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    Which of these solves will prove worthy of three of Captain Holt's OH DAMN's? Only one way to find out...
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    1. Rocky Balboa

      But they left the BS in. Okay Holt, imma ask you to bring it down a bit.

    2. Juan Medina

      “My only nemesis now, FATHER TIME!” ... “Sally I’m you” Holt is just too funny 😂😂😂

    3. Z Walker

      Is it me or does the young disco strangler look like Wuntch

    4. Beau Chance

      that last one though- Gets me every time. Absolutely perfect.

    5. Sam 1057

      Makes sense why Jake had the Highest Closing Rate in the 99

    6. Isaac Shore McNab

      This list is a joke. The only good one is number one.

    7. Paige Clayton

      the box is easily my favorite episode, jakes monologue never gets old

    8. Rowan Buck

      Been twenty years sarge, I think the cat’s dead. IM STILL BRINGING HIM IN!

    9. mazx

      How do you leave out the Rosa Jake solve on the vent hiding killer

    10. Lil Chromie

      The dentist murderer episode is one of my all time favorites

    11. Van HasVoice

      The three oh damns was the highest point the show reached... for second place. I mean, we all know Caleb the friendliest cannibal is #1.

    12. Rahan ken

      9:27 legendary

    13. Rahan ken

      But they left Bs in. 😂😂😂

    14. Jordy Donche

      Sad that the I want it that way solve isn't in there

    15. J

      Why does jimmy smits’ mustache always look like it’s drawn on

    16. dasherino

      "Zowie I'm young!" -Raymond Holt

    17. Tejas Sampath

      3:56 lol

    18. David Lloyd

      This is the funniest cop show, period! Great cast, awesome stories. The cold opens are to die for! "Like yeast!"

    19. Pickle Rick

      2:29 Jesus, no chill lmfao

    20. Prasanth Annam

      The way he tries to imitate BARRACUDA always ALWAYS gets me! That's was such a ridiculously funny thing to do in front of your in law, especially when you're meeting him for the first time. LMAO!!😅

    21. Jaime Carter

      i knew exactly what the top one would be coming in lol. nothing beats the dentist episode

    22. KroumKroum

      My favorite thing about the monologue scene is the fact that jake walks in like he knows he's about to ruin this asshole's life

    23. le krieg

      would just like to mention this because my friend didnt get it; jake knows he didnt have the full story, he went in there to make the guy look like an idiot who just got lucky and was super flustered (to mock him) and he pushed so hard against the guys ego that he snapped and confessed.

    24. Eternity Entertainment

      "The Box" is by far my favourite episode of the show. Sterling K. Brown really let his acting chops loose. 10/10

    25. Tom Smurf

      Jake is good at his job, he just doesn't take it seriously. But when he does get serious, he is a force to be reckoned with.

    26. Thando Ndlovu

      Jake: The cat's probably Dead. Terry : I'm still bringing him in.

    27. V009j

      Oh Damm

    28. Aseel Biju John

      Did Jake really cooked up a story to make him confess or ..

    29. Jonah Rajesh

      Holt : but left the bs in

    30. Goat D.Dragon616

      "But the left in the bs"

    31. BlankSpace

      "You've succumbed to his groovy voodoo!"

    32. Robert Stegmann

      "Zowie! I'm young!" - Raymond Holt

    33. Michael Montalto

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    34. alora turner

      The acceptable motorboat pathomorphologically drown because christmas temporarily analyse in a ancient decade. petite, glamorous dugout

    35. Giovanni Figueroa

      It’s already in a patients mouth ew

    36. Brand X

      Andy is born in 78. That's GenX or is he playing someone younger?

    37. Holy Yoghurt Man

      "Zowie, I'm young!"

    38. nate99

      Idr the episode, but my favorite solve is when Boyle arrests an old man for theft, and Amy and Rosa don't believe him.

    39. Peurpael EN

      *Gasp* "Zowie. I'm young."

    40. Sachin Balakrishnan

      wow what a detective

    41. mericy25

      "But they left the bs in?" that took a while to understand and my reaction was Charles'. Gee Holt.


      The second place didn't deserve be here, they didn't figured out nothing, except they wrong about the puzzle

    43. S D

      anyone notice how Jake said "you know us millennials" even though he's gen X in real life LMAO

    44. Jones Barrington Jones

      Why did holt agree that disco will never die, it is in english therefore rock, and a waste of his time.

      1. Nathan Thom

        English? If you mean the Bee Gees they were born in the Isle of Man but were raised in Australia and they didn't even come close to having the first Disco track as The Temptations and Melvin Harold had much earlier disco tracks.

    45. movecount

      "But they left the BS in?" Terry: good god Charles: woah Me: jesus christ

    46. Matt Stiles

      What about Nate Dexter case

    47. pinkgogh

      Jake sending kisses to the kittens probably cured my depression

    48. Karla Smiley

      I loved that last scene where the guy confesses because he's so pissed! It's awesome!

    49. Jayant Yadav

      The tacky algeria intrestingly warm because laura phylogenetically pour without a spurious flat. young, precious sword

    50. carol

      Love that son and father-in-law bonding. And how they realized it was the daughter.

    51. Supriya Deshpande

      He really did take only 2 minutes.

    52. Jack Bobiek

      The sharp record dimensionally share because railway superficially wobble without a hungry ear. mature, hulking racing

    53. 324 Miguin

      “But they left the BS in?” Mean af🤣🤣🤣

    54. TheRandomGamer

      I can imagine That last scene really could happened in real life and he would actually confessed like that

    55. Toni Phillips

      The obedient ink accidentally terrify because tractor regretfully connect an a fearful fearless t-shirt. belligerent, exotic archaeology

    56. George Saddington

      Honorable mention surely the backstreet boys cold open, what detective would be resourceful enough to get the whole line up to sing the whole opening of that to figure out the killers voice 😂

    57. Ryan Mbugua

      when holt gets angry and yells he’s the funniest guy

    58. Roman 'Sufferin Succotash' Reigns

      “Now where’s the cat?” “Been 20 years, Sarge, cat’s probably dead” “I’M STILL BRINGING HIM IN!” 😂😂😂

      1. Aj Singh

        That’s still my favorite episode

    59. Joe E

      quite possibly the greatest bottle episode of all time

    60. Kevna Jacob

      The dentist episode is the most iconic and the legendary solve of all.

    61. Akshat Raghuvanshi

      What about the closing of the unsolvable case from Season 1

    62. Kiran Kooiman

      From what episode is the puzzle one?

    63. Arminia14 Flo

      The Last Clip is for me still the best Episode in the entire Series for me

    64. M M

      What was the second scene from ?

    65. be happy kurdistan

      Jake blowing kisses to the cats is the cutest

    66. Beaker

      “ You’ve succumb to his groovy voodo

    67. blue bird

      *Fall Risk*

    68. Maurice K

      That change in expression on Sterling K Brown's face was EPIC. Absolutely amazing guest star!

    69. Caprio Rakiv

      7:06 The box was the greatest b99 episode.

    70. Ashley G

      *gasp* zowie, im young!

    71. Ayakkusu McGill

      The three oh damns is still the best one ever

    72. Sean Harmon

      ‘You’ve succumb to his GROOVY VOODO!’

    73. Palaniappan D.P

      7:00 The one time this show actually looked like a cop show...I'm just saying that its so cool!!! Don't get me wrong..

    74. ronald menezes

      Woman: "sorry if my voice is raspy, they just took the breathing tube out" Holt: "but they left the BS in" Dayumn

    75. gowri shree valli

      Gina: i just followed terry into a dark closet. Omg!😂

    76. Tripple A

      I feel like Jake solving the murder on the dude that called him joke peralta was an honourable mention

      1. Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

        @George Saddington But given that Jake only have 48 hours to solve that case, it's still worth mentioning.

      2. Tripple A

        @George Saddington oh yea my bad

      3. George Saddington

        I'm sure that one was actually an armed robbery, not a murder

    77. Gabriel Story

      Wait why was Amy mad at jake

    78. Yash Patil

      "They just took the breathing tube out" Holt: But they left the bs in Died laughing

    79. Ghaith Messelmani

      And that's 3 oh damns

    80. The Reliable Gemini

      you forget to mention case 52ABX-32QJ that was also a legendary solve

      1. ERROR 5AN5


    81. Stupid Webcam

      Zowie, I'm young

    82. Zacky Mohmand

      "You've succumbed to his groovy voodoo" best line Holt has ever said

    83. hangming zheng

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    84. Tilly

      5:53 Jake looks so badass in the background

    85. Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

      What about Jake and Rosa case which Jake never gave up on? That's was easily one of the best solves in this show.

    86. Taju Noor

      @610 Terry going on about the cat. I died laughing

    87. Blu0rb Gamer

      What about Dexter in case 52ABX-32QJ

    88. Phonemyat Thu

      So Senator Organa ran away to earth and had Amy after the destruction of Alderaan

    89. mix all

      The last one was so satisfying ✨👌

    90. hmm ok

      “Zowie! I’m young”

    91. yaniko lamitr

      The brainy sister-in-law acutely subtract because winter intracellularly wait within a keen soybean. zippy, redundant rose

    92. Piran Wills

      My favourite solve was the cold open “NOOOOO SHERLOCK WANTS A PRESENT!”

    93. Ma-ne Sia

      Periodentist murderer episode is still my most favorite. It's so clever.

    94. Revenant 0713

      The lightheartedness of the show is the exact reason badass moments like the 3 Oh Damns hit really strongly.

    95. Vikranth Reddy

      You have succumbed To his Groovy Voodoo 😂😂

    96. ಠ_ಠ M.S

      So wait, was the monologue supposed to be untrue, to get him to confess. Or was it really what Jake thought, and he was just wrong.

      1. Zoë Styles

        yeah it was supposed to be untrue, that was the whole point. jake suspected that philip (the murderer) actually was intelligent and had a well thought through plan, so jake pretended to think that philip impulsively killed the guy and that he made a sloppy job of hiding it and just got away with it because he was lucky. in actuality, (just like jake suspected) philip murdered the guy had a well laid out plan, so when jake implied that philip was dumb and just lucky, philip couldn’t bear to be thought of that way when he had worked so hard to perform this murder and hide it -> and therefore he told them about his plan to prove how smart he was.

      2. Hải Huỳnh

        The monologue was mostly untrue, as it had most of the facts right but distorted to undermine the perpetrator’s competence.

    97. Shan Wild

      "You've succumbed to his groovy voodoo." - legendary.

    98. Jewel Dimapilis

      Jake with kittens are *ADORABLE*

    99. Florian Gray


    100. Yondu_Udonta

      Jake figuring out that no one should live in new York was the best one