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    We put together a montage of every single "THIS is the bad place" realisation from The Good Place - because this past year does feel a little bit like Sean and Michael are messing with us. 2020/2021: ya basic!
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    1. King Astaroth

      I didn't know that the original voice of Eleanor was so sweet, I think that it makes funnier her attempts to blame/saying bad words.

    2. pandamoon613 UvU

      When I saw that Jason figured it out, I felt so so bad for Michael 😂

    3. Humble Warrior

      Bad ocean milk with animal croutons 🤣😅🤣

    4. Penelope

      I feel like Chidi realised they were in the bad place in episode 1 to 3 but couldn’t figure out how to tell everyone/ didn’t so the rest of their afterlife would be ruined

    5. Disney Obsessed

      Eleanor and Micheal laughing will always be iconic

      1. GaguGal

        Sorry to ask, but I've not watched the series and I'm curious. Why do they laugh together in the last one? Did Eleanor join his side? Is it a good thing?

    6. Angie Reyes

      This is a Genius Comedy gold writing.

    7. Wade S

      “Yeah, this one hurts. Ow.”

    8. LivingDog

      I missed this show. It's a kind of take on No Exit, right? "Hell is other people "

    9. Marlee Ebbert

      Hot ocean milk with dead animal croutons... I’ll remember that one for later

    10. Cameron Monaghan

      This needs The Shepherds Boy from Doctor Who

    11. Leki Linky Ku

      Great laugh

    12. MadmanMalcolm

      Easily one of the best plot twists in the last 10 years of TV.

    13. Nicole Song

      Dammit, that was a real trip for biscuits and now we’re all wet, daddy-o!

    14. Robert Garrison

      Forkin hell

    15. Rinku bhandari

      I don't know why but I don't like this actress. She is beautiful and all but I get annoyed while watching her.

    16. thedoldrummer

      A sitcom having a better twist than big blockbuster films will always be delightful to me.

    17. rose novel

      Why do they have to tell them about the good place and the bad place anyway?

    18. Lapis Firestar

      This show really makes not a lick of sense for people who havent watched it (aka me) but this was a very good video

    19. Adam Blyth

      Feeling physical pain after Jason figured it out, amazing hahaha.

    20. Taylor Uhlman

      Jason figured it out?! Jason?! This is a real low point. Yeah this one hurts. Ow

    21. yuhh

      God, I hate Vicky

    22. Dwayne Gardner

      One of the best shows ever - just a great ensemble cast and wonderful writers.

    23. sebastian martinez

      How is this funny

    24. Luz Rosas

      Performances, that's what makes this show so great. You believe all that crazy sh!t because of them.

    25. Jacob Lincoln

      I love this show so much.

    26. Deepanwita kar

      Actually they could send them to the real bad place to continue the drama..the real bad place do exist. This was just an experimental bad place of Michael

    27. Michelle p

      It was the bad place all along...🤭🎵🎵🎵🎶

    28. spaceballs44

      Wow, he’s in his own hell now. I wish she would of said she’s in her good place in making him pissed for eternity.

    29. midoribushi

      Always loved it when Chidi figured it out, and Eleanor and Michael did the evil laugh!

    30. illachuknow

      Michael's evil laugh always gives me the jeebies

    31. Kiran Kumaar

      2020 explained in 1 line..

    32. kian hecht

      Ohmygod I miss this so much!!!! I wld litterally give anything to watch it again for the first time

    33. JT

      *My SwEeT DeWDroP*

    34. JT

      Love this show! Kinda sad its not more popular

    35. L M

      Bro be careful with the title you’re gonna spoil it for ppl

    36. Lemon Roses

      Haha aww this show, a year ago I was obsessed with this, I’m forever grateful for the memories of its fandom and it will always have a place in my heart 💜

    37. Jake Barton

      Tahani is the only one of the original four to not figure it out

      1. Deniselle Swan

        She's too vain and self-absorbed. She thinks she absolutely deserves to be in the Good Place, she's Tahani fucking Al-Jamil. Similar to the guy in the last clip, who thought he was getting to the Best Place.


      Dafuq did I just watch?

    39. Steven Boelke

      This was a truly great show.

    40. HPPCHG 543

      2:06 TELEANOR FOR LIFE 🥺🥰😭❤

    41. Rebecca Rich

      Eleanor joining in on Michael’s evil laugh at that point in season 4 is truly iconic

      1. Paul Cojocaru

        true dat

    42. Jordi Vanderwaal

      I recently finished The Good Place and I think this is the first of many compilations and related videos from the show I'm gonna watch. The last season was so different from what I thought it was going to be, and that last episode just... changes you.

