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    This is it. Our magnus opus. The Comedy Bites editors are retiring now: it's EVERY SINGLE MEME from The Office. You're welcome.
    Surely this can't be all of them - what did we miss? Let us know in the comments!
    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Comedy Hub Channel. With all of your favourite moments and characters from some of the worlds best comedy, including The Office US, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine Nine and many many more.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 6 روز


    1. Sam Roberts

      08:48 didn’t age very well

    2. Morán

      I always wondered how everyone reacted after getting to the office and witness and smell the chili in the carpet.

    3. jiny han

      2:12 Legend

    4. Dwight Halpert

      Bears eat beats

    5. Felix O'Neill

      8:58 Dwight predicts coronavirus 2010 colourised

    6. Sophie Graham

      it’s insane how long this is and it’s not even every meme... your impact

    7. TheCliffStudios

      Am i the only one who feels a tiny bit uncomfortable when food falls on the ground especially soup

    8. Chethan Kumar

      Snip snap snip snap snip snap!!

    9. Chethan Kumar

      This is the hardest I laughed this week!!😂😂

    10. Jathin Samuel Prabhakar Raj Gunturi

      8:48 looks like Dwight wish came true.

    11. catyx

      6:59 My last braincell of the day

    12. Fatkage

      8:48 Dwight knew all along

    13. Marthe Nuyttens

      1:52 omg that’s such a good one hahahaha

    14. kshitij kumar

      I know every word that they are gonna say and i still laugh like crazy

    15. John Doe

      Dwight: What is this? Creed: That is northern lights, cannabis indica Dwight: no idiot, its marijuana

    16. Sarah

      "I'm going through a little bit of a rough patch. The whole year, actually." best and most accurate meme

    17. Nishita

      John Krasinski holding his laugh like the entire scene from 6:53

    18. Rahul Singh

      We will burn utica to the ground and pam realising michael dating her mom is missing.

    19. Souls&Scrolls

      Where are the turtles was my notification sound for 6 months. This gave me ptsd

    20. Hridya Bansal

      8:13 still one of my favourites ever😂 gets me everytime

    21. Skadess

      best memes of all time

    22. Modded

      6:38 I did it

    23. Murphy

      It's not in the video but there's this one where Michael runs from the office and pushing oscar and someone else in the way.. it's used in many memes but I can't remember what episode was that in and I've been searching for like a month.. can someone tell me please?🙏🏻

    24. Buddy Carat

      It's amazing how I can look at a frame and immediately know what the scene is

    25. Mandeep Singh

      7:36 😂😂😂😂 LMAO I wanna clip it 🤣

    26. Louie Berg

      I never really noticed that Steve is close to laughing during the "Nooooo!!" bit.

    27. Ryan C

      Uhh I think you missed on- *softly* don’t

    28. ty gamer

      8:10 gets me every time. Stanley has the best facial expressions.

    29. orcholul

      aka, the entire show.

    30. Reena K.

      the audacity to take this show off Netflix 😭

    31. Candy Cotton

      Wouldn’t it be so funny if NBC let the office stay on Netflix instead of making people pay for an additional streaming service? Omg lol like that’d be crazy

    32. lia morgan

      you forgot the “UN BEL IEV ABLE”

    33. Anyone

      It's called hentai and it's art.

    34. Mia van Heerden

      I'm going to show my kids this one day and say this is how memes started

    35. Andra Faith

      This really just made me realize how limited Dwights wardrobe is

    36. Miss Nerd

      Where's "here's my philosophy and its this: "

    37. Spencer Brown

      8:48 well...

    38. neel


    39. Moheb Haidari

      "Shut up about the sun" - Skeleton Man

    40. Brand Account

      7:48 was the equal and opposite of Pam finding out that Michael was dating her mom.

    41. Kanishk Sharda

      i think whole fire episode is meme 😀

    42. Reyaz Ahamed

      8:48 seems like Dwight's wish got true 🤣

    43. Yayo Matteo


    44. Devanshi Tyagi

      5:44 Creed's face lmao 😂😂😂. I'm dying help!!

    45. Chavy McGopnik

      "There are too many people on earth we need a new plague" That one didnt age well

    46. La Cupcake

      Tag yourself, I’m “do I want to be feared or loved? Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

      1. joey gibson

        “Save Bandit!”

    47. Keidy C

      10000% missing Dwight's perfect crime

    48. The Wishing Man

      Michael was the Best Stupid Manager ever.

    49. Eren Jaeger

      Tf, I didn't hear *That's what she said*

    50. lil Smitty16

      Hey listen, If creed says there’s a difference in the pictures. Then there’s a difference

    51. Linkun Liu

      This is the second best thing I’ve ever seen! The best thing was season 7.

    52. zsch999

      missed 'How's my favorite branch doing'

    53. Sumanth Achar K

      This channel manager needs a raise

    54. Yiğit

      8:48 it was Dwight all along.

    55. Samuel Henderson_25

      There should be a video of Michaels best faces! Example: Where are the turtles; No No No PLEASE NO NO GOD NO NOOOOOO

    56. Samuel Henderson_25

      "Everybody stay calm! Everybody stay f***ing calm!" Best part ever!

    57. Himanshu Kumar

      4:52 my left ear is afraid AF

    58. Kushagra Khanna

      This is GOLD.

    59. Madhu Jayaswal

      This was gold

    60. Bourty Lego

      This is one of the best Office compilations I've seen.

    61. Royal Insidious

      8:52 Death Note be like

    62. P M

      Which episode is 5:14 from???? I don't recollect watching it.

      1. Chubby Bangs

        I think it's around the time Dunder Miflin bought out Michael Scott Paper Co.

    63. Ramsha Anwar

      What took people so long to make this?

    64. Hemansiet666

      I feel like you need to do a second part. There is so many memes. Like the bobbody with creed 😹.

    65. Ryan Graham

      You have to appreciate that comedy central leaves like 2 seconds after the memes so you can see the reactions

    66. Nishant Faujdar

      Toby's fans are disliking the video. Dammit

    67. i know exactly who you are

      the entire show is just a meme

    68. Blubberboy18

      What abou the Wayne Gretzky quote 😀

    69. sarahbm9

      i havent any serious therapy for the last 2 years, this is now all i have

    70. TraceRT

      “THE FIRE IS SHOOTING AT US” -Andy Bernard

      1. Ben A.

        THE FIRE IS SHOOTING AT US" -Andy Bernard - TraceRT -SingularTalks

      2. SingularTalks

        THE FIRE IS SHOOTING AT US” -Andy Bernard - TraceRT

    71. ZADE


    72. João Moura

      I like how michael and dwight are on 80% of the memes

    73. Another Papa Sheev

      **visibly depressed** ....... Walk away b*tch

    74. Tidaa

      I love the relationship between Michael and Toby

    75. anarchist cat owner


    76. Ali Ahmad


    77. Syeda Ali

      this video is just one big meme collection

    78. Kontinued Gaming

      When someone reports the body and then goes AFK: 7:49

    79. KRNinja 409

      Can we get a moment of silence for Kevin’s chili

    80. Thomas Todio

      The whole show should be in this video.

    81. Kshitij Parashar

      Where is that's what she said??

    82. Anvi Mishra

      My favourite remains, "I DECLARE... BANKRUPCYYYYYYYYY"

    83. Cristian

      Seeing this I remembered how good is Steve Carell at screaming

    84. Abdulaziz Aljarrah

      Michael: explain it to me like I’m five Should be in the video

    85. 324 Miguin

      I gotta say, Micheal told Toby he hates him in the most polite way

    86. OneShot-Berry

      The needless gender lamentably jump because chronometer comparatively polish through a piquant sandra. hulking, uptight beauty

    87. Shikha Mehra

      I wish I can forget about THE OFFICE Just so I can watch it again

    88. Garrett Fobes

      8:16 parks and rec fans 8:18 the office fans

      1. P M

        Honestly I tried watching Parks and Rec but it was so slow and boring...

    89. L4ᑌr7ท

      0:52 i gotta say, tieless Michael looks so hot!

    90. Maria Ivanova

      Great compilation! There is so much to add.... "Pam is the office mattress", "You have to unleash the power of the pyramid", "Suicide is never an option", "Who let the lemonhead in?", "Good old days" by Andy, "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration" or "Everybody poops" by Mose)))

    91. Matt Ray


    92. No Toxic

      incredible work hahahha

    93. Izzymoe

      CAW CAW...........CAW CAW.............cAW

    94. Joshua Dain

      "Jim. James... Jimothy"

    95. Kartika Nath

      Ah my favourite character from the show Jimothy chalamet

    96. __QUEBEC__

      8:48 oh Dwight what did you start....

    97. todorokilover

      89th person to comment

    98. The Fangirl Queen

      I think you missed most of the show almost every frame is a meme lmao

    99. John Travers

      Anyone else still get sad when Kevin drops his chili?

      1. Chelsey Fulbright

        @Eric Fricke & using copy paper and manilla folders to scoop it up 💀

      2. Eric Fricke

        It's his noises that get me 😂

    100. Hemansiet666

      If gabe shouting “shut up about the sun” wasn’t in the compilation, I would start a revolution 😹.

      1. Chelsey Fulbright

        @younghex omg yes

      2. younghex

        Honestly I say it every time people start talking about the sun