Maxxx

      2. Vaishnav Menon

        And by an estimation that she does it in one take of 40 min, that would take 10 hours of non-stop ACTION

    82. mj ph

      I love how Gayle still looks the same.

    83. Marco Jaimes

      A as

    84. b2kzangelalwayz

      Okay I’ve never seen this show but that inauguration scene makes this show worth watching.

    85. epicsamurai5

      Friendly reminder that Christine Brinkley is older than Jim O’Heir.

    86. Firiel

      No one: Absolutely no one: My brain at 7pm on a Tuesday evening: eeegggs, bacon and tooasst

    87. Firiel

      Yeah RELAX gloomy goose

    88. Devin Springman

      Am I crazy, or do people keep calling him Gary?

    89. LASHK001

      Go to a baptist church, you'll see many couples like this.

    90. Doctor4077

      Yeah Jerry was very attractive when he was young and (apparently) has a MASSIVE schlong but that’s not why Gale stuck with him for so long. It’s because he’s a sweet, caring and incredibly talented man.

    91. jin kim

      Everyone mentioning dr. Harris, but i also remember jerry saying that he used to look like chris when he was younger lmao

    92. steph anie

      His family are the Hitler dream

    93. Mr. Davenport

      Plot twist: those aren't Jerry's daughters those are his other wives.

    94. Tetsu Hatano

      For as much as a whipping boy Jerry was in the show it can’t be denied that the man won in life outside of work

    95. Jonathan Hernandez

      I wonder if Garry’s male grandchildren and great grandchildren inherited his you know what and if so then he really isn’t dead but lives on in his extremely well endowed family and their ability to use it to attract ridiculously beautiful women that are completely out of their league.

    96. Saez

      We know something and Ben doesn't know.

    97. Movie Hermit

      Full disclosure, the constant wide smiles just creep me out. I feel like they’re about to chloroform someone and drag them into a secret room to sing _eggs bacon and toast_ until they’re converted into the Gergich family.

    98. Ben Abraham

      This is my happy place video... for whenever anybody on the show is needlessly mean towards garry... hate april n tom especially for that!!

    99. Zeff Malchazeen

      Brandy Maxxx would have made at least 15 adult movies in a day to reach 11000 in two years.

    100. Gerald Browder

      Ngl, Gary’s life trajectory seems more than on point than mine and that’s ok