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    The best of the best of the BEST cold opens from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks & Recreation and The Office. What do you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments!
    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Comedy Hub Channel. With all of your favourite moments and characters from some of the worlds best comedy, including The Office US, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine Nine and many many more.

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    1. Angie!

      Next election Leslie is gonna be president-

    2. Jack Hubbard

      I’m surprised Biden could do that scene all by himself without having to read a script during it or have someone tell him what to say or without stuttering for the most part haha

    3. Peachyco M

      My faves are The Office US' Toby Returns and Brooklyn 99's I Want It That Way. 😁

    4. Miles Siwinski

      the fight over the coffee machine in parks and rec needs to be on here

    5. Bridget Brennan

      Imagine Ron Swanson and Captain Holt meeting each other

      1. Anonym_FGC

        @Sarah well nick offermen didn't play ron he played fredrick i think. Also i see the whoooosh coming

      2. Sarah

        ... they dated in B99

    6. Miss Scalia

      The first one I took so long getting over, I felt so bad for Kevin

    7. Troy Staunton

      The office is just trash. Seriously has no place being on the list with B99 and parks and rec.

    8. Ceiling_fan5

      7:00 I’m surprised he remembered his lines

    9. newmanifest

      For once, it was someone else trying to grope Biden.

    10. nataalypr11

      Hey you should add Arrested Development to your videos :)

    11. Bulletholeinthedrywall

      Why is Biden here, hahah wtf

    12. Luke David Hennessey

      Modern family have a few in the earlier seasons that could get in

      1. Anonym_FGC

        @Baggy Spaggy yeh but it is still an amazing show

      2. Baggy Spaggy

        It’s not part of the schurniverse

    13. Alfie Bibby

      Comment your favourite out of the three shows mine is parks and rec

    14. Tuffsmoygles

      That's MR PRESIDENT to you now!

    15. Gabriella Rivas

      Leslie must be so proud of Biden now lol

    16. tanis burt

      I’ve been very sad lately and this is everything I needed. 😂🤣👍

    17. Seluecus1

      Michael's reaction to Toby returning was one of the most "I died" moments I had while watching "The Office".

    18. Audrija Pal

      He's precious cargo!

    19. Dhruva Shah

      6:26 Leslie is imitating how Biden will speak in the future

    20. Rose McGinnes

      this is my favourite video i have ever seen in my life

    21. Randell jones

      Brooklyn nine cold opening of Backstreet boys was really funny and unique 😂😂

    22. Thurl Man

      That I want it that way is literally the reason I watched b99

    23. Dominic Hampton

      I think the Office invented vines and tik tok with that Lip dub kold open

    24. melogranohifi

      Fun fact - the guy near the door in the Biden Knope bit is an actual secret service agent. That last bit about precious cargo was improvised

    25. Sai Sure

      Like YE- * ad plays * AST

      1. The Ineffable Shipper

        i read this as that happened to me 😂

    26. Yze AV

      “At least once a year I like to bring in some of my Kevin's Famous Chili” Me: *cries immediately*

    27. Jordan Pierre

      My 3 favorite modern comedy shows.

    28. Soumya Singh

      Noine Noine

    29. RobotSlug

      what multitool is ron using?

      1. Jay Dee

        90% sure that's a gerber

    30. Marthe Nuyttens

      Kevin’s chili is and stays one of the best😂

    31. Sam Stern

      Ron removes tooth Everyone: 😱 😲 😨

    32. thowdy

      Hey, Joe got the State right. He was younger then.

    33. Evan Nance

      Leslie knope for Vice president

    34. Evan Nance

      Season 8 brooklyn 99 will be the last season...😫😭

    35. Kait K

      Jim and Pam, Jake and Amy or Ben and Leslie - which is the best couple??

      1. aly teima

        Jake and Amy. They’re the epitome of opposites attracting and it’s adorable

      2. Alfie Bibby

        Ben and leslie by far

      3. Kait K

        @micheal clark aww yes they’re sooo cute and funny together!

      4. Kait K

        @ev_rahim ꧂ yes I agree! They’re perfect 🥺

      5. micheal clark

        I'd say jake and Amy personally who do you think is the best couple?

    36. Kait K

      The show went downhill when Michael left 🥺

    37. Kait K

      Let’s make a chain of our favorite characters from these shows ⬇️

      1. Sarah

        Jake, Dwight, Ben

      2. Alfie Bibby

        Ron swanson, jake peralta and michael scott

      3. kingbaco 123

        Joe mother

      4. harry cooke

        Peralta, Dwight, Tom

      5. Kait K

        Mine are Ann Perkins, Jake peralta and Jim halpert

    38. Kait K

      These are all so iconic!

