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    We're marking this video awk. For awkward.
    Everyone bow down to the Queen of making things awkward, Amy Santiago. We salute you Amy, even when you're making us cringe.
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    1. Comedy Bites

      This is going to be all of us when we get out of lockdown and speak to real people again.

      1. Nirawit Karnjanasomwong

        Can’t wait for “Jake Peralta being the punching bag of the 99”

      2. Michal Ryczek

        That's okay. Ppl are overrated anyway

      3. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

        It’s actually been me my whole life but thanks for giving me credit. 😂👍❤️

    2. Geetarth Neo

      The bone. 😂

    3. Chris Jackson

      1 minute and twenty seconds before I cringed out of the universe. I feel proud I got that far.

    4. Thatonekid


    5. Thenatural56

      "Shut up Ray and No, this is how I walk"....Too funny!

    6. Rhyme McAdams

      amy rocking back and forth in her office chair while hold yells "BONE" from his doorway will never get old

    7. Pandapigs Pineapple

      How dare nbc cancel Brooklyn nine nine. It deserves to have way more seasons

      1. Thenatural56

        I totally agree....

    8. skystacy 25


    9. animesh parmar


    10. Elisa de Castro Lisboa

      the bone joke is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Ankita Shroff

      Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

    12. Tork Is tozik


    13. Yuritzi Ramirez

      I won’t just head it up I’ll head and shoulders it up 🤣😂

    14. Marco Fanik

      This should be called Captain Holt Crapping On Santiago for 10 Minutes

    15. Belen G

      Where's the "jam on, jam on" moment when she meets Holt's mom lmao

    16. Adrita Hai

      This single-handedly proves what a phenomenal actress Melissa is.

    17. Frosty purple nug

      Hummus, thoughts?

    18. Frosty purple nug

      I’m in love with her

    19. Philip Zing

      1:06 anyone elses screen messed up?

    20. Black Lotus15

      Alternate title: 10 minutes of Amy disappointing her dad.

    21. Dutch She was 14

      This is the only women apart from my gf that I would marry

    22. EDP445's Dick and Balls


    23. Jade Nguyen

      I marked this video awk, for awkward.

    24. Ayo Ayo

      Ahh yes, another excuse for Comedy Bites to put in the BOOONNEE!! Clip😂😂

    25. Tosin Farai

      Holt and Amy have the best relationship❤️

      1. FireRejack

        Nah holt and Rosa do

    26. Tosin Farai

      Holt IS her dad

    27. Adam Ford

      She really is beautiful


      She is gorgeous just like the girl who plays Rosa

    29. lana andrew scott

      i'm convinced that the BONEEEE sequence is everyone's all-time favourite on the show 😂

    30. Mahima Pai

      I watched this just for the Captain Dad needs to bone scene😂

    31. homayoon farzane


    32. jhodgkinson17

      i think this should also have included: 'hey sarge! what up bro' 'yeah, totes!' *dabs* 'captain, you look-' 'NO'

    33. iromi de silva

      I see it, I see it all Dam that sounded so weird 🤣🤣

    34. Yash Saraswat

      She is pulchritudinous.

    35. Amani Zahra

      So..... Amy being around Holt for 10 minutes straight

    36. Adwait Patil

      There's one where she says she went to typing camp and everyone called her "Finger Queen" 💀

    37. Ashton Parker

      Any reason to put the 'BONE' scene in a video is a good reason.

      1. scrittipolitti

        BO-O-ONE? 😱

    38. Chrisy Toman

      It should've been called every time Holt asked Amy anything

    39. Human Person

      You know this video made me realise that Holt can be kind of mean to Santiago, I mean he know about her.... issues with Holt and it does sometimes feel like he’s just making fun of her😂😂😂

    40. vinay vijayan

      Amy 😍

    41. sean aberdeen

      Do yall really find this show funny?

      1. sean aberdeen

        @Leo Yeah, out of curiosity I'm you?

      2. Leo

        Do y’all really need to comment this?

    42. Isaac

      *w H e R e I s T h E b U c K l E, s A n T i A g O ??*

    43. Kyung-wan Yoo

      Looks like you got an excuse to include Raymond screaming "BOOOOOOOOOOOOONEEE!!!" 🤣🤣🤣...again

      1. Kyung-wan Yoo

        @Orsus7 pretty sure that's bound to happen anytime soon

      2. Orsus7

        Next week is the 10 minute video of him just saying bone.

    44. FamuzzGaming

      Anyone who disliked this is a flope

    45. Pixell Cam

      The entire squad emanates sooo many high school vibes for some reason.

    46. Vijay Usurumarthi

      Booonnnneeee 🤣

    47. 136 - Pranathi Kodicherla

      Rosa smiling in the background makes the scenes more hilarious 😂😂

    48. KLMatSJC

      Got to love pre-SNL Pete Davidson

    49. Seth Lambert

      Wait, what...Captain Ray Holt? Ummm that doesn’t feel right.

    50. Gabriel Navarro

      Amy's so goofy.

