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    That's it. That's the whole video.
    Dedicated to Ben Wyatt, Game of Thrones' number one fan (even after it went off the rails in the finale...)
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    1. Hassan Ejaz

      Tyrion Lannister, Lord of Casterly rock Ok then.... I know he is now but this was probably during its 2nd season.

    2. Jwen7836

      Ben: _knight me, daddy_

    3. jasneet singh

      I wonder how ben would react to the last season of GoT.

    4. Aaron Kelly

      Idk what it is, but something tells me ben likes game of thrones

    5. harsha vardhan

      Poor ben he had no idea how that show is gonna end😭

    6. Anandi Ganguly

      Can you imagine how pissed off and heartbroken Ben must've been with how that show ended?

      1. louie mann

        @FullMetal Goblin "Captain Jack Sparrow if I'm not mistaken" "Actually is King Jack Sparrow now!"

      2. FullMetal Goblin

        The Jack Sparrow crossover ending would have been better than the actual last two seasons.

    7. Reggie SpAkLeS

      I have something to say this is not all the time the said game of thrones because when Leslie and Ben were getting married Tom did not have a marriage license but Gerry, Larry, Terry what ever you want to call him did so he had to say the speech that Tom wrote and Gerry said “when I heard that Ben was getting I was like ‘to Leslie or Game of Thrones”so that is the only beef I have with this video so thank you and comment if you have any questions. P.S I am a big Parks and Rec fan so this is awesome

    8. Cameron Signorini

      I would love to see Ben's reaction to the Game of Thrones ending

    9. Andrew Gagne

      I know much about Games of Thrones, but let me tell you all this: The sword throne is the most F*ckliest chair that I ever had a misfortune of laying my eyes upon!

      1. Andrew Gagne

        @louie mann I googled it. After seeing it myself, I take everything back I said about the throne. It is Awesome.

      2. louie mann

        Google the artwork of what it looks like in the books. It looks crazy and awesome!

    10. Lyohany S

      Imagine this poor guy watching season 7 and 8

    11. Shayan Givehchian

      interesting how everyone was really into GoT but after the ending no one cares about it anymore

      1. meiday154

        Honesty that kind of fandom solidarity brought me joy

    12. Ali Emad

      Our starship is in trouble🚶‍♀️

    13. J-Rod

      Did Ben get Donna into Game of Thrones? Before she didn't know if it was still on or canceled. Then later, she admits to watching it.

      1. Nathan Pray

        he definitely did

    14. MikeMJPMUNCH

      1:59 I can relate to this moment

    15. Anonymous

      Our starship is in trouble... Lol

    16. Monky Dollqueen

      Pain doesn't just show up in our lives for no reason. It's a sign that something in our lives needs to change.

    17. Anonymous

      If I ever got to sit on iron throne my reaction would be like Ben.

      1. Jorge L. Quiroz

        I got to sit on it back in 2016 during GIBF and I can confirm you totally get in the mood.

      2. Rotimi Johnson

        It’s the only way to recact

    18. Tanulina Sarkar

      And Adam Scott had never watched Game of Thrones!

    19. Wow WhatDoUouKnow

      Oh no their star ship is in trouble

    20. Nolan Ueno

      Parks & Recreation day after Game of Thrones ended. Park & Recreation crew: Where been, he should be here by now. Leslie: Yeah Ben watch the last episode of Game of Thrones, and let just say he didn't take the ending very well. Flashback Ben on the couch moaning: First Star Wars now Game of Thrones is Hollywood determine to crush us! (Ben crying on the couch with Leslie looking like oh Ben). Leslie: Who the F**k come up with these ideas that destroyed franchises. Seriously a 5-year-old can do a better job than these days Hollywood writers. Donna: Hell yeah Leslie, I could do a better job than 90% of those asshead Hollywood men.

    21. rod

      *O U R S T A R S H I P I S I N T R O U B L E*

    22. Fikret Furkan Özkan

      Iron throne... It's the iron throne... the stupid face... And the Star Wars mood of Leslie. Awesome

    23. Flashriff

      The iron throne... stunning

    24. Meg Eaton

      “ Yes..No.”

    25. Sky W

      Ben's reaction to anything Game Of Thrones is just amazing

    26. Lucas Nehoray

      ThEy woUld NeVer CAncel GamE oF tHrones!!!!!!!!

      1. louie mann

        They should have started making it 10 years later, they might have the next book before the show catches up

      2. Wilson Wood

        They should have



    28. NinjaCowboy2000


    29. skittlez ;—;