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    From Season 4 Episode 22, "Employee Appreciation Day": The Cloud 9 stores celebrate an “Employee Appreciation Day” in order for corporate to win their employees over. But when corporate finds out about Mateo’s undocumented status, they send U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the store in an attempt to quash unionisation efforts at the store.
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    1. Sanjay Rajpal

      I love when the show gets dramatic it’s honestly super underrated

    2. Animation Noah

      2:38 hurts

    3. Ken OKeefe

      "Want to start a union?" ....What?!! Get back to work!! There's literally NOBODY on the sales floor right now.

      1. SpoiledMilk

        Did you see this episode?

    4. Dee

      i've been binging this show on netflix this week and this scene fully had me in tears :(

    5. Buttery Biscuit Base

      I discovered this on Netflix less than a month ago and I cried so much at this part! Almost 5 seasons in and so emotionally involved with the characters this cannot end after s6....please Netflix pick it up!

    6. Simple_

      can we just talk about how they have graphics cards in a grocery store

    7. OuterSpawn

      I'm just watching this show for the first time, and I just finished this episode. Man it was actually super sad and heavy. Great show!

    8. Jamie Pender

      We need season 7

    9. Manny Garcia

      This is my worst nightmare.

      1. Manny Garcia

        @Julia Hope Smith thank you so much for your kind words and wishes, some of us are very persistent and really want to prove to this country that we are good citizens and deserve a chance. That’s all we ever want a chance.

      2. Julia Hope Smith

        I hope with my whole heart that you and your family/friends never have to experience this. I can’t imagine how hard it is to live in fear like this. Sending so much love ❤️

    10. Jens Hansen

      this really destroyed me. When dina said "i don't know" that was so sad. just seeng her come to terms with the situation and realize she can't do anything.

    11. VoidCats- 0ne5ive

      Kelly tho 😂

    12. Rob Kingdom

      I love Dina. She’s absolutely hilarious but also the most genuine friend ever! The actual despair that showed on her face when she realised she couldn’t save her friend was incredible acting! I love her.

    13. That High Halo Guy

      Bro i almost cried when I saw this

    14. afshan dastoor

      Song at the end?

      1. Tony Leadholm

        "Homegrown" by Haux

    15. Tony Leadholm

      This episode was just SO WELL DONE. Regardless of political affiliation, SuperStore put the issue of undocumented workers front and center without being preachy or sanctimonious. Definitely one of my favorite episodes, and along with the Tornado episode of Season 2, the best season finale.

    16. R.H.

      i haven't even wactched the show and i teared up

      1. ItzWolfie51

        Watch it it’s hilarious

    17. Rebecca Rich

      I haven’t watched old Superstore clips in a while, it’s so weird seeing Amy here

    18. SwervingSphinxs

      man, this really is something, like dang

    19. Brute Better

      Should of made a toilet paper fort. 😊

      1. gamer matt


    20. John Cheney

      What is this show called

      1. l dylan


      2. Ahsan Bilal


    21. thedogmancaper


      1. gamer matt

        Poor mettao

    22. realDavid Mooradian

      Never seen this show before but I have a feeling if I started it this would be quite the spoiler

      1. J B

        Not sure about in the US, but it's on Netflix in Canada.

      2. James Gomez

        @realDavid Mooradian NBC snd Hulu

      3. realDavid Mooradian

        @gamer matt what network/ platform

      4. gamer matt

        You should wach it

      5. Max

        It’s so funny