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    Everyone put on your Kangol hats and blast that John Philip Sousa: it's time to get wild with Captain Holt. Drop a comment below letting us know which Holt quote you'd choose for a game of Real Ray or Fake Ray.
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    1. typicalmark

      I love this man, I can’t. I said it, AND I MEANT IT!!! OOOOOHHHHH!!!

    2. Jennifer Chase

      "That's A Terrible Robot Voice.", First Episode.

    3. kmallory100

      Just trying to turn up, as it were.

    4. Abhijith I S

      How doesnt this get copyright strike??

    5. Svengali IX Archive Memory

      Well I’m a joke now so it suits me

    6. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

      It soothes my soul seeing Captain Holt have fun.

    7. Lady of Darkness

      "YOU'RE CRAZY!!! HOW DID YOU PULL THIS OFF????" moving a podium half an inch? I guess they moved it half an inch 😂what an elaborate plan! lol he makes me die

    8. A.J Fercho

      "Well, I'm a joke now so it suits me." Big mood, that

    9. Seekh Le Kuch

      I like to think that Holt saw them doing the impressions and did Boyles one on purpose. Just to mess with them 😂

    10. lorraine simon

      Drunk Holt saying "nothing" gets me every time

    11. Morgan Taylor

      "But you hate humor" "Well I'M A JOKE NOW.....it suits me."


      Captain Holt is something else altogether

    13. Utkarsh Mahajan

      Jake and Amy's combined kink is about holt

    14. Elizabeth T.

      My inner band kid got awoken when Holt started playing El Capitan March on the CD player and sent me to a darker place


      The twerk in the end hits places

    16. Billy Madlener

      "We good, Ya I'm drunk as hell!!" "Not what I meant" Lmfao

    17. Billy Madlener

      The heist episodes were always hilarious lol

    18. Geoffrey Fox

      2:37 Raymond Holt would know that is a lectern not a podium...looks like we have another case of who has done this....

    19. Scott Gammon

      Peralta: 😊 Holt: You call that dancing?? Peralta: 😳

    20. Anne Margaret

      "Why is my phone always dead? I paid $13 for it!" Honestly, me

    21. Kevin Sanchez

      Him and Terry fucked that dance all up 😂😂 that was fire asf lmfao

    22. Prashanth Puttur Bhat

      Loved the dance at the end 😂

    23. Smit Mahajani

      "For humor reasons" - Raymond Holt Said with an understanding nod. CLASS

    24. Ally Kingston

      My theory is that Holt's an aspie

    25. Brandon Wiscombe

      The “AND I MEANT IT” in Real Ray or Fake Ray was such a good moment The moment they all truly bonded

    26. Michael Gehr


    27. Maribel Araula

      Captain Holt. The most emotional emotionless character ever created in the history of media.

    28. LeMe

      Holt: hates humor (normally) Also Holt: "You're crazy! How did you pull this off?!"

    29. IeatyellowSNO

      This man brings me so much joy.

    30. Cheery Caramel

      (5:50) When you find that one meme in a show: *PAUSE IT*

    31. Valkaen

      Which episode is 5:21

    32. Karthik Reddy

      Two extremely opposite reactions from Charles and Terry to captain Holt's laugh at the desk prank

    33. Bryanne Delgado

      He breaks that glass like a beast

    34. Pres


    35. Borahae Bangtan

      I feel like my heart will break if they show flashbacks of Holt's childhood

    36. Pee Poo

      I absolutely love how jake always finds ways to involve captain holt in everything

    37. brucewayne236

      The Skrillex of his day 🤣🤣🤣

    38. Tanya Musasiwa

      Holt knowing who skrillex is just perfect

    39. Kaleb Calverley

      “You’re CRAZY!! How did you pull this off?!?”

    40. YourPrinceNXT

      Boyle's impression though😂😂

    41. ZeOreoLord

      I dont care for it *classical music*

    42. 83gemm

      Jake’s expression when Holt says, “You call that dancing?” deserves all the Emmys

    43. ᄇᄋᄀ

      3:40 i think Holt saying “mArshed mellow” really brought this scene to perfection🤣

    44. LueXiong10

      “...for humor reasons....” 🤣

    45. Jason Pierce

      9:26 I lost it 😂😂😂😂😂

    46. Austin Church

      The lady in the beige peacoat in the background at 00:53 looks possessed

    47. Cuauhtli Quiroz

      Rosa trying to hold in that laugh at 4:26

    48. swbfexplosion

      Jake immediately turning his head at 0:23 is one of my favorite moments in this show


      I want more of the real ray game

    50. Israel Lai

      2:01 he hates humour? Raymond is the most hilarious person, he tells the best jokes

    51. usama zartoes

      Holt dance was a best thing ever

    52. Xergyo Salgado

      6:44-6:55 Dads when gas goes down by a dime

    53. Ayushya Kaul

      'He was the Skrillex of his day' *starts dancing * 5:47 I lost it.

    54. Andrew

      8:45 that was pretty fabulous XD

    55. Firiel

      "my hands are covered in butter FROM MAKING BUTTER"

    56. alec christiaen

      "Sarcasm, the coward's lie"

    57. Mr Joe

      What always get me is that Holt had so many heavy stuff in his office, but he went for the monitor without hesitation

    58. A B

      Did Holt say it or didn't he could be a best-selling board game.

