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    Delve into the Schur-iverse with best comedy crossovers from Parks & Recreation and The Good Place. Did any guest appearances sneak past us? Let us know in the comments!
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    1. Anahita Nagpal

      kristen bell is basically tahani in parks and rec

    2. Radhia Deedou

      Should've added brooklyn 99

    3. SyrioHghar88

      I like that Michael Schur often reuses actors. I want to see D'arcy Carden, and others from the Good Place in future projects of his.

    4. Spruce•and• Juniper

      You guys forgot that Nick Offerman voices the slug monster Gary that Michael asks if he's lost weight in the bad place

    5. Alex Lieber

      they just pass around the same actors a couple times its so funny

    6. Lady of Darkness

      Nick Offerman and Marc Evan Jackson basically always have the same personality in Parks&Rec, B99, and the good place 😂

      1. Gabrielle C

        He is much more dramatic in the good place when he doesn't pretend to be a judge.

      2. Internet Person

        Grumpy, boring but secretly fun?

    7. The Ineffable Shipper

      the good place is a very different show to parks and recs, i love both

    8. José Escobar


    9. GummyBear556677


    10. Random-Man

      How about a cool ranch baby 5:53

      1. Random-Man

        How about a cheddar cheese baby.

    11. dolev halachmi

      i’m on the good team

    12. Patrick Butler

      I choose to believe that’s actually just Ron in the good place

      1. orksca

        @Tye Likes To Draw no shut up

      2. Chewb Tho

        @Tye Likes To Draw yeah but it’s Ron

      3. Tye Likes To Draw

        actually, nick offerman has stated publicly its not ron. its nick offerman himself in the good place.

      4. Ashcool

        @Patrick Butler Maybe. But also, if I understood it right, I think he doesn't have to get over his hatred for government to get into the good place. Many people we see get in even with their biggest flaw completely unaltered. You just have to get enough points in the medium place which Ron definitely would since he's really considerate and contributed positively to the community.

      5. Patrick Butler

        @Ashcool he’d have gone through the system and worked out the issues he has with governmental systems, especially since the good place has a good and constantly improving government that mostly leaves the people alone, either that or he just stays in his cabin most of the time

    13. Ellie Morgan

      I legit noticed this a few months ago and felt so smart lol

    14. Jasmine

      I love how Nick Offerman plays basically the same character in both and Adam Scott’s characters couldn’t be more different

      1. Abby Leung

        nick is also playing himself

    15. Gracie Robles

      i feel at peace knowing nick offerman made it into the good place

    16. MNY

      The Good Place vs Brooklyn 99? 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

    17. Ali Emad

      I wonder if there is any actor/actress who appeared in the office, parks and rec, Brooklyn 99 and the good place🤔

      1. Ali Emad

        @Pauliewoah, never noticed he was in the office. That's the closest we'll get to an actor being in all 4 shows

      2. Paulie

        Jim O'Heir was in parks and rec as jerry, a cop in b99, and the office as a background char when Michael and Jim was in hooters. Unfortunately he wasnt in the good place. Hoping someone might see him as a background char there lol

      3. The Ineffable Shipper

        yrs but the office isnt really counted as a schur show seeing as greg daniels did most writing

      4. The Ineffable Shipper

        kevin/shawn/lawyer dude

      5. Ali Emad

        @Gustavo Matozo yep I know that Marc evan, Jason (I also don't how to spell his surname so I'm not gonna try😅) and nick Offerman all appear on parks and rec, B99, and the good place just not the office. As you said Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones appear on two of the shows. There is also Oscar and Meredith from the office they appear in on B99, as well as Jerry from parks and rec. I was hoping there is an actor/actress that appears on all 4 shows

    18. Daboss 6585

      Did they just bring nick offerman onto the good place and not give him a character just let him be himself

      1. Lady of Darkness

        Basically yes.

      2. Daboss 6585

        @MaryEllen Brown wait that means he died So does anyone know what those symbols mean

      3. MaryEllen Brown

        Yes. In the credits of that episode it says nick offerman as himself

    19. Miranda Dunham

      If you haven’t do parks and Rec. vs b99

    20. Francis Sinatra

      Two of my favorite shows in the same video ? Mother forking shirt balls.

    21. Gayathri Gld

      Let's all take a moment to appreciate the comedic genius of Michael Schur. 🙌

      1. Eesh

        Greg Daniels as well

      2. todh fodh


    22. Risheek Dixit

      Nick Offerman basically plays himself across the Schurr-verse

      1. orksca

        HAHA “schurr verse”

      2. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

        @yean isch Yeah ngl the B99 Nick is nothing like the others

      3. yean isch

        @GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios he's a gay doctor. Being gay is still a very notable detail imo

      4. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

        @Izzy Jackson Those are minor opinions in his personality, it’s mentioned a decent amount but not nearly as much as the wood working talent and the very similar attitude

      5. Izzy Jackson

        @GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios Exactly real life Ron aka Nick Offerman doesn’t share these opinions with Ron

    23. Tyler Velazquez

      I always come to this channel on my breaks just to watch these clips

    24. Miss Granger

      Kevin, i did not expect to see you here. Sincerely, Capt. Raymond Holt

    25. JamesMusic

      Slightly unrelated but the official office IRflow channel linked one of your videos the other week

    26. madebyCharlène

      You should make another one adding Brooklyn Nine Nine.

      1. Ghanashyam Chakravarthi

        Already there

      2. MNY


      3. Sarah


      4. Ryan Leary

        Yes, Brooklyn 99 is an incredibly great show

      5. rizka ardina

        yes please

    27. gay ukulele kid

      the... the thumbnail

      1. gay ukulele kid

        @Dylan Krejci look at it again

      2. Dylan Krejci

        what was the problem with it?

      3. gay ukulele kid

        @Comedy Bites dammit jerry!

      4. Comedy Bites

        can we blame this one on Jerry and get a pass? 🙏

    28. Benjamin Sears

      Oh umm i think u got the thumbnail mixed up alittle

      1. Benjamin Sears

        @Comedy Bites yeah of course np

      2. Benjamin Sears

        @Comedy Bites oh no worries at all I didn't know If realize at all also no rush at alll

      3. Disco Bird

        @Comedy Bites :|

      4. Comedy Bites

        maybe it was an intentional design choice... maybe it was a mistake cause we had a long day... maybe we’ll correct it tomorrow...... who’s to say?