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    Captain Holt is our favourite resident bimbo and he's causing a KERFUFFLE, damn it! Let us know in the comments if you can think of any more bimbo Holt moments.
    From Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6, Episode 13 "The Bimbo": Holt and Jake investigate a case at Kevin's university
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    1. Tears of a waterfall

      I love how they’re not the gay stereotype

    2. Georgine Verano

      so holt is elle woods

    3. Josef Eid

      That handshake at the end omg!!

    4. CaptainKalus

      Holt has 1 drink and becomes Bob the Drag Queen

    5. A Hobbit

      .... Clues.

    6. Scott Auger

      Kevin creating a kerffule to defend his husband and.....son go Kevin lol

    7. EE C


    8. Roneila •

      _reads title_ Never in my life have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with

    9. Jaleesa Greene

      Awww look at Jake and his dads

    10. Meghan D

      I think the correct term is himbo

    11. Jojo

      Himbo! himbo! himbo!

    12. Kane Cantell

      Kevin with the attitude. Love it

    13. Marthe Nuyttens

      “There’s a pool here?”😂

    14. hasogon

      4:15 What? He isn't dead.

    15. Daniel Mason

      That was the most sensual handshake I have ever witnessed.

    16. Oradjeha Tanshi

      The handshake at the end is Holt's and Kevin's equivalent of full on Frenching!

    17. Phatman


    18. JCV

      he’s such a drama queen

    19. T Muñoz

      Holt mispronouncing St. Augustine as the city and instead of the person is killing me

    20. Rishika Sharma

      Kevin's middle class bimbo ..lmaof 😂

    21. kak_has_eyes

      I've never seen such proffesional gay couple in my life

      1. nos_astra

        Or any couple, in my case. I know the wrong people.

    22. Akiva Munnell

      I would happily watch a spin off show where Kevin, Holt and Jake solve crimes together.

      1. Jonathan S

        I'm still waiting on the 90s Hitchcock and Scully spin off

    23. Hiryuu Sanzo

      Is this what vulcan relationships look like?

      1. Julia Cassiano

        Underated comment

    24. Doodlegaming 1019


    25. Kimmy Abella

      the way Jake says "It's Gross" 😂😂😂

    26. Davy Villano


    27. George Prchal

      Holt should have pulled a Jack Donaghy, "Quite Chalk Hands! A real man is talking!"

    28. Jonathan Sanders

      This show is way underrated imo. Great acting with fantastic actors.

    29. carol lopes

      Yall just be saying words at this point

    30. Padmasambhav Kulkarni

      This was so funny that by the end of this clip I slid down the couch half way and kept laughing.

    31. Lt.ReubenRoze YT

      Fact:Andre never tries to be funny it was just us begin childish.

    32. Itz_ MøchiPxnda

      Holt and Kevin: contemplating their past Jake: there’s a pool here?! :D Edit: thanks for 70 likes I’m a youtuber btw

    33. Antony Alamilla

      too much pda at the end

    34. Cham Storms

      C l u e s

    35. Jynx V!xa

      Oh kevin and holt will there ever be a better tv couple

      1. Hiryuu Sanzo

        The Addams family is quite a good contender

    36. Cam Nunes

      My good Comedy Bites, the terms for a flirty man is 'Himbo'.

    37. CC Murphy

      Why did Jake say RIP after he mentioned Dr. Phil? He’s not not dead.

      1. Charlotte Mitchell

        I was looking for the answer to this xD Maybe he was meant to say Mr Rogers or something?

    38. Is patreon Ethical

      Mat berry needs to say kerfuffle. .........