    59. No World No name

      I keep forgetting that (heist) Captain Holt is like joker unpredictable with reactions

    60. Andrew Gagne

      What the F***😮. Holt breaking a window to win a heist really surprised me.

    61. Kamilla Gutierrez


      1. Jake J

        Yeah this part spoke to me on a primal level. I'm a very mild mannered person but I have to shove this part of me deep down in my consciousness to avoid getting irrationally angry.

      2. Lirem Arctic Tern

        Apparently that is a trigger for me

      3. Firiel

        I felt this on another level

    62. Rita Sickman

      The therapeutic vegetable indirectly notice because ball sicily tame across a sharp furniture. glamorous, parsimonious colombia

    63. Ayakkusu McGill

      "you would never knowingly destroy government property" That's no longer captain Holt, Jake, it's Raymond with a thirst for blood AND HEIST

      1. KroumKroum

        And the way he screamed in absolute rage and bloodthirst afterwards

      2. Ryan Hunt

        The fact that he used his monitor to do it too lmao

    64. Ishan Kesharwani

      I am going to miss this show *SOOOO MUCH*

    65. Praveen HB

      The last scene always gets me. First time I watched i lost my breath laughing

    66. Kranberry

      A lot of ppl are commenting that “BOOOOOOOONE” should’ve been here (and they’re absolutely right) but y’all are forgetting him and Amy competing speed reading which wasn’t as wild per se but it’s another instance of him being insanely competitive which I think should count

      1. Jacqueline Leung

        That’s a top moment for me too

    67. bhl10

      4:27 Rosa breaks character

    68. wild card

      Apparently that trigger for me

    69. Jocelyn Flattery

      I would watch an entire episode of them just playing the Holt quote drinking game.

    70. patronustrip

      The reason why Holt get so pissed off about the PhD thing because Kevin has one, aaawww.

    71. Lidz :3

      How can nobody talk about 6:03?! My jaw dropped to the ground .

    72. Kyle Reid

      S/o to Rosa for actually recording the dancing

    73. Gabethefucker

      I was laughing all the way through. BUT AT THE VERY LAST ONE I FUCKING LOST IT. 🤣😂

    74. kingoffongpei

      I'm surprised Holt called the lectern a podium. It's only accepted nowadays because people kept getting it wrong. Kind of pedantic to get hung up on it, but I mean, it's Holt...


      Raymond: Whoop whoop Jake: (In a low whisper) Yes Whoop whoop Raymond in the cangle hat 😂😂😂

      1. ikk_ra

        which episode is it from ?

    76. E N

      I laughed hysterically during the last clip, and everyone else in the zoom meeting looked at me weird.

    77. José Escobar


    78. Alex M

      How is no one talking about 6:43 when he breaks the window and runs like an absolute mad man

    79. DrAxe Dharme

      HOT DAYUM!

    80. Thiago Guimaraes

      Charles knows holt better than anyone

    81. Rita Sickman

      The capricious accordion topologically wish because plaster adversely scorch absent a fine employer. aberrant, steadfast column

    82. Dylan Minett

      6:51 freeze-frame 😂

    83. dianaMidnighTdreary

      I’ll be your freakaZoid C'mon and wind me up ❤️ Dancing Captain 👮🏿‍♂️

    84. Tiana Pi Tesr

      Omg Salt smashing I need these guys 😁😂

    85. The Nomads

      2:29 you can see captain holt waiting to go in the background

      1. Dannyplayz312

        U can even see the person have giving him the cue to go

    86. kim


    87. Chanukya Pavan

      4:40 actually even Holt is wrong, for a man of his perfection everything matters and he said I THINK SHE is AT THE BANK IN THE LINE! the lower case is the mistake, considering it was past where Amy was in Bank and Holt should've used WAS instead of IS.

    88. PV

      "... apparently, that was a trigger for me."😐

    89. Corwin Forest

      Jake: my dad is so cool.

    90. kalcheus

      "Amy said I should eat more veggies, so I got extra pepper cheese" is possibly my favorite line from the entire series

      1. Bella Gutierrez


      2. Svengali IX Archive Memory

        “Pepper cheese” huh

      3. GhostyGhost

        Extra pepperoncinis...

    91. SSLegend

      Whoever thought of the name of this video knew what they were doing.

    92. Captain Pedantic

      I would have guessed clove hitch.

    93. Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

      Was Melissa Fumero really drunk in the beach house episode? Realized she was sleeping in that scene.

    94. Raveesh

      "Yes Kevin they moved it a full half inch"

      1. Leonie Müller


      2. Tushar Mulchandani

        @meinkungfu "I love you, too. "

      3. meinkungfu

        "I'll tell you all about it when I get home."

    95. Simon Olsson

      4:26 Rosa breaks charachter haha

      1. Dallas Steel

        I know right?!😂 She was so gonna lose it, but managed to keep it together.

    96. Hayan Imadi


      1. Kameron's Political Predictions Center

        Apparently, that was a trigger for me.

    97. TheMovieSequelDude49

      "I said it... AND I MEANT IT!"

    98. - Dopeland -

      The way he destroys the window with a monitor 😂

    99. Sam Brown

      What’s up beaches?

    100. Kitty

      "Its an after work hang...just trying to..turn up as it were" 💀😂