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    Be honest: if these two got in a fight, who would win? Rosa gets to keep her throwing stars but not her axe.
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    1. Comedy Bites

      These guys would either be best friends or greatest enemies. No in between.

      1. [TGC]No Disrespec

        @Arnav G no

      2. Arnav G

        How many Subs I can get from this comment? Current: 220

    2. Edgar S. R.

      Ron is better.

    3. Lyn rah

      They are both my favorites on both shows, except Rosa was bumped to number 2 fave on account of Gina existing and getting #1

    4. aaroney132

      I would love to see a conversation/interaction between April and Rosa

    5. Doubl3Tap

      Rosa is the daughter Ron wished he had

    6. Aarnav Gandhi

      Rosa and April are like lost twin sisters

    7. Madison Grandoni

      It's close, but I think Ron takes the cake... or should I say "steak"

    8. Malaika Rana

      Why would Ann give Ron cold water during a fever? Wouldn't it affect his throat? 🤔

    9. CC Murphy

      There is no comparison. Ron wins.

    10. Yondu_Udonta

      When Ron let jerry go home early. That was really nice

    11. 쀵쀵귀염이

      These two are either 0 or 100, no in between 😂

    12. McDeezy

      we need a cross over so bad

    13. shells

      Ron, Rosa & April are my spirit animal

    14. LibertyBall

      Rosa Diaz and Amber would be great friends.

    15. Marco Vazquez

      Ron wins hands down rosa was a not needed character

    16. Harish G

      how about Ron and Holt?

    17. THE ASSMAN

      im gonna fkc Diaz

    18. Rohan Gangan

      Rosa the Ron of B99??😀😂

    19. Rebecca Rich

      Huh I guess they are kinda similar

    20. siren electric

      I feel like the only person that could ever steal April away from Andy is Rosa, but she’s so could that Andy would still be her friend even after that

    21. stinky rat

      "I'll be there tucking you in at night. Don't worry its not gay. Do we have questions?"

    22. Clayton Baker

      Is this even a question? Ron and Rosa would just glare at the camera till Comedy Bites switched the name of the video

    23. afreyseng

      I vote Ronsa!

      1. afreyseng

        No, no! Rosna!!


      Weirdly enough Ron seems like the nicer one

    25. William

      Rosa is trying too hard.

    26. Zacky Boi

      I have always believed, and still do, that Ron is a superior human being, but I gotta admit Rosa’s pretty badass.

    27. Saahithi Mamidi

      Alro the pup getting his way with both the icons

    28. ThePotatoMan

      I refuse to believe they aren’t somehow related

    29. vlover1500

      I love Rosa but no one can compare to a Swanson

    30. 1995milo

      We now need a jerry vs scully

      1. Ashcool

        How about Amy Santiago vs Ben Wyatt? They are basically twins with their nerdy swagger and how they become completely insane when things aren't working out for them.

      2. salvage

        people tease charles a lot too

      3. Leia Davison

        Have you ever seen Scully and Jerry in the same room?

      4. Jonathan S

        I'm convinced they're one in the same

    31. Ananya Murali

      after that scene in 5:42 with rosa and the walls you should have put the clip of ron mad about the swivel desk- what about my office and it's many walls??!! hilarious connection

    32. Tokyo Ramen

      Jake and Andy would become Best Friends Holt and Ron would become friends Gina Tom and Dona would be friends Leslie and Amy would be great Friends Gary and Terry both fathers would become best friends. Been and Boyle would be like brothers

      1. Freya Grant

        My idea of a perfect episode would be Ron Holt Rosa and April just sitting in a room saying nothing.

      2. RandomneSS

        Holt and Ron were exes

      3. Ohemgeezy

        Ron was holt's ex wasn't he

      4. McDeezy

        rosa and april too

      5. siren electric

        I feel like Terry and Chris Traeger would be automatic best friends Gary/Larry/Jerry (whatever his name is at the time) 😂 would fit right in with Hitchcock and Scully lol

    33. Serhat

      “Okay, take him out and shoot him”

    34. Sam Stern

      I think Ron and Rosa would become close friends like Ron and April

    35. Andro Rizk

      Come on people use your critical thinking, we aren't in a simulation even if Elon Musk says so. That hypothesis has some serious issues. P.S Don't bother replying to me because I won't respond

      1. Ghosty

        We did the tests, if we are in a computer simulation (which is statistically likely, but practically probably wrong), then we are at least 30 universes up from the bottom.

      2. Jake Pullman

        Reported for being a bot. Nice try, robot overlords.