    39. Gayathri Gld

      Are we not gonna talk how gorgeous jake look here? Ahh my heart

    40. Rebecca Rich

      For some reason Jake going “y’all are hella specific” is just the funniest thing ever

    41. Speedwagon


    42. Huzayfa Jasat

      oooh public PDA

    43. Lucy

      He's a himbo 😂

    44. Sam Stern

      Imagine if Jake worked with a guy named Jim and he was a bimbo he would call him 'Jimbo'

    45. Misha Kapadia


      1. Rebecca Lewis

        I was rolling when he said that 😂😂😂

    46. NoxGamez

      that handshake just demonetized this video

      1. Elissa O.

        Oh my gosh, this is the best comment I have ever seen.😂

      2. Misha Kapadia

        There should be an age-restriction. They depicted such a vulgar sexual act.

    47. Andrew Gagne

      Is funny to see Holt flustered and embarrassing himself like that: confusing Boethius with St. Augustine.

      1. Nicoll Armas

        Maybe is too cause he said it in front of a room full of academics

      2. Nabaa Eyddan

        Exactly. He might as well go read some fiction like the bimbo that he is.

      3. Trinity Olusola

        Yeah I mean, who does that ?? 😏

      4. Firiel

        He might as well have stepped on a rake and bonked himself in the forehead

    48. nxahsvids

      i love the word kerfuffle

    49. Megachicken 123

      Nobody: Nobody at all: Kevin: it was quite a kerfuffle

    50. Carlos Rios


    51. blue fidgets

      I just finshed the whole series again and wow just wow

    52. Animaker

      We call it a himbo these days

      1. Daisy

        Nah himbo is different. Holt can be a bimbo

      2. Ghosty

        @Nurniyaz Kazaliyev It originally comes from the italian word Bimbo, which basically means "Baby boy/young boy" and isnt really associated with the current definition. The feminine version was bimba

      3. Nurniyaz Kazaliyev

        Apparently, bimbo was originally used for men, Harry Houdini himself was referred to as "bimbo".

    53. Ved Prakash

      Believe it or not, Holt is the ultimate Drama queen in B99

      1. Captain Unohana


    54. Charlotte Kwong


      1. Nurniyaz Kazaliyev

        Holt was referred to as "bimbo" by Kevin's co-workers. The term was originally used for men.

      2. Jake Pullman

        So does that mean "theybo" is a thing? Or "thembo", which is grammatically problematic but sounds better?

    55. Piyush Sapra

      Holt is the most subtly dramatic character ever possible.

      1. Pat Lee

        subtle lol

      2. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

        @Israel Lai Typically he is, I assume is what he meant

      3. Kai Wilson

        Andre Braugher has a drama background, actually.

      4. Count Vladislaus Dragulai


      5. ASDAPOI


    56. mayo

      -problematically objectify captain holt-

      1. mayo

        @Anirudh Garg it's from The Good Place

      2. Anirudh Garg

        Pls help. What was the reference?

      3. J. Verdikto

        I got that reference

    57. Sergey O'Neill

      4:53 Amazing expression of love and loyalty.

    58. Supriya Deshpande

      Jake's "Y'all are hella specific" 😂

      1. africa adhd Begley

        @Dis Look like.

      2. Dis Look

        Ruined the moment yet again Jake, though to be fair it was a steamy moment. Who wouldn’t interrupt one of their parents steamy moments especially when they’re doing it in front of you?

    59. Miss Granger

      I read the thumbnail as 'no head, thoughts empty' and was like, same

    60. Gustavo Gutierrez

      this video is quite a kerfuffle

      1. Charles Carmichael


      2. Chehal Jewrajka

        read that in Kevin's voice

      3. Martin Vong


      4. SassMeisterSaucy


    61. Force Caption Noceda


    62. 1 2

      Excuse me admin, are you sure you know what a Bimbo is?

      1. Nurniyaz Kazaliyev

        He definitely knows what Kevin's colleagues called Holt.

      2. kingoffongpei

        Yes, because he has a rock hard brain

      3. Josiah Schuermyer

        They don't

    63. Lauren Luckett

      i love this omg, first!

      1. Icecold1776

        @Lauren Luckett ill count it as you tho

      2. Lauren Luckett

        @Icecold1776 cool!

      3. Icecold1776

        Exact same time with someone else lol!