    43. tudorjason

      2:48 - Michael is like, "What is Eleanor about say? She doesn't think this is the bad place again, right?" 5:15 - And then thinks, "No way Jason is going to say this is really the bad place, right?"

      1. June


    44. Byte and Barq

      5:10 closest attempt Chidi has to decide the train Oh im so stupid that was day 55 2:16 is that

    45. Adam Brewer

      JASON figured it out?! Should probably have accepted defeat there and then Micheal

    46. S A

      Okay but this is a ***SPOILER*** for anyone who hasn't finished the season. I paused watching after second season, idk the whole story but this alone, still was the one of the best plot twists I'd seen in a long time.

    47. Amelia Hamilton

      Eleanor just shouting "this is the bad place" while dressed in monks robes will never not be funny

      1. Darkest Argentum

        ...kinda want to do that as a group cosplay at comicon....once there IS a Comicon again i mean

    48. Carmen Jin

      “im headed to the gym”😂😂

    49. Cw Universe

      0.55- 0.58 what is shawn doing

    50. Zhannell Kimura

      Jason’s proud smile is my favorite

    51. Kiely Newsome

      Michael when Jason figured it out is Spain without the S 😩

    52. Lillian Rodriguez

      IM THE 1Kst LIKE YES

    53. amXranthiine

      Micheal genuinely scares me

    54. Ô. M.A

      1:41 Michael's laugh never fails to get me

    55. Super Pal1994

      I don't understand why I have to save anyone?

    56. Kumar C

      I came here for only 5:11

    57. Brofessor Cizzle

      Never watched the show. So they're all dead right? And the shows called The Good place, but its really the bad place. Got it.

    58. adnan hussain

      The first season finale of The Good Place, is still to this day THE BEST SEASON FINALE OF ANY SITCOM OUT THERE!

    59. greg b

      Michael’s laugh when Eleanor figures out they’re already in the Bad Place the first time, is positively creepy.

      1. Maya Tükel

        It’s so scary like what

      2. Carmen B

        Hell yeah! (Also, I’m the 666th like)

      3. Derek Broekhoven

        He really played it well, great acting

      4. Deniselle Swan

        I totally didn't see it coming and it was like a punch in the gut.

      5. Random-Man

        I'm having nightmares tonight

    60. Ishani Guhathakurta

      The last one is still my favourite. Eleanor and Michael's father-daughter duo laugh is classic . Their duo always keeps me entertained .

    61. Ishani Guhathakurta

      Honestly the dumbest person on earth figuring out your mastermind plan can be deeply hurtful. And the disappointment on Michael's face just shows it flawlessly.

    62. mika mika

      I wanna be rebooted and watch this show again. Seriously, I need a new season or spinoff...this is my favotite show ever.

      1. J Casey

        Spin-off: the life of Michael Realman

      2. Ishani Guhathakurta


    63. Byte and Barq

      2:02 lol 4:15 When a new student enters high school and reliazes on the last day of school "this is the bad place!" 4:27 causally says OH THIS IS THE BAD PLACE just because you know

      1. Heidi Hopf

        4:17 is the last day of Catholic high school.

    64. Gustavo Gutierrez

      4:21 Eleanor: This is the bad place Chidi * figthing with the pig: The pig is getting angry 4:23 Eleanor: This is the bad place*again* Chidi *while being persecueted by bees*: Bees Bees can this poor guy can get a rest

      1. Julian S.

        Don’t forget the time when he got trapped in the purple bubble in that one reboot 😂

      2. Isaac

        The poor guy gets to get with Eleanor in most of the versions so he does get one hell of a forking break...

      3. Shreyashi Bhadury

        The poor guy has had to put up with so much😂

    65. Danielle Lumbis

      Such a classic! 👌🏼

    66. baden closson

      Michaels laughter of disbalief XD

    67. George Prchal

      Bojack Horseman in the Finale: Honeydew!? Yep, this is the Bad Place.

