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    Get you a man who'll build a canoe for the express purpose of proposing to you. Here's Ron Swanson's ultimate guide to romance.
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    1. Vivien Englund

      4:26 lol i love jerry's laugh

    2. Captain ChickenYT

      i want to believe that ron actually had a good day with the girls :D

    3. TABJ


    4. Mike Ferrer

      Duke Silver=🐐🎷

    5. Libby Vicary

      I want a ron. please and thank you

    6. pinkgreedyvillager

      I love how happy Leslie and April were when they found out that Ron and Diane were getting married.

    7. Grizz•The•Green

      Oh snap is that Xena warrior princess?

      1. Jackson Gibbs


    8. Romanogers4ever

      6:14 her warrior princess side was tempted to rise to the challenge of combat. But she resisted her blood lust.

    9. Matt Derringer

      Andy Dwyer, the ultimate wingman.

    10. FiringallCylinders

      4:24 When my family asks why I'm still single in my 20's

    11. Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc

      excellent video AND thumbnail!

    12. Richieforthewin 1

      4:04 he called Ann Perkins “Hansen”, if you have watched the show then you should remember one he told April that when people got to chummy with him he called them by the wrong name haha

      1. CliffySilver 66

        He also said that she seemed like a Hansen to him earlier in the same episode

    13. Zach Kubish


    14. Kindsey


    15. Lila Rose

      I love how forgiving Diane was about the girls hair

    16. Unorthodox Black Girl

      Is that Xena: Warrior Princess????

      1. Jackson Gibbs


    17. Tanish Dongre

      Andy plugging his ears with the two girls while wearing a tiara is so funny lmao

    18. AtomicSuperMe

      when you think about it, April and Andy were the only ones with a "normal" wedding Ann and Chris didn't really get married in the traditional way Leslie and Ben's wedding got ruined and they had the party at the parks department office Ron and Diane went to the 4th floor April and Andy invited their friends and family over to their house along with a priest and what not to have a full and proper wedding............... with Andy in an Indiana colt's jersey

      1. CliffySilver 66

        Don't forget he had like 20 people be his best man

      2. Lidor Rosh

        Craig and Typhoon: "Are we a joke to you?"

    19. L0U13 __

      Ther is is 2 times Ron’s got drunk, the first time he drank alcohol and snake oil

      1. Mahima Narasimhan

        *Snake juice

    20. Szymon Gaweł

      ,,Perhaps in the canoe... Most likely in the canoe... I actually build a canoe for that purpose." Love it :D

    21. The Musicmaster107

      7:50 How it feels to chew 5gum

    22. Hannah Mauch

      Ron is such a simp for Diane I love it

      1. Masochist Boy

        @FiringallCylinders yeah he was more like simp for Tammy's but they are both high functioning sociopaths

      2. FiringallCylinders

        It's not a simp when you actually get her and achieve a great marriage. That's literally the opposite of simping.

    23. Jim van Lieshout

      At 6:52 does Ron say, ‘given the news’ or. . . ‘given the noose’?😳😳

    24. Ivy Aliniante

      "i actually built a canoe for that purpose" is such an underrated line❤

    25. Maya Bassford

      why is there no RICE in this municipal government building!!

    26. Rebecca Rich

      Ok but the height gag at the wedding is so funny. I’m not sure if Amy Poehler is really short or Nick Offerman is really tall but in any case this is great.

      1. fish bloop

        Amy Poehler is 5’2 and Nick Offermen is around 5’10

    27. Matthew Handley

      A very good parody of the space balls wedding. Approved.

    28. Misha Kapadia


    29. Yondu_Udonta

      The 2 dislikes are the tammy's

      1. Dan Rook

        Yondu_Udonta : could be karens

    30. Yondu_Udonta


    31. Kevin Gomolchak


    32. Mal Hearn

      Ron smiling is the most wholesome thing in this world. Brings me so much joy.

    33. Blake Jackson

      7:47 April’s Face lmao

      1. Armadiller Firefighter

        Probably one of my favorite April moments in the entire series.

    34. Reuben T.

      Hi! I'm tammy 3!

      1. Reuben T.

        @Misha Kapadia yeah! But with me!!!!

      2. Misha Kapadia

        @Reuben T. *cut to Ron sprinting out of the building with half a mustache and a pushpin in his head*.

      3. Reuben T.

        with the juicy, chewy meeeeaaaat.

      4. Reuben T.

        @Misha Kapadia Well, i'll slap you silly!!!!

      5. Misha Kapadia

        @Reuben T. _NO!_

    35. Robert Larson

      "I'm tired of not being married to this woman." Best line I've ever heard, smooth af

    36. Bertjan Wanders

      Xena, warrior Princess. The perfect partner for Ron Swanson.

      1. Romanogers4ever

        Ron Swanson is the only man strong enough to handle Xena romantically.

    37. Sam Stern

      I'm glad Ron married a woman who isn't awful and has his mothers name

      1. Ronak Regan

        Actually his mom's name is Tamatha, she only goes by Tammy

      2. Dallas Reeves

        He did. Twice.

      3. Sam Stern

        @debjoy12 she played that joke on Ron and it was funny

      4. debjoy12

        although tbh I really wanted her middle name to actually be Tammy because that would've been 💯

    38. Daboss 6585

      If you don’t believe in love what’s the point of living Breakfast foods

      1. Amulaya

        So... You love breakfast foods😜😋

      2. netanel mullokandov

        But imagine eating breakfast food with someone you love

    39. Theo Bank

      Ron has 4 children, Diane's kids, John, and lastly Andy

      1. Shawaiz


      2. Madison Grandoni

        what about tom?

      3. Christian Jaic Ramos

        Andy's his son in law, April's his kid

      4. Zach Kubish

        I knew someone would reply and include April

      5. TBP Designs


    40. Patrick O’Connell


    41. Nick MvP

      Ron F’n Swanson