    39. Darragh Ryan

      Imagine Michael and captain holt met each other

      1. IDontHaveAYT

        @aly teima now you get it

      2. aly teima

        @IDontHaveAYT lol. I understand. Focusing on Pam’s art show and appreciation of paper

      3. IDontHaveAYT

        @aly teima we don’t speak of Scott’s totts. In my book it never happened

      4. aly teima

        @IDontHaveAYT I don’t want him hurt I promise but you have to admit his behavior is appalling at times and Holt wouldn’t put up with his shenanigans. Scott’s Tots? Imagine Holt getting a hold of that

      5. IDontHaveAYT

        @aly teima why do you want Michael to be hurt? He is one of the most likable characters ever

    40. gonzalo cooper

      Ron bought the typewriter from "electric bay" he meant Ebay, and I can't believe I never noticed it

      1. Carmichael

        He found the typewriter in a bin and bought the ribbon off of electronic bay

      2. that hobo on your street

        4:38 here's the timestamp

      3. pearl hill

        eBay actually does stand for electronic bay lol

      4. ev_rahim ꧂



      now number 5

    42. Andrew Gagne

      Not the carpet!😯0:13-0:16

      1. Why Chance

        I would have quit

    43. Aarnav Gandhi

      The office- Today, smoking is gonna save lives Parks and recreations- My question is WHAT THE HELL!! Brooklyn 99- TELL MY WHYY

    44. Myles K

      the holy trinity

    45. hoooang

      i want more

    46. Francis Sinatra

      I came down with a Dianne Wiest infection... *LIKE YEAST -*

      1. Roko Matijević

        @Prismix08 Diane Wiest is an actress Boyle likes and her last name sounds like yeast so Boyle made a pun calling a yeast infection a "Wiest infection". It's not that clever of a joke but the delivery and the awkward silence makes it work.

      2. Prismix08

        i never got that joke can someone please explain

      3. Ted Kaeferlein

        East? I thought you said WEAST!

      4. SAWgunnertwo

        flawlessly executed good sir

    47. X_bkiNgf_ 02

      Remember, Dwight wanted yo socialize

    48. Leeroy Jones

      Ron pulling his tooth is still my favorite cold open nothing beats it lol. Just hearing Donna's "ey".

      1. RG Comedi

        And the way Ben runs out is just perfect

      2. Leeroy Jones

        @Thurl Man eyyyy you get it

      3. Thurl Man

        Hey crabman

      4. Miguel

        and leslie doesn't run away lol

    49. Hasib Ahmmed Rony

      The office crushes y'all beaches.😂

    50. Lexi Rosenblatt

      Leslie Knope 2024 🇺🇸

    51. Burner Zen Force


    52. Hero Buslon

      Like yeast! Always gets me

    53. mitchell

      2020 election and joe biden bit hits different

    54. Nathaniel Brown

      This is proof that god might actually exist

    55. Ranganathan Chandrashekhar

      I want it that way, iconic.

    56. ViloceraptorX

      Who thinks Kevin's chili would be delicious

      1. aly teima

        I feel bad for Kevin here. He put so much effort into it 🥺 but it’s funny stuff nevertheless

      2. ViloceraptorX

        @moloney02 thanks

      3. moloney02

        There was no need for that comma

      4. RockZGirl

        Babish made it. He said it was delicious.

      5. Tómi


    57. quinn b

      just a little tooth pain 🦷

    58. Hans Velarde

      Why didn't they put the office´s fire drill?!

      1. Hans Velarde

        @Me yeah, that was epic! Or perhaps the Bears, Beets, Battlestargalactica should also appear.

      2. Me

        I really like the one were they see what Stanley will notice

      3. Hans Velarde

        @Dodosodosodos Soba Yeah, but it was definitely one of the best office cold open

      4. Dodosodosodos Soba

        Too long

    59. Sky W

      Yes, Kevin's Famous Chili 👌🏼

    60. MJL

      c'mon man

    61. Aaron Valva

      Kevin's Famous Chilli

    62. Griffin Murphy

      god they didn't know about CORONA

    63. Chuck Shul


    64. Griffin Murphy


    65. Ilora Bhattacharyya


    66. Griffin Murphy