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    Some of you more eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed that this is our favourite Brooklyn Nine-Nine scene. So here it is, in its full glory, to celebrate 200k of you guys! And now we promise to never use it in an edit ever again.*
    *We probably will use it again but at least not for a while, okay? Promise.
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    1. Zen

      I may or may not have watched this video 2 times fully

    2. Harsh5424

      I could not asking for a better company while I'm doing some grindy college stuff. You don't realize how much you need something until you see it.

    3. Kushal Nitnaware


    4. Fikret Furkan Özkan

      VIDEO STARTS Boooooooone, booone. What happens in my bedroom detective is none of your business. (08754398435790997590754970053 times more) VIDEO ENDS

    5. Aleksandre Japaridze

      Lyrics: What ha-ppens in my bed-room detective is no-ne of your busi-ness. BOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BONE!! *repeat 420 times*

    6. Ashutosh Parashar

      I like the part when he says BONE

    7. MoneyMakinMeeka


    8. Delma Velasco

      Freaking best hour of my life

    9. intotheoceanbloo

      How dare you, Detective Diaz. I am yoUR SUPERIOR OFFICER!!!

    10. Vuong N

      Currently trying not to wake anybody with my laughing hahaha

    11. Tumble Thrumble


    12. Trevor Antics

      I just realized this is an hour long and I’ve been listening to it for 37 minutes and 8 seconda

    13. Jordi Cruz Lopez


    14. AHowell16

      You forgot the part where he screams bone btw

    15. DeJon


    16. Luka Rippen

      Last time i was this early Charles was still in love with Rosa

    17. Drhippotime



      I'm teaching father the math.

    19. Nicholas Choi

      The best loop ever

    20. that one guy


    21. burak göç

      I wish I can like more than once. THIS IS WHAT HUMANITY NEEDS. Perfection.

    22. Blaze Dragon

      Also is it weird that I find this Calming?

    23. Blaze Dragon


    24. edcrimson


    25. Michael Kava

      This is weirdly satisfying

    26. Akshay Waghmare

      Let's admit we all just skipped to 59:46 for the rest of the line to finish 😂

      1. baden closson

        yep :D

    27. Sam Freed

      God bless the editor(s) who strung all these together

    28. Aryan Sahu

      any1 wanna count the loops? PS: you must be really bored to do so

    29. Liuk 03

      No way I couldn’t expect what happened in 33:45

    30. omkar Kurlekar

      i just watched this thanks guys

    31. Sam Stern

      Holt was talking about this for an hour on the show and this was what it felt like from the characters perspective

    32. Ahsan Bilal

      Why did you cut the part where Holt screams BONE?

    33. Keerthi Raj

      bruh no way

    34. catherine

      thank you for your service

    35. James Muir


    36. Daboss 6585

      The perfect loop doesn’t exi-

    37. Victoria Lopez

      this is fucking ridiculous thank you for this!!

    38. Griffin Murphy

      people who dislike are blind from laughter tiers

    39. Sky W


    40. Bryson Christopher


    41. Cougar Gray


    42. Apollo Sunshine


    43. N Mouning

      Yess! The moment I've been waiting for for so long!😆😆🤣 also this will help me fall asleep at night😅