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    Here's our headline:
    There's no contesting THIS contest: Knope and Scott see how the turn tables in a ploy to employ the presses. Comedy's best bosses bait the headlines, bamboozle all.
    A bit long, maybe?
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    1. Chris Buchaniec

      Somebody on this channel is a Flippin genius at compiling these clips

    2. Chris Buchaniec

      Escape goat is up there with damp squid and Social piranha

    3. Leonardo Muricy

      Creed os still the best manager though

    4. Shashwat Dev

      They always give an ultimatum😂🤣🤣 no one is even near to Steve Carell

    5. takishticks

      Leslie and Micheal are like siblings 🤣

    6. elf fishy

      Michael is totally better

      1. Dan The Man 101


    7. Sully Baxter

      Parks and Recreation is by far better than the office its not even close Parks and recreation has better characters and better continuity and don’t rely on main character to make things funny or shows go on Parks and Recreation hands down better

    8. ShizzleMahLoinz

      Michael all the way.

    9. Amalio Quiles

      Michael is better

      1. Fardim Nazir

        @K. T. Two completely different people.

      2. K. T.

        @Isabel Wendling uh...yes. By a large margin.

      3. Isabel Wendling


    10. I like Primarina

      Here so early wow, wish I could think of a good comment.

    11. Jordi Cruz Lopez

      Michael is a love hate situation

    12. Konrad Antonowicz

      Pausing at 1:48 you can see some unspoken parts of Michael's Speech.. It's hilarious af!!

    13. Sam Stern

      Difference between the two Headline: Leslie Knope is a dedicated intelligent politician while Michael Scott is an incompetent hilarious spaz

    14. Lilah Emmalee

      I'm Alone 😍😥

    15. Ansley Savanna

      Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    16. clarkscat

      Micheal is like a uncriminated oj

    17. Cora Robbins

      wow i'm early

    18. MACKOMOR

      Michael's the greatest tv boss of all time

    19. Force Caption Cat-ra

      I feel like Leslie would get so competitive that she would smash Micheal’s “Worlds Beat Boss” mug on his head and then Ben would make her help him put it back together. Also over all Leslie is the best boss

    20. Miranda Dunham

      Leslie is like the smarter female version of Michael

      1. K. T.

        Leslie is the try hard female reboot

      2. Jana Ghazi

        Absolutely NOT

      3. danny fonseca

        Did u just assume Michael is a male how dare u

    21. Aditi Jain

      I can't even compare them I'm too busy laughing

      1. I like Primarina

        Lol same

    22. someloser 2888199

      1:13 actually, it's BIZNES

      1. borour