      3. braydon kerwin

        Rumour is he won't reply

    36. Kiera eve Barry

      Stephanie Beatriz for life

    37. John Liftin

      They're both iconic characters whether you like them or not!

    38. Fed


    39. Fikret Furkan Özkan

      They both like guns and hate people. End of story.

      1. Fikret Furkan Özkan

        @Israel Lai Also grenades.

      2. Israel Lai

        But...knives And axes And nunchucks

      3. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

        Actually a mood.

    40. Jenna Marx

      Team Ron!!!!!!!!!

    41. ZekE DaK

      Can't blame Ron for being like this after someone stole mcdonalds from him and his brother

    42. Simon Auditore

      "anyone with the age of over 6 celebrating their birthday can go to hell" truer words have never been spoken.

      1. Trojanmagnum PI

        You ain't lying.

    43. Jarrett Davis

      Why would Ron not like loud noises? Doesn’t he work with power tools all the time.

      1. siren electric

        That’s not noise! Now ppl talking...that’s just noise

      2. Misha Kapadia

        loud _people_ noises

    44. Jada Kazim

      I never realized how similar these two are

      1. Mark E Kar

        meh, comparing rosa to ron is blasphemy.

    45. Isaac Vanderberg

      Rosa is the only person who can understand the symbols in Ron's will.

      1. DELTAAA

        Which means Rosa is the one who killed Ron

      2. Avor A Variant of Roar

        It's because she killed him

      3. xandercorp

        @State of Emergency Except Ron does yoga. Did you not understand the clip?

      4. alearnedman

        @State of Emergency Please. If Ron found out she did yoga and said something about it, she'd respond the same way she did to Jake, and then Ron would smile the same way he did when April called him Lester.

      5. Zero Dragneel

        Myyy gooddd legendary crossover theory....imma make this happen now

    46. Ethanol

      I feel like april and rosa would make good friends

      1. Bradley VanDusen

        And Ron is their father figure lol

      2. CC Murphy

        I think April and Gina would be besties

      3. somethingcooliguess

        Rosa is what April evolves into after gaining enough experience points, like Pokémon. Rosa is so secure and unapologetic with herself, even when she’s unsure she can admit it. April is still edgy and insecure.

    47. GLITCHED

      Sign: do not drink the water Lady: drinks water Sign: do i even exist

      1. CC Murphy

        “Am I a joke to you.”

      2. JenShep

        that sign cant stop me, because i cant read! -that lady, probably

      3. Game over

        i always think about this when i see that scene.

    48. Kr1tical Cactus

      Ron wins by a landslide. Rosa feels kinda forced

      1. Delta Mike

        @Kieran Conlon this conversation got too friendly. You should have replied: "yeah I get it. Have a good one.....................Alan

      2. Cole Kellison

        @Kieran Conlon You too :)

      3. Kieran Conlon

        @Cole Kellison yeah I get it. Have a good one

      4. Cole Kellison

        @Kieran Conlon I mean, I don't wanna argue. I prefer Rosa... I generally just prefer B99. But I can see why you would prefer Ron.

      5. Kieran Conlon

        @Cole Kellison nah Ron’s actor is just better, she feels stiff and unrealistic. I know people who act exactly like Ron yet no one acts like Rosa, no one

    49. Daboss 6585

      Don’t touch Ron’s bacon wrapped shrimp

    50. Swagfactory _

      They would have been best friends if they were in the same universe

      1. Mark E Kar

        @State of Emergency yea, i dont like this comparison one bit.

      2. somethingcooliguess

        They still never talk!

      3. State of Emergency

        Rosa is more like April than Ron.

    51. Agustin Rico

      My favorite characters ever

    52. pionnaaa


    53. Michelle Lisa Miller

      Love this!! Two of the most iconic characters in television :D

    54. Johnny Wilkins

      Rosas dog is the same one that was licking Ron 👀😳🤯

      1. Misha Kapadia

        @meinkungfu mhm it's adorable. I'd let it lick my face.

      2. meinkungfu

        I mean I think we can all agree that it's a cute AF dog

      3. Misha Kapadia

        @Johnny Wilkins oh ok cool 😃

      4. Johnny Wilkins

        @Misha Kapadia yea I meant the breed I should of been more clear lol

      5. Misha Kapadia

        @meinkungfu I originally read it like they meant the same dog like the same exact animal played both, but I thought about it and decided they just meant the same breed lmao

    55. Tom R.

      Who do we think laughs/ smiles the least?

      1. Misha Kapadia


    56. ryan mcintosh

      i love b99 like if you do

    57. Animations FA

      Both, so intense

    58. Annalise Holley

      i been waitin for this one, turn it up!

    59. Thomas LoBello