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    April & Ann: the DEFINITION of frenemies. They do love each other - even if it hurts to admit it... Are April & Ann your favourite frenemy pairing? Let us know in the comments!
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    1. Derek Smith

      "Is that where youre gonna sit?" "Yeah, im driving." 💀💀

    2. Monika Tristram

      Nurses and janitors are totally interchangeable 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Josefine Bliss

      It's creepy and lame how obessesed Ann is with befriending April, like why?! Why do you need to be friends with everyone?! It's really stalkerish, I hated that moment in that episode when she was desperate for a conversation with April like wtf dude, let people be. Ann was terrible and boring.

    4. Bill Telnes

      I so love Aubrey Plaza... Weirdest chick ever...

    5. Viviana Espinoza

      They’re like a female version of Dwight and Jim

    6. Mubashir Mahi

      They are more eniends than frenemies.

    7. Death Wish Dan

      everything except time after time is genius

    8. The 4 Squad

      lmfao i cutted my nails and i think i cant really type well now; /

    9. Brandon Hagan

      Of course I do everyone knows this song it's amazing...

    10. Chris Hanner

      “Indeed. Thank you for sharing Jenny.” Legendary.

    11. coopboulton

      “When people get too chummy with me I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don't really care about them.” - Ron Swanson

    12. G B

      Rashida Jones does look 65 though.

      1. The Golden Polar Bear

        Get your eyes checked lol

    13. Erlyk Dalkien

      It's shocking to me how absolutely hot Rashida Jones is and how so many professionally "hot" women only are when the stars align and the makeup artists and photoshoppers are hired. Nothing about her character was meant to be other than "next-door" hot. No, she's fucking gorgeous. I rank her with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mary Steenburgen. That sounds callous and rude, I know. How do you judge physical beauty on someone you'll never meet?

      1. The Golden Polar Bear

        Wtf u going on about?

    14. 1tokeover

      2:15 why am I having trouble understanding what she's saying? Something about a poncho? This is really bothering me.

      1. 1tokeover

        @victoria ooohh did the bone show. Hahah thank you

      2. victoria

        she’s asking if the bone showed, if you’re still confused

    15. 21jukebox

      When Donna pops on to sing Time after Time with the girls 🙌🏼❤️

    16. Anish Philip

      Whoever did the casting for this show 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    17. Anish Philip

      Don’t try to bond with me 🤣

    18. Shawn Chambes

      The shiny increase spindly produce because birthday minimally subtract failing a magical hail. enthusiastic, dear barber

    19. letimoore

      She wasn't mad about Andy. April was mad about Ann and Leslie

    20. James Teasdale

      5:20 Donna coming in like the queen she is broke me

    21. John Celcius

      ¨Is that where your gonna sit?¨

    22. John Johnson

      April and Ann singing with Donna coming in is awesome! Love it!!!

    23. Tony Leadholm

      The rare but glorious moments when April actually reveals to the world that she truly cares for her friends are some of the best (and most tear inducing) moments of the entire series. They are the masterful payoffs of YEARS of phenomenal characterization from those brilliant Parks&Rec writers.

    24. Andrew JW

      Donna busting in to sing time after time is one of my all time favorite moments on this show

    25. Bam wood

      Owww you're hurting me!!! Lol

    26. Bam wood

      Leslie's despise for Orin is one of my favorite parts of the show

    27. Mighty Morphing Memory

      Very good question April. Answer her. Lulz

    28. Kalan


    29. BlueLightningHawk

      April is the master of looking completely disinterested in everything she does lol

      1. Quick little snail

        You haven't met me.

    30. Aard

      The way April says "please don't make say it" _totally_ doesn't make me fantasise about Aubrey having a crush on me. *_Totally._*

      1. Jeff Stanley

        @Jacobskefoulington Gold yes. Yea he does

      2. Jacobskefoulington Gold

        you need help

    31. Emily DeSouza

      Can you pleaseeee do more of April and Ben? They have one of the most underrated (platonic) relationships on the show

    32. Elise Pentz

      Donna singing the last part of the song is my favorite

    33. Quintin Garvin

      Thank you for sharing the story "insert wrong name"

    34. EllieN1810

      Best line has to be “get off me wench”

      1. Roderich Wintergerst

        I died after hearing that 🤣😂

    35. Nathan Park

      One of my favorite friendships on the show

    36. Williee G

      April being excited about throwing Ann's going away party is like Michael throwing Toby's party

    37. Saez

      I just wanna say on the record that Rashida Jones is unbelievably beautiful.

