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    It took about seven seasons, but these two are best friends now. Even if Ben still has to use the formal usted when he addresses April in Spanish :/
    Is this your favourite unexpected Parks & Rec pairing? Or is there another duo that deserves recognition (and perhaps their own compilation...) Let us know in the comments!
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    1. smin

      3:06 O.o

    2. Ender Wiggins

      I feel like one of parks and rec’s strengths was the diversity of characters and how they interact w each other. April especially brings out great interactions with everyone because she’s so dark and sardonic but with a compassionate streak.

    3. Chris Malone

      Off all the house rules April gives, I feel like the Spanish one is serious.

    4. Naomi Stephenson

      Anyone else want to hear the rest of the Star Trek fanfic?

    5. Geofany

      Ben is that big brother that looks doesn't care but care so much

    6. Cherrykye Waters

      Ben being a dad to April and Andy

    7. apriludgate

      my favorite friendship on the show they love each other so much

    8. Crystal H.

      Is having a lot of soundtracks a Gen X thing? Because I have a lot.

    9. Clef the Misfit

      "Lemme get the aux" "You better not play trash" *Plays Benji's Cooltime Summer Jamz Mix

    10. Rory Giambalvo

      Them bonding over robot behavior was so pure and genuine, I loved it

    11. Vivien Englund

      5:42 omg lol love them

    12. Babara Zeiger

      The ossified turn totally complain because august canonically spill about a fast donkey. barbarous, seemly luttuce

      1. zaphod beeblebrox

        Dude what

    13. Wassergekuhlt

      Soundtracks to Singles and Grosse Pointe Blank are really good.

    14. Eliza McCarthy

      Andy is just a man child

    15. Jacob Amidon

      the soundtrack to grosse pointe blank is actually sick no judgement

    16. Udit Gor

      They're what siblings are like.

    17. Jason Morin

      April and Ben has such a phenomenal relationship.

    18. lee

      April and Ben would've been siblings in another universe for sure 😭😭

      1. Morgan R

        First time I ever watched this show was the episode while they are in DC and they keep watching the Congressman who just stares at the wall all day while in his office. I thought they were siblings from this episode. I was incredibly confused and surprised when I watched the show from the beginning and found out they weren’t actually siblings.

    19. Μαρία Μουλτσιά

      5:23 i think this is the only time we've seen April smile and laugh non- ironically

      1. Shaan Alam

        No her first times smiling was with Andy.

      2. Fallahpak

        That's robot April she got replaced

    20. George W

      3:00 so wholesome

    21. Kitty Karnations

      April: Welcome to the Terror Dome Me: hahahahaha... so relatable

    22. Ellie Rice

      I love how she immediately regrets putting in the CD

    23. Rebecca Rich

      The time they were in DC together was truly iconic

    24. Nidhi Hebbar

      this is why i loved the few episodes where they worked together in Washington



    26. Lady of Darkness

      I love their friendship because it's so unlikely, they're an awesome duo

    27. Margarita Kholopova


    28. J R

      April: "I'm going to kill you!" >:) Also April: *small peck on the nose* :)

      1. Crystal H.

        That was the most frightening thing in that interaction.

      2. Hendy853

        What a power move.

    29. Eileen Snow

      3:25 I can’t believe I never noticed April bullying a frat boy into submission 🥵

    30. The great Writer

      They're honestly my favorite friendship, I wish they had more screen time

    31. dark gob

      7:03 - 7:22 specifically 7:14

      1. Balu Lool

        That tlc song is a bop though

    32. warsame awale

      5:23 her smile is precious

    33. Kevin Gomolchak

      "I never cared for you." *hugs*

    34. Hrishi Venkatesh

      Honestly, this is a really unsung friendship pairing from P&R. Kudos.

    35. Tom *

      robot congressman creeps me out with his staring and politeness

      1. Victor Roza

        Hahaha! Terrific, me too!

      2. Rachel Soule

        Ik Me 2

    36. Maya Landry

      Ben and April will always be my favorite characters on parks and rec!

    37. Jo Z

      “Sorry, dad.”

    38. Gigi Richer

      chaotic younger sister and concerned (and frightened) older brother vibes

      1. alidices

        She’s like the younger sister I never had...because the younger sister I do have is normal and not TERRIFYING

      2. Gwen Uy

        okay i love this

    39. Mascha.nitzling

      There should have been way more scenes with these two! They are so underrated! :)

    40. Kress

      April: I’m gonna murder you Ben: I understand just one second WHEN I TELL YOU I DIED

      1. Koby Barnes

        @Eli Body Butter its fucking hilarious, Data x Picard

      2. Eli Body Butter

        the fact that ben writes gay star trek fanfic has me dead oh lord

    41. Sam Stern

      How old do those interns think Ben is?

    42. Aneesh Burra

      I always thought Ben and Andy had a special relationship too

      1. Nitin Kapoor

        I thought they would get Married seems like love

      2. Supermoonwalker

        Even jerry and i love that

      3. Ness

        Ben has special relationships with everyone

    43. Brianna Greenfield

      3:18 so this is where Deadpool got the idea to kiss those he has threatened

      1. rodriboi

        @B. Benjamin Eriksson The Godfather part II was released in the U.S in 1974

      2. rodriboi

        @B. Benjamin Eriksson Very funny

      3. B. Benjamin Eriksson

        @rodriboi I'm sure April was first

      4. rodriboi

        Also the kiss of death from The Godfather part II

    44. Victoria Sandoval

      April is the best character in Parks and Rec. Anyone who thinks otherwise can be quiet

      1. rodriboi

        I'll be quiet then

      2. Kieran Conlon

        Andy and Ron can compete with her, but those three are scientifically proven to be the best.

    45. Apollo Sunshine

      I don't know who April's father figure is, Ron or Ben, maybe Ben is the fun uncle? Older brother?

      1. Meg

        @First Last did you see the Batman costume?

      2. Vivien Englund

        ron is definetely the dad

      3. First Last

        Did you just call Ben "fun"?????

      4. Neptune Priest

        @Fo Benn Because the little sister he does have is normal and not terrifying

      5. Lady of Darkness

        Older brother for sure. Ron is definitely her father figure. And Leslie's. And Andy's. Ron is kinda everyone's dad lol

    46. Johnathon John Johnson

      If you ever feel useless just remember there’s people who think it’s cool to comment first

      1. Jack Black

        Thanks you I needed to hear that

      2. Jack Black


      3. Night Sassy

        @Reagan Taylor Okay, maybe that was a little harsh

      4. Reagan Taylor

        @Night Sassy jesus

      5. Night Sassy

        Jesus, who crapped in your cereal?

    47. James Muir

      April is the best character in parks and rec

      1. Rachel Soule


      2. James Muir

        @John Smith agreed

      3. John Smith

        April is also the hawtest woman on the show.

      4. James Muir

        @Livins Varghese I just love how unpredictable April is. You know every move Leslie is going to make but you don’t have a clue about April...

      5. Livins Varghese

        What no, Leslie knope is.

    48. Rabia Demir


    49. Man Man

      First pog