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    You're REALLY going to make us laugh and cry in the space of five minutes, Superstore? Seems unfair, but okay...
    Superstore is streaming now on Peacock - bit.ly/WatchSuperstorePeacock
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    1. dan d

      Such an underrated show.

    2. HoopleHeadUSA

      Super underrated comedy, definitely give it a shot

    3. Plasmablast Gaming

      10/10 100% reccomend incredible show, garunteed laughs.

    4. Eren Bağlar

      show is 6/10 its nice but there are cult comedies, you would prefer watch 5 times each episode before you watch this show.

    5. Poncho Palito

      This can't beat the office, the office are og

    6. BeanBoi

      This show is criminally underrated

    7. Rebecca Rich

      Way to make this far more spoiler-y than it needed to be

    8. Reggie Smith

      I want a series just based of the guy talking to the cop

      1. Osmara Arbizu Valdez

        A spinoff of him and Cheyenne (his wife) is being talked about on NBC

    9. Jackbeargames

      I've watched all of these...

    10. Ben H

      Is anyone else super sad that this is the last season!!😭😭

      1. BeanBoi

        I hope some broadcasting company picks it up just like nbc did with Brooklyn nine nine

    11. YonekuniKyuhyun

      I NEED MORE SUPERSTORE COMPILATIONS!!!!!!!!! I love me some Myrtle!!!!

    12. TrapSkateLive

      Work at Costco... It's literally like watching TV lol

    13. sarahbm9

      okay so im a fan of: parks and rec, b99 and the office. should i watch this show? i have to admit i didnt smile one time while watching this

      1. Officerjeffrcmp 28

        @mitul dhoot Office got removed on new years

      2. mitul dhoot

        @Elizabeth Ridenbaugh all are on Netflix B99 Parks and recreation Office And the good place ±superstore

      3. isaac looi

        Same.. didn't really feel it... Guess it's not as spontaneous?? The comedic timing style also might not be for everyone but I'm open to why I REALLY should.. actually watch it

      4. SourPower

        @Elizabeth Ridenbaugh NBC, peacock, iTunes

      5. Elizabeth Ridenbaugh

        I I was able to watch the office parks, recs, community and the good place but not B99. Is there anywhere i can watch all or most of them?

    14. Vivek 2020

      Dont try hard to be the new "office". you just cant

      1. SourPower

        @Vivek 2020 how far did you get in

      2. Vivek 2020

        @SourPower its too dramatic

      3. SourPower

        Have you even watched it

      4. Vivek 2020

        @kiyochiic it looks like a drama.

      5. Vivek 2020

        @Jim Halpert 😭

    15. Tyler Richard

      It’s on Netflix!

      1. Doug Judy Pontiac Bandit

        It's definitely on Hulu

      2. LukeEMH

        It’s on Canadian Netflix

      3. James Muir

        @Hollis Fortune it’s on uk Netflix. I can’t say anything about USA

      4. Hollis Fortune

        ? No it’s not

      5. Rose Smith

        NBC too.

    16. KShins

      I love this show it is so good

    17. Sky W

      I don't even know this show, but when that dude got arrested it- Bro- My heart- I'ma go watch the whole thing now

      1. andyt2k

        It's one of those like B99 where based on the concept and stars you don't think it's actually going to be that good and might be funny for a few episodes but then get tiring........... then it turns out to actually be REALLY good (especially if you've worked retail) and you want them to keep making more of it

      2. Sky W

        @Rose Smith Lol, I'll be on the look out

      3. Rose Smith

        You'll totally love it. Keep an eye out for the subtle background jokes too (a shopper wandering doing weird stuff) 😂😂

    18. Martin Castillo

      6:30 can you make a compilation of all of their off topic talks please 🤣🤣

    19. Francisco Mendoza

      Glenn's voice pisses me off

      1. KGB

        You kinda get used to it