    51. The Stranger

      Rosa: "Blink teice if you want me to mercy-kill you" Amy: *blinks twice mid sentence*

    52. Abhishek Kumar

      'Oh no, Rosa crying, pat pat', this is the only show that can make me cry and laugh at the same time.

      1. Rachel Soule

        Ik Rite.

    53. MetaphoricallyRose

      I’ve been told I am a “Santiago” I know realize that was not about being smart it was about how I place my value from other people’s praise and I can speak to people normally without practice

    54. never mind

      Keep Holting On - Amy Santiago

    55. Samuel Lalla

      she is so cute

    56. venkata jayanth

      I ❤️ amy

    57. Andrew Jackson

      Where's the buckle Santiago??

    58. anna

      Amy Santiago is my idol please


      I love it when Gina makes fun of Amy.

    60. Anuj Pethe

      I just realized the kid in the at risk seminar is pete Davidson 5:32

    61. Yun Jin Fetters

      Any excuse to use the "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE" scene.

    62. 쀵쀵귀염이

      " I will make better mouth " when we finally speak to someone irl again 😂💀

    63. silis

      She's the definition of adorkable. I love her lol.

    64. Lady Alteria

      I don't think the bone incident will ever not be funny

    65. KameiD

      You think I'm like when you were a litte girl?😁

      1. Yeeyee


    66. cool jazz

      I don't know about awkward, but she is my beauty queen ❤️

    67. John Cheney

      Are you, bowing?

    68. Brikhabhan Tiwari

      6:12 Love Her Smile!!!

    69. Ashish Kumar

      BONE!!!! BONE????

    70. Rebecca Rich

      No matter how many times I watch the “bone?!’ scene it’s always funny

    71. Nirawit Karnjanasomwong

      Season 1 Amy: “Sir, I will make a better mouth.” Season 7 Amy: “Sorry sir, that nobody here wants to bone you. You dusty old skeleton.”

    72. rayzilla

      Just jammin’

    73. Nancy Udom

      Amy is super beautiful. Just had to put that out there.

    74. Nancy Udom

      Captain holt: Are you bowing? Amy: no, this is how I walk. 😂😂

    75. Muriel Mackie

      "Blink twice if you want me to mercy kill you" lol

    76. Jordi Cruz Lopez

      Alternate title: Amy being super “chill” for 10 mins straight

    77. Jo Kabasa

      Be more articulate when you talk to the children. Yes Sir I'll have better mouth 🤣 Adorkable

    78. Sohum Khaladkar

      At 9:34 the way Amy crawled herself up🤣🤣🤣

    79. Thenatural56

      Shut up Ray?......OMG

    80. Thenatural56

      What about Diaper up.

    81. Chobbledocker


    82. Misha Kapadia

      "You look beautiful. 😫😩"

    83. Wilde

      As much as I love the "BOOOOONE??!" scene, I still think "weirdest conversation ever" and "mission possible" are my all-time favourite Amy moments.

    84. Alfred C.

      This show really grew on to me. I wish I didn’t spoil what happens in the later seasons though. /:

    85. Michael Pasquarelli

      Captain Holt walking into a room of young people chanting “Black people CAN sell drugs”😂😂😂

      1. Thy Trueth One

        Still fkin hilarious bruh 😆

      2. Mr.Mentor

        when i saw that for the first time, i died laughing

      3. rishi l

        I still laugh about it after 7 years

    86. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

      My therapist: how would you describe you being socially inept throughout your life in 10 minutes? Me: shows him this.

    87. Rohan Gangan

      God that celebration at 3.55 ROFL 😂😂😂

    88. Irena Słoma

      Amy is my spirit animal

    89. Youssef Khaled

      RAYMOND at “ 6:09 “ 😂😂😂😂😂

    90. Manav Udgirkar

      Yet another video with the BONE! clip

    91. Mariana Spadoni

      My spirit animal

    92. Göklerin Titaniği

      Alternative title: “10 minutes of Holt demolishing Amy’s spirit.”

    93. Hendrik Wirtz

      Filming the BOOONEEE scene must have been so much fun

    94. Hendrik Wirtz

      I am convinced that Holt sometimes messes with Amy just because he can. Could be part of him mentoring Amy. After all one must consider that he has his own cool.

      1. Grace MacIntyre

        He definitely does

      2. Göklerin Titaniği

        That’ actually revealed on the Halloween Heist, the time which Gina won (I think it was the fourth) where Holt “obligates” Amy to smoke to figure out her hiding place. :D

    95. KC in motion Gaming

      This is like the office But not the office

    96. C S

      And long may she reign!

    97. Alwynn j

      I love awkward Santiago 😍😍😍

    98. Daenerys Targaryen

      Hummus. Thoughts

      1. Abdullah Hussain

        I thoughts on hummus

    99. Daenerys Targaryen

      You call this awkward... You should get to know me...

    100. Gayathri A

      Awkward Amy is the best! Love the Holt-Amy dynamics in the earlier seasons.