      1. Matt Harding

        They both are to be honest, Rashida has an interesting heritage, some Russian in there I believe

      2. The Golden Polar Bear

        @G B Stfu Aubrey & Rashida --->> STUNNING

      3. G B

        Aubrey Plaza >>>>>> Rashida Jones

      4. a a

        like her mother

      5. Lyons


    38. Ben C. S.

      April: ♪ Secrets stolen from deep inside. ♫ Ann: You know this song already? April: Of course I do! Everyone knows this song. It's amazing.

    39. andru myers

      i need this to be BACK on netflix so i can continue to binge watch it for the 25th time

      1. Karina Salgado

        @Oneeyedgirl ohhh yeah I'm not :(

      2. Oneeyedgirl

        @Karina Salgado I’m on British Netflix..I am assuming you are not.

      3. Karina Salgado

        @Anna Kepes or netflix should just bring it back

      4. Karina Salgado

        @Anna Kepes I agree

      5. Anna Kepes

        @Karina Salgado ikr like I'm not going to pay it really should just be free with ads for everything and pay to remove ads, like most other streaming services

    40. Chris L

      If Andy was there he'd totally call dibs on "Fracking for Friendship" as a band name.

    41. Padraig Murphy

      Somebody needs to make a drawing of April's "perfect guy" lmfao... Yao Ming's torso..

    42. TraceysShadow

      5:24 the OG Good Girls

    43. Phil Carpenter

      Did I miss a nice moment? Yes. Awww, good.

    44. Eve * she, her

      She's the worse person I've ever met I want to travel the world with her

    45. JaySharp604

      "Boom! I win!" cutest scene ever. All she wants is to be liked. As if she wasn't the most gorgeous woman on this show...

    46. Kelli Sees

      I love when April is reluctantly nice to Ann Perkins 😭

      1. Andyy L

        You sound like Chris. :D Ann! Ann Perkins!

    47. George Prchal

      Man Perkins may be the best insult.

    48. Leo Pimentel

      "of course i do everyone knows this song its amazing"

      1. G B

        Thanks. I totally didn’t hear April say that in this video 🙄. I live for the day when comments are more than video quotes.

      2. sara X

        Do you know what episode this is ?

    49. Infamous gamer

      "except no one dresses like a janitor when they wanna be slutty" Jesus I don't remember this show having such good lines

      1. Infamous gamer

        @Lem Lovel Yeah I'll be sure to book in with a literal fucking brain doctor cause I laughed at a joke, cheers for the advice lem

      2. Micah Newby

        It had Aubrey Plaza. Of course it had such good lines

      3. Kelli Sees

        Worth a rewatch then!

    50. Withextrabacon

      Donnas pop up.

    51. Yeye Marz


    52. Matthew Diehl

      Ron using the wrong name on purpose lmao

    53. Ada Rutman

      "And I've met Guy Fieri" -April Ludgate

    54. Rimjhim Singh

      karen is that you

    55. Joey

      I just realised that i heard the words "offense intended" for the first time 🤣🤣

    56. Como Sellama

      Michael Fassbender's..... sense of humor. YEAH OF COURSE

      1. Dr.Chethana Ram

        Why isn’t this the most liked comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    57. BradyPostma

      _Time After Time_ is a fantastic song. I'd like to see a whole slew of modern artists cover it in their own styles. The Weeknd's version would be the best!

    58. Christian Douglass

      The most hype moment of the show is when Donna goes: “🎶Oh I’ll be waiting🎶

    59. Epik

      I SHIP IT!

