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    It's a tale as old of time: boy meets girl (not a girl), boy falls in love with girl (also not a robot) and they live happily every after (give or take a few Jearimy Bearemys).
    Are Janet and Jason your favourite The Good Place couple? Let us know in the comments...
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    1. Ayla Hanson

      Who else just by watching this caught all kind of feels again? 🥲

    2. Owen

      I loved how a pelican fell in the flash fryer, typical Jacksonville

    3. Manav Udgirkar

      I Love how janets personality changes

    4. Julian Euston

      “This not lady”

    5. Julian Euston

      “Not a girl”

    6. DarkKing009

      Janet's overruled any objections to her wedding, nice

    7. mariel Balaoing

      Digital Queen 👑 ❤️

    8. Theo Bank


    9. Jon

      Anyone else hate Jason when he was first introduced and then somehow overtime fall madly in love with his lovably idiocy?

    10. Galapagos Guys

      This is what i want my relationship to look like

    11. WWEFromMyPerspective

      "Not a girl."

    12. zülal inan

      non binary icon janet

    13. Tanmaya Agrawal

      Not a girl 😂

    14. Force Caption Cat-ra

      I LOVE how Janet is not human but she still absolutely LOVES Jason!

    15. Shannon Davies

      Ahhh I just realised he called Janet "not a girl" at the end 🥺 that's so adorable

    16. Ohnohedidnt 2005

      The fact that he waited a thousand Jeremy Bearimy’s to give Janet her necklace makes my year.

      1. Ohnohedidnt 2005

        @Evski1990 ! makes my Jeremy Bearimy lol

      2. Evski1990 !

        You mean it makes your Bearimy. 🤓

    17. batgurrl

      I love and miss this show so much❤️ Michael- After hearing they got married: I will speak to you later, go to your void. Words you not ever hear on another sitcom ever again

    18. Sophia and aeliyah's Vlog

      they made the whole show complete

    19. Leo Potter

      No views, 4 comments, 29 likes. Yep. Nothing wrong here. IRflow should be my math tutor.

    20. Disco Bird

      Not a girl

      1. Apollo Sunshine

        You beat me to it!