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    There's no one funnier than Captain Raymond Holt - the man who hates humour (but is still hilarious anyway).
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    1. Comedy Bites

      We hope you enjoyed this video! If you didn’t we can only assume you’re too tired for humour.

      1. Jason


    2. Elisa de Castro Lisboa

      I just look at his face and feel the need to laugh! He doesn't even have to say nor do anything... I just laugh...

    3. I am definitely a human And don't question that

      That is amazingly funny.

    4. average Russian monarchist


    5. Kyle M

      Heterosexual Holt is so funny

    6. kingmortz

      The hospital called. Your test results came back positive... you're a stage 5 dumbASS!

    7. 쀵쀵귀염이

      Amy doesn't even get to make fun of Jake for saying dad when she's exactly the same 👋🏻

      1. Gokul Hemanth Kumar

        She sees him more as a mentor figure. There's a subtle difference there.

    8. Ashith J Bangera

      You're Crazy!!!!! How did you pull this off????

    9. Joshua Reyes

      And you blocked Jake's face when captain dad invited him for a game of catch.

      1. Polly Pocket

        Captain Dad is just his boss! He's tEAcHinG FaTheR thE MAtH!!!

    10. Lowe Goddess

      9 people that disliked this video “ mh you’re too tired for humour “

      1. Thor Odinson

        Wuntch, Kelly, disco strangler, swimmer dude, wuntch’s nephew, and some others

    11. Zach Brookes

      That's the thing about Holt - he's funny when he's dry, and when he's actually trying to be funny, he's HILARIOUS.

    12. Miranda Dunham

      Who are the nine people who dislike this?

      1. FireRejack

        Wuntch on different accounts

    13. DooDoo 55

      this is one of my favourite videos on youtube

    14. nekoknight7

      Oh my god, Holt calling Gina a stage 5 dumbass was hilarious

    15. Soumya Singh

      Me after result :Well I am a joke now

    16. JM Paz

      “But you hate humor” “Well I’m a joke now” 😂😂😂

    17. Uncle Chrissy

      I enjoyed this compilation... for humor reasons.

    18. Succulentus

      Charles: So he's kind of like our Grand Captain. Holt: _That_ is amazingly funny

    19. Excited Cat

      1:10 Why did this make me giggle so much? Lmao 😂

    20. irman925

      0:40 The way he delivered that line actually made it a legitimately funny joke

    21. Tilemahos Iakovakis

      "Do you see me as a father figure Peralta?" "No, If anything I see you as a bother figure"

      1. Thor Odinson

        HEY Show your father some respect

      2. Andres

        "Would you like to discuss this over a game of catch?" "I'd like that"

    22. [TGC]No Disrespec

      I believe you... son

    23. Just a Chameleon.

      We need the "Yass queen" moment from Holt!

    24. Newbie

      I am soooooo excited for Season 8!!!! Nine -nine!!!!!!!!!!🗣

      1. Zach Baer

        NINE NINE!!

    25. Ku TEKEN

      What a story for Kevin

    26. l its newt l

      The one dislike is Captain Holt

    27. Dawnbringer Riven

      The dislike is from wuntch.

    28. Vikranth Reddy

      The Hospital called, your test results came back positive “You”re a Stage Five Dumbass 😂😂

      1. Magistry Memes

        Legendary moment

    29. Khaliphile Moyo

      A full half inch!!

    30. Manav Udgirkar

      Only 24 comments after an hour Holt needs more attention

    31. Leonardo Bonilla

      Holt is the funniest ever! I can never stop laughing, jake who!

    32. SpeedCannon

      I can't stop laughing at the hospital joke at 1:40 hahahahahaha

    33. Bhavesh Bhojwani

      Kevin you wouldn't believe it. They moved it half an inch.

      1. Clive ward

        I’ll tell you about it later

    34. Kankan Kalita

      Especially all the lines with Wuntch.

    35. MarMar93


    36. Richard Naujoks

      I want Holt to be my dad

      1. Nirawit Karnjanasomwong

        So Kevin’s mine

      2. •ToBeNamed•

        We all do

      3. Jason

        @Comedy Bites hello

      4. Comedy Bites

        get in line

    37. Maciek K.

      That was amazingly funny

    38. DareDeviL

      2:59 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Antony Micheal Raj

      Needling joke is actually hilarious

      1. Antony Micheal Raj

        @DooDoo 55 Kevin is that u ?😂

      2. DooDoo 55

        stop it, stop it

    40. aldrich josiah

      That stage 5 dumbass line is gold

    41. Force Caption Cat-ra

      Holt: “you are the one who has been acting badly tonight” Me: no sh!t, he’s a demon

      1. Chozen Gaming

        Spoilers lol

    42. Blake Cass

      Do you know the hardest thing about being a gay black cop The discrimination 😂😂😂😂

      1. I am definitely a human And don't question that

        @Comedy Bites probably. that’s great.

      2. ABFC Canada

        One of the best anti jokes ive ever heard tbf :)

      3. Krishna Shankar

        @Senhor Ramires S1 E17 I think

      4. Senhor Ramires

        What episode?

      5. Vagabond007

        Ha Ha Ha

    43. trupti999

      Repeat after me.. ANDRE BAUGHER IS A MAD GENIUS 💜💜💜

      1. Joaquin Phoenix's forehead face

        ANDRE BAUGHER NEEDS AN EMMY. Sorry, had to improve a new one

      2. Ku TEKEN

        Andre Baugher is a mad genius

    44. Monky Dollqueen


    45. N Mouning