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    If none of these moments made you tear up then unfortunately you have no soul and you're going to the bad place :/
    Just kidding! Who's your favourite couple from the gang? Any we've missed? Let us know in the comments.
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    1. C. Camberos

      The Dwight and Angela one nearly made me cry

    2. Mascha Nitzling

      Cheyenne rolling on the ground and laughing, while saying "We all gonna die" is such a mood😂

    3. N Mouning

      There should be a video of all of the proposals on these sitcoms!

    4. Some Diplomat

      And its valentines day today as im watching this.... maybe someday she’ll come along.... someday.. Now imma watch some Friday the 13th

    5. Stephanie B

      God I love Leslie and Ben

    6. S Areeb

      1:10 Michael knew she was the one ❤

    7. Yinzer Cabbie

      last dwight abd Angela cause it took so long

    8. Angelo Valentin

      "I would raise a hundred of your children with a hundred of your lovers if it means I could be with you." It's worth going through those last 3 awful seasons just to watch that scene.

      1. Audrey Lennon

        They weren’t bad seasons what are you talking about😂

      2. ElliottWithTHeDUb

        *2, season 7 was pretty great. i think seasons 8 and 9 were both ok too, but not as good as the previous seasons. not awful by any means to me.

      3. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

        I feel like you and others exaggerate how bad it was, it wasn’t better than the previous seasons but it’s still The Office and it’s still amazing

    9. Rebecca Rich

      How dare you put a Jonah and Amy scene in here

    10. Rebecca Rich

      The whole Leslie and Ben “screw it” scene is highkey the best scene in the whole show - it’s sweet and genuine and feels very realistic

    11. Derek Lasker

      How you didn’t use anything from 2x23 to 3x2 for Jake and Amy is a crime. The last scene from season 2, Amy’s speech at Jake’s door, or Jake’s speech at the wake would all have been much better than what y’all picked. Obviously the proposal is the best scene tho

    12. Felipe Carvalho

      What show is that with the hurricane/earthquake (not sure what's happening there)?

      1. Jacob Brown


    13. Felipe Carvalho

      That Chidi and Eleanor moment is great but pretty sure there are some bigger ones.

    14. Tony Leadholm

      Thank you.........Allah? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 My favorite episode of SuperStore. And one of the most memorable lines from the entire series.

    15. Michael Bentson

      This video sucks solely due to the fact I’m lonely. Lol

    16. Dipro Nafis

      Jim & pam are easily the worst couple here

    17. Andiechi


    18. Andiechi


    19. Misha Kapadia


    20. Tor Burwell

      Andy and April > Jim and Pam

      1. Misha Kapadia

        Most couples > Jim and Pam

    21. Abinav Venkatagiri

      Jim and Pam, and Jake and Amy are the best ones

      1. Elwin van Dalen

        Dwight and Angela were one of the best too

    22. Jarrett Davis


    23. batgurrl

      Jim and Pam forever❤️

    24. TheChosenOne


    25. Ezra Foley-Ventura


    26. Johnny Wilkins

      Y’all probably could of found a better one for jake and Amy lol

      1. Sam Khairullah

        Ya it wasn't the best but it was a cute little scene

      2. Johnny Wilkins

        @Sam Khairullah not saying it wasn’t funny but it didn’t go along with the romanticism of the other clips imo

      3. Sam Khairullah

        It was funny though but yes

      4. Ryan Leary

        Yeah, there’s many or post one that’s longer than the one that they used

      5. Misha Kapadia


    27. Munger mack


    28. Munger mack


    29. Munger mack


    30. Matthew Schardin


    31. AG Photography


    32. Brendon MULHOLLAND


      1. Dayton Evans