      1. Max Payne

        Finally, a man of culture

    68. Kevin Vo

      If your master plan is solved by Jason, anyone would start to rethink their decisions in life

      1. DracoSerpentisCruor

        @Kevin Vo npp

      2. Kevin Vo

        @DracoSerpentisCruor thanks

    69. MNY

      5:15 the dawning horror on Michael’s face is GOLDEN 😂😂😂

      1. Nahuel Martínez

        And the bg music also adds so much to the atmosphere of the whole thing

      2. Omega Perras

        I know

    70. MNY

      Kristen Bell is a QUEEN and this show is forking amazing

    71. U.M.R Studios

      OMG I can't stop laughing from 4:10

    72. Joseph Campbell


      1. Gé Rosalem

        Earth is a mess y'all

      2. Ishani Guhathakurta

        Holy Motherforking shirtballs I forking knew it

      3. MNY


    73. Ian Stephenson

      Jason looked so happy to figure it out. I also love Eleanor and Michael's joint laugh in the last one.

    74. Tegan McMonagle

      One of the best plot twists I've ever seen!

      1. Alec

        I thought "Michael's Gambit" was gonna be that Michael was willing to make it _look_ like they were in the bad place for Shaun to think he was doing a good job and leave, then they could all go back to badly micromanaging heaven.

      2. Gabrielle C

        The fact that Eleonor AND Jason were "mistakes" made is so obvious that they were in the bad place tbh.

      3. Marie Kaňovská

        Yeah I wish I could experience my amazement when I first watched again, I was so caught of guard (like everyone) and that moment was definition of WTF is happening :D :D :D and I was so upset when my friend explained this tv show to my other friend and spoiled this, fortunately the other friend did not want to watch it, so it was not spoiled for her, but imagine that someone would spoil this moment for you, that would be torture. Honestly I cannot believe they did this plot twist at the end of the season, usually the plot twist is shown in pilot, in worse case scenario in trailer...

      4. Michael Harvey

        When I watched this live I said to myself "I can't believe Eleanor just said that! How stupid for all this build up she took us on." Then when Michael came up with that diabolical laugh, I questioned everything 😂

      5. Jerry Remig

        @Diego Valenzuela It actually caught the actors off guard cause the only ones who knew about this before they received the script for the season 1 finale was Kristen and Ted

    75. Ryan Dooley

      I like this show, but I think at one point it gets to repetitive, still amazing show.

      1. Ana Giannasi

        it didn't tho. When eleanor first finds out the truth is the end of season 1. But when they started season 2 they made sure to not make it a repetitive plot. So much so that the whole rebooting thing is just on the first half of the first episode on season 2. After that, the show continues normally

    76. batgurrl

      One of the most creative, inventive shows ever created. It was often visually stunning, well acted and always surprising. I miss it so much❤️

      1. batgurrl

        @Elza E the only good comedy left on non premium TV is what we do in the shadows imho

      2. Elza E

        i remember waiting for every friday just to wach an episode, i miss those good times

      3. Hi Hello

        @Pasan De Silva IKR I ACTUALLY CRIED :’)

      4. batgurrl

        @Pasan De Silva YES👏

      5. Pasan De Silva

        And the ending... oh my god i was emotional ❤️

    77. Curious Damsel

      You wish you could have a bite of this pear. 😂🔥❤️

    78. Mae Wobniar

      I have to admit when I first watched this, Michael scared me. But then he kept failing and forking up 😆

    79. Choke On That Agust D

      The absolute defeated look on Michael's face when Jason got it right is so hilarious

      1. Zezlemet

        Not even angry just defeated

      2. KENNY ESTRELLA 145


      3. Irena Słoma

        Never gets old

    80. Jeff Johnson

      You just ruined the entire first season for anyone that hasn't watched it yet.

      1. adam3560 adam3560

        @Alex G Reid loll is he corn?

      2. Alex G Reid

        @adam3560 adam3560 The main character in Inception? Played by Leonardo Dicaprio?

      3. adam3560 adam3560

        @Alex G Reid lmaoo who tf is cobb

      4. Alex G Reid

        -Snape kills Dumbledore -Robb and Catelyn die at the Red Wedding -Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker and Luke’s father. -Malcolm Crowe was a ghost the whole time. -Tyler Durden and The Narrator are the same person. -Deckard is a replicant -Cobb performed inception on his wife. Would you like to hear any other well known spoilers from movies/tv shows that have been out a long time?

      5. mercy galvan

        this show has been out for 5 years it’s on u at this point 😭😭

    81. jimi changa

      when Jason got it must of hurt

      1. spaceballs44

        When he figures it out it was a punch to his ego.

    82. Morgan Stolker

      When Jason figured it out 😩

    83. Hayden McKenzie

      still one of the best tv shows of all time

    84. Icecold1776

      2nd aka first loser or 1st 2.0

    85. Monky Dollqueen

      Confidence is the only key. I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.