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    When Jack looses his parrot, Karen decides to take him shopping for some retail therapy. Things go downhill from there...
    From Season 2 Episode 2: "Election"
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    1. Sophia Swiftie

      Karen is so iconic and this is one of the best shows ever 💖💖💖😂😂😂

    2. Mikey D

      Palazzo pants 😂 oh Karen...

    3. Team T-rex

      “I’ll let you French kiss me in the elevator” I thought he was gay

      1. ƁƠҲЄƦMƖԼƠ

        @parry otter And THEY ARE Thee BEST! 😂😂

      2. parry otter

        He is. It’s not romantic. They’re a stereotypical representation of straight woman/gay man best friends.

      3. Test topper

        Same, I'm very confused

    4. ARPAN 1122


    5. Raleigh Mataragnon

      1st comment

      1. ƁƠҲЄƦMƖԼƠ

        Why do people say this? As if anyone gaf?

      2. ƁƠҲЄƦMƖԼƠ

        @parry otter 😆😆😂

      3. parry otter

        Congrats. There are 5 comments.

      4. chy