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    Prank Master General Jake Peralta faces off against Ultimate Prankster Jim Halpert to see, once and for all, who's the greatest prankster slash genius! Hopefully they won't accidentally strangle anymore of their coworkers in the process...
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    1. Naina

      It depends on the person who is getting pranked. Dwight is an easy victim.

    2. Saaksham Jhalani

      Jake is the god of pranks. Brooklyn 99 for ever

    3. EMan AG

      Jim wins every time, his pranks are better. But Jakes are usually more wholesome and have better sentiment

    4. Jameson Malik

      I love both of these shows. But Jim is the better prankster.

    5. Uumix

      Jake: