The TEARJERKERS: Emotional Moments from The Office, Brooklyn 99 and Parks & Recreation

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    We've gathered all the classic tearjerkers from your from your favourite comedies, including The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks & Recreation! If you manage to get through this without crying, you're at Angela Martin levels of heartlessness.
    Did we miss any of your favourite emotional moments? Let us know in the comments!
    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Comedy Hub Channel. With all of your favourite moments and characters from some of the worlds best comedy, including The Office US, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine Nine and many many more.
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    1. Gage Van Nuys

      That parks episode is probably one of my favorites

    2. John

      Its interesting seeing the interplay with Captain Holt and the rest of the 99. There's the obvious Jake as a son and Santiago as his protege, but then there are the ones you don't think of. You can see he thinks of Gina like a sister, Terry as a younger brother, Boyle, not unsurprisingly, a respected colleague and Diaz as a kindred spirit.

    3. Dave A !

      Michael Scott “well this is gonna hurt like a Mother 🤬 ! “ after the 9.986,000 song

    4. Dave A !

      Are you kidding me ? #1!Michael’s goodbye #2! Andy’s goodbye and #3!Creeds song way better then anything else on this list

    5. Jackson Roderman

      The three best shows ever created

    6. The_Rat_King

      OMG what about when Jake is in jail and Charles’s had the dream he was back and the then terry wakes him up and says WHAT DID I TELL YOU NEVER WAKE ME UP and cries I was depressed from that

    7. aswmdude24

      No one: Scully: Rosa, I broke both your wine glasses and your fridge door and your bathroom

    8. Saez

      I knew this was a bad idea to watch this video.

    9. Barrie K

      I said “I’m not gonna cry” and then I started sobbing fifteen seconds in-

    10. Sierra Davis

      These get me because honestly I have no one else except fake but awesome characters to cry over.

    11. alex

      When Stanley gives Phyllis the carving

    12. Will

      Is that first scene in the Scrubs hospital set?

    13. Retro1989

      Who the hell is cutting onions in here?

    14. Aj Brooks

      So I’m bi and not out to my sister. my sister and I were watching the episode of Brooklyn 99 where Rosa comes out to everyone and I was really close to actually crying cause idk how to come out to her even tho I’m out to my parents and like everyone else (not extended fam tho)

    15. Cataclysm BTD6

      "Meep morp, zeeeep" *WHY AM I CRYING AT A ROBOT IMPRESSION*

    16. gracie g

      michael leaving always gets me :(

    17. Alexandrea Holder

      I've never even watched The Office and Michael's leaving has me crying

      1. Amna N

        You’ll cry 10x harder when you watch it in the show

      2. Logan Triplett Films

        You should get to it as quick as you can. It’s an amazing show

    18. Rushi

      If you don't get tear with Micheal scotts leaving, i dont think you have heart.

    19. Deep Sharma

      Ron's was so unlike him and that took everyone by surprise

      1. Victor Ampo

        It’s kind of like your dad telling you he loves you

    20. Vtron

      I honestly wish this wasn’t acting. I wish this was real.

    21. Audrija Pal

      Michael leaving the show is the saddest thing I swear.

      1. Adwait Singh


    22. mrgrimrjs

      Andre Braugher is a brilliant actor

    23. Chris tine

      Why are you making me cry while I’m having my lunch?

    24. Sohum Khaladkar

      There are ninjas in my room cutting onions

    25. John Smith

      Gonna feel so good to get this off my chest (Mouths) thats what she said. Classic michael

    26. Grace MacIntyre

      Rosa's bi scene hurts so bad 😭😭😭

    27. lucca Falcão

      Michael leven put me to tears

    28. Firiel

      Man, Steve Carrel is just something else 😭🥺♥️

    29. René Zalazar

      It's been said before, but Jim and Michael's goodbye hits different since it feels more like a John saying goodbye to Steve.

      1. Misha Kapadia

        @Gm77 ohh I see. thx

      2. Gm77

        @Misha Kapadia Randall is the name of the actor that played the asian version of Jim. I think he was making a joke but I was a little confused too lol.

      3. Misha Kapadia

        @hecking gi who's Randall?

      4. René Zalazar

        @hecking gi ?

      5. hecking gi


    30. JakeTheNutcase

      Captain Holt talking to Rosa at the end makes me full on meltdown cry. Every. Single. Time.

      1. Purple-Smart Heart

        I've come out twice, once as bisexual and once as transgender and seriously... it's like jumping off of a plane. You're pretty sure the parachute will work... it'll work? Right? Your whole life everyone told you it'd work. Always. But you've heard so, so, so, SO many stories where it... doesn't. Not having familial support can literally be deadly, usually for people younger than Rosa and I, but not always. That's why a character as badass as Rosa could be so scared. It's an amazing episode, and completely true to life.

    31. Toni Phillips

      The lethal hallway posteriorly rinse because macrame unprecedentedly inform sans a bizarre chinese. small, stereotyped comma

    32. Lizzo13

      All of these (plus the proposals on all shows) really do make me cry every time! Jim was actually tearing up from pretty much the beginning of the scene where he was saying goodbye to Michael. I'd say Randall Park is such a good actor, but I think those tears were genuine.

    33. Sam Stern

      Pam should've said 'Goodbye Michael' after seeing his plane leave

      1. Bee

        no because that's not something anyone has ever done.

    34. Juan Cruz Marín.


    35. Ramón H. Juárez

      Isn't this supposed to be a Comedy channel? WHY THE HELL AM I CRYING THEN?

      1. Blaze Dragon

        That’s what make good comedies, being able to be funny but also hitting those emotional notes.

    36. J. Verdikto

      Is Jim in Scrubs' hospital?

      1. Alec Mesa

        Yep that's definitely Sacred Heart!

    37. Aarnav Gandhi

      jim and micheal's last interaction always make me cry lika a baby😭😭

      1. Jason Smits


      2. radconserv68

        I believe those tears were sincere

      3. Chris tine


    38. Maya

      Rosas coming out scene always makes me cry

    39. Toasty STG

      When kevin dropped the chilli I heard Order 66 music

    40. Shubob TV

      Creed when he says "see you tomorrow boss"?????

    41. Yeetмiеsтея

      4:00 thats always so funny

    42. Devon Pfaff

      That last one gets me. DANG ONIONS.

    43. Siddhartha Pattisapu

      How'd you miss, Creed saying "See you tomorrow boss"

    44. Megachicken 123

      Ron just casually takes it from sad to "a job in the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT"

    45. TheRauuuuuuuul

      "...then you took April" the delivery broke me

    46. Broken Mask

      1:28 was the saddest for me

    47. DareDeviL


    48. Daboss 6585

      Even without sound you could tell what he said

    49. Stephanie B

      Ron's confession to Leslie always kills me.

      1. bad bitch

        I cry so hard every single time

      2. Blast


    50. Manashree

      The way the clip was cut just before the best moment frm park n rec's first clip😤😡

      1. Carolina

        Directioners @Manashree?

      2. Manashree

        @Carolina hehe thanks🤭

      3. Carolina

        Your profile photo, by the way. Is amazing.

    51. Veer Veer

      All Of These Shows Are GREAT!!!




        @Aidan Reilly yep

      2. Aidan Reilly


      3. Badomen 420

        @Shaan Alam alan shishkabob lol

      4. Layla



        @Shaan Alam thanks

    53. krazyninjablue6

      my boi

    54. Pretty Bear


      1. todh fodh


    55. Isaac Gonzo

      damnit second (to comment)

    56. Lauren Luckett

      FIRST YES!