    60. Sanofar Jahaan

      Offense intended. 😂

    61. Tony Stark

      People : I want a partner People when someone tries to talk them : 0:39

      1. Noah Clark

        More like 1:02

    62. SheldonAdama17

      4:24 Very subtle, April

    63. SheldonAdama17

      This is just a guess, but I don’t think April likes Ann very much.

      1. The Golden Polar Bear

        How are so many people missing the sarcasm?

      2. Shweta

        @Lem Lovel You are right. Character development and nuanced writing is not a part of this show at all. I am sorry for my previous comment. Have a great day! :)

      3. Shweta

        It's sad to see so many people not getting sarcasm.

      4. Kelli Sees

        April is kind of just _like_ that but there are even more moments than just the ones here where she lets on that she really does care about Ann

      5. NinjaMatul

        If you say that, it seems you didn't even finish watching this video let alone watched the show.

    64. Deep Sharma

      Man Perkins

    65. Leonardo Solis Munoz

      Ann and April act just like sisters.

    66. Sk8 Progression

      “I’ve never used a phone in my life”

      1. BlackJack XXI

        * Passive aggressively uses phone*

      2. Marcus Sanchez

        *while using a phone*🤣🤣

    67. James McDougall

      I love in one of the Christmas episodes April calls Ann “Mann Perkins”

    68. TheSmallestBeast


    69. David O Brien

      Who did the better duo: April and Ann with Time After Time or Dwight and Andy with Country Roads

      1. G Fals21

        Dwight and Andy.. I mean Dwight finished in German...

      2. Elise Pentz

        April and Ann

      3. Andrew JW

        The correct answer is Donna

      4. kevin abel

        False! Black bear.

      5. David O Brien

        @shiken Ahhhhh! This is the best answer ever😂😭 10/10 answer I'm glad and surprised to see another Office/Parks and Rec/Community fan here!

    70. knee professor

      "Time after time" Ann Perkins and April Ludgate

      1. Charlotte Grace

        My favourite!

      2. Akbar rmd

        Featuring Donna Meagle.

    71. ANTONIO Rodriguez

      Karen identity theft is not a joke

      1. siddharth sangwan

        @SS I. Oh that's funny, MICHAEL!!!!!

      2. SS I.


      3. KameiD

        Millions of families suffer every year😄

    72. Luke Pier

      pretty epic video, April best character other than ron

      1. Luke Pier

        @Lelouch Vi Britannia Nice PFP

      2. Lelouch Vi Britannia


    73. Arya

      Indeed the best fremenies

    74. Sam Stern

      Ann is leaving town......Greatest Day of My Life!

    75. Kate Hill

      I'm early!

    76. Ma-ne Sia

      Ann and April's moment at the empty lot on Ann's last night at Pawnee is still one of my most favorite moments of the show.

      1. Alexey Andre

        @Lem Lovel they were frenemies, it was all in good fun/banter

      2. Megan Stubblefield

        The way April says I love you too is the way my daughter says it to me. she's a teenager. lol

      3. Zechary Khoo


      4. Margaret Nelson

        it’s such a sweet moment and it’s so nice to see that April really does care for Ann

    77. Bryan B

      "Don't try to bond with me"😂😂😂

    78. Apollo Sunshine

      6:09 I automatically said out loud, "Mann Perkins!"

      1. The Golden Polar Bear


    79. N Mouning

      I'm just so scared that this means that Ann won't really leave😭

    80. Isaac Vanderberg

      Leslie: Anne you beautiful tropical fish April: Anne you manly hideous lobster

      1. Ô. M.A

        I love the fact that is always about a sea creature

      2. Hafiz Elnahas

        @Ahsan Bilal I read that in Chris’s voice

      3. Ahsan Bilal


    81. KShins


    82. Lisa Chaffin

      "My blankets are on the floor" lol

    83. JeffreyAhn

      hello there. hopefully you are having a good day

      1. Naturally Distinctive

        I am. Hope you are too :)

      2. The Stranger

        Hope you have a good day too.

      3. Lauren Gonzalez

        Just got done with the first part of my 12 hour split shift 8-2 and I go back at 5-11 🙃

      4. Rick C 137

        Maybe not but trying


      Love these two



    86. Addy Hoffman