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    Captain Holt and Stanley Hudson face off in the trailer for TALLAHASSE NIGHTS: coming to cinemas in 20-never.
    Who do YOU think would win in this comedy show-down? Let us know in the comments!
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    1. Comedy Bites

      Anyone else getting internationally-wanted criminal/man of mystery vibes from Stanley?

      1. Larson Prospecting

        Not me Stanley was so nice in the office deep down inside he was nice btw everybody just wanted to say you are amazing😇🤩 My dream since I started making videos is to hit 10k (currently at 2.3k) and any help is sincerely appreciated! You don’t have to subscribe but it would make me happy, take care everyone!!!🙏🤩

    2. stephieirene1

      Oh Stanley for sure.

    3. Мастер

      this is even better than most movies today.

    4. The Office Clips

      TEAM STANLEY💜💜💜💜

    5. djcrazy

      sounds boring n possibly funny!!

    6. Rorena ?¿?

      They should cross over these shows for real

    7. Fikret Furkan Özkan

      Really, Michael Scott directed this?

    8. Clifford

      He did not say Messina.

    9. Maicon Zeppenfeld

      the 80's vibe suits both of the main characters

    10. Vansh Sahay

      "The Creator of THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT"

    11. Anirudh Kolli

      Should've been the vice city theme

    12. Lerson D'Souza

      So this is the real GTA 6 Trailer !!

    13. Michael Kava

      This would probably be the best movie behind threat level midnight

    14. Vishrut Rao

      These Florida Stanley and Holt are Samuel L Jacksons of Sitcoms

    15. Deebs

      This is a trailer for my two favourite shows combined 🤤

    16. Luca Pescador-Jin

      I thought his name was Greg?

    17. Adi Chatterjee

      this is a masterpiece

    18. Kas58223

      Please make this this is simply awesome Holt being called in for one last job to take down Florida Stanley while Holt deals with demons of his past, Holt calls in Jake for help while Jim is questioning his lifestyle and join up with Florida Stanley

    19. T0nKaM0E

      Man I buy the movie right now.

      1. Kas58223

        @Joshua Pope I can see a big shoot out where Jim will have to make the choice whether to keep doing what he doing with Florida Stanley or ride of into the sunset with Pam on the witness protection that Holt and Jake make sure he’ll get

      2. Joshua Pope

        @Kas58223 Jim could be the big tuna Holt and Jake need to take down Stanley

      3. Kas58223

        Definitely Florida Stanley being the top crime boss and Holt being called in for one last time to take him down while dealing with the demons of his past and getting Jake to help him out to deal with Florida Stanley and Jim that want Florida Stanley lifestyle

    20. Christian Lim

      this should be a series.

    21. Daniel Deering

      I’m hearing best director Oscar buzz for Scott

    22. Hemali Arora

      People: avengers is the biggest crossover Me (an intellectual): Umm..

    23. Indiana Jones

      Florida Stanley vs DJ B-Day

    24. Annamations idk

      Video: Not coming soon People: doesn’t mean it’s not coming Me: don’t give me hope

    25. Yuvraj Singh

      This is what we all wanted This is what we all wanted This is what we all wanted This is what we all wanted This is what we all wanted Read more And shove it up ma butt

      1. Hemali Arora

        MAN...u savage😎

    26. Kauê Lustosa Morgado

      Perfection never existed until this trailer release.

    27. Mr Banter

      Saw the title immediately thought of Oakland nights

    28. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

      "Admit that you would watch that movie!"

      1. Edo Morales

        It's either the Florida Boys or a Hitchcock and Scully movie

      2. Grimm

        I would

      3. Mr. Burns

        @Gil Siman Tov Tell me why!

      4. Gil Siman Tov

        @Salam Michael Meitei *Number four*- I want it that wayyyy

      5. Salam Michael Meitei

        @The Dark Phoenix believe when I say..

    29. Aditi Chatterjee

      This looks like a character story in GTA Vice City xD, but such cool 80s vibe

    30. Lobs4ngg

      Holt goes to Florida and gets stopped by Jerry ;)

      1. Nicolas Neal

        @Comedy Bites still can't believe that dumbass cop managed to get the drop Jake and Holt and trick them in their interrogation with the the newly wed game

      2. Comedy Bites

        damn it, Jerry!

    31. Batuhan

      Stanley:You're nice guy Jim but you have no idea how to vacation. BEST

    32. brown chicken

      Florida Stanley 🌴 Is who you want On your florida team!

    33. Harrdog101

      Wow Just WOW

    34. AdamG1983

      *"DID I SAY MESINA?!"*

      1. brown chicken


      2. Comedy Bites

        *loud car tyres screech*

    35. Alisha Ahmed

      repeat after me: *GIVE HOLT HIS OWN PREQUEL SPIN OFF*

      1. Biscuit Face7

        And in the same universe of that spinoff they need to have young hitchcock and skully scenes

      2. Kas58223

        @Tarun Purswani I lost everything

      3. Tarun Purswani

        It should have the tag line: Go razzmatazz .

      4. Comedy Bites

        we can only dream 😢

    36. FrozenLV

      Not coming soon, sad.

    37. Griffin Murphy

      first big pog