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    Everyone put on your Kangol hats and blast that John Philip Sousa: it's time to get wild with Captain Holt. Drop a comment below letting us know which Holt quote you'd choose for a game of Real Ray or Fake Ray.
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    1. P Villanueva

      "... apparently, that was a trigger for me."😐

    2. Corwin Forest

      Jake: my dad is so cool.

    3. kalcheus

      "Amy said I should eat more veggies, so I got extra pepper cheese" is possibly my favorite line from the entire series

    4. SSLegend

      Whoever thought of the name of this video knew what they were doing.

    5. Captain Pedantic

      I would have guessed clove hitch.

    6. Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

      Was Melissa Fumero really drunk in the beach house episode? Realized she was sleeping in that scene.

    7. Raveesh

      "Yes Kevin they moved it a full half inch"

    8. Simon Olsson

      4:26 Rosa breaks charachter haha

    9. Hayan Imadi


      1. Kameron's Political Predictions Center

        Apparently, that was a trigger for me.

    10. TheMovieSequelDude49

      "I said it... AND I MEANT IT!"

    11. - Dopeland -

      The way he destroys the window with a monitor 😂

    12. Sam Brown

      What’s up beaches?

    13. Kitty

      "Its an after work hang...just trying to..turn up as it were" 💀😂

    14. Kitty

      I love whe he hysterically laughs at the podium movement and does the noises Boyle made when eating a marshmallow 🤣

    15. Kitty

      He got so heated about the college professor doctor point cus of Kevin, if that ain't true love!!

      1. Radhia Deedou

        Oh you're right, I thought he might have a PhD but it's obviously about Kevin

    16. jung hoseok

      He is the best character in the show

    17. Sun RA

      Everyone is amazing on this show, but Holt takes it to the next level. Andre is amazing.

    18. Elhan Affan

      6:43 I love it when Raymond is let loose and even destroy Government property on a game

    19. Ben Taylor

      6:51 Holt is literally screaming this is gold

    20. Charlie Sanders

      Rosa nonchalantly filming the dance at the end was priceless.

    21. Saphira Shah

      "Hello Kevin! This is Raymond Holt."

    22. KING RA

      The moment I saw this in my feed I knew it was just another excuse to use the BONNNNEEE scene.

    23. Just a yeti with wifi connection

      6:43 i think that was the wildest scene of holt in this video

    24. Mridul Maitre


    25. Shot in the Heart

      The “specifically requested it” is one of his best memes

    26. Ahs Oei

      Aw, no hulla-hooping?

    27. DareDeviL

      Best character of B99 and the doctor part still crack me up 😂

    28. John Nguyen

      brooklyn 99 is such a good movie but its so underrated.

      1. Aprilhippie

        ..... Movie?😐

    29. Swapnil Hedaoo

      Why no one is having fun.? I specifically requested it🤣

    30. kyoto AG

      "Why is no one having a good time, I specifically requested it." 💀💀💀😂 holt is different

    31. Tyler Lee

      I love how he progressively gets more and more funny and insane as he hangs out with the 99 over the years

    32. Sheron Hash

      Holt is my favourt cop on brooklyn 99

    33. Chobbledocker

      - T H E - W H O O P S I E - D O O D L E -

    34. Glenn Lovell

      I love Captain Holt so much! He brings me joy!

    35. Iran Ribeiro

      4:24 Stephanie is already smiling lol

    36. Sam Stern

      I think the Halloween Heist is what made Holt become more wild

    37. ريان#2030

      4:26 I think rosa is smiling here.

    38. AW350M3 50N1C

      As soon as I saw that title, first thing in mind was "here comes the 'Boooooone' clip again!"

      1. Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

        I'm surprised that they never use the bone clip for this video.

    39. Rachel Koch

      You forgot “FULL BULL PEN!!!”

    40. Hobo Sullivan

      Holt and Jeffords dancing to Push It is doing a lot to keep my spirits up.

    41. Keenan Harduth

      The "Nothing" at 9:10 sent me 😅😂

    42. Irena Słoma

      You know a character is good when you cant even pick your 5 favourite scenes from a compilation they are all so good

    43. Pratishtha Shukla

      I absolutely adore this character. Honestly , Andre Braugher's portrayal is a testimony to his prowess as an actor .

      1. Jayson Mark Balinas

        @Hobo Sullivan dark side approves

      2. Chobbledocker

        He was born to play this role.

      3. Hobo Sullivan

        And on top of his acting skills, he's got an excellent voice.

    44. MikeRiderOOO

      9:46: (In her mind) “Recording this for Jake.”

      1. Just a yeti with wifi connection

        Lol so true

    45. Ryan Leary

      Forgot the scenes in season 6, episode 5 where the squad takes on the firefighters in a drink off at Shaw’s Bar to get the highest bar tab by closing time & Holt returns after initially leaving to help the squad win by buying bottles of wine & talks about how the wine is affecting his vision, speech “....To put a fine point on it, your boy is turnt” before he chugs a full bottle in less than a minute to win for the squad & then makes a speech before throwing up mid-way through it

    46. Kevin Grace

      Rosa: You just need to Bone. Holt: How dare you Detective Diaz, Boooooone, Boooooooone

      1. P Villanueva

        "Whats Up Beaches?!"

      2. Caleb Strese

        When he come back the next day...

      3. Chobbledocker

        - I - A M - Y O U R - S U P E R I O R - O F F I C E R -

    47. Reuben Clark

      holt=best character

    48. breakingtoes

      watching Captain Holt is my coping mechanism

    49. Sriyaa

      7:32 Aww Amy passed out😂❤️

      1. Rian Mernin

        6 drink Amy😂😂

    50. Shararkay

      5:27 square knot gang

    51. N Mouning

      Situation diffused.😅

      1. MikeRiderOOO


    52. Evan Nance

      Yes chairs!!!

    53. FantasticRaidz


      1. Sheron Hash

        @Kevin Grace it would be woundnt it be

      2. Kevin Grace

        @Sheron Hash Well yeah in this case that would be 😂

      3. Sheron Hash

        @Kevin Grace ha ha 😂😂im dying your funny and do you mean thats what he said

      4. Kevin Grace

        @Sheron Hash That’s what she said

      5. Sheron Hash

        @Kevin Grace 😂sorry i had forgoten to put that in

    54. Prince Of Wales

      Can't wait for Season 8, let's leave it with a bang!

      1. gretchen ortner

        @Enes Karagöz cancelled after season 8

      2. Enes Karagöz

        Didn't they cancel the show

      3. Rose Groshek

        It’s gonna be stupid. They said it’s only going to focus on BLM and police brutality

      4. YellowDaisy

        Yesssss! I can’t wait!!!

    55. Prince Of Wales


      1. Yap Hong-wei Jonathan


      2. Akash Mithran

        NOINE - NOINE

      3. Dhroov Bhatnagar


      4. MikeRiderOOO


    56. Thor Odinson

      Why is my phone always dead I paid 13 dollars for it

    57. Pepsi Shibe

      That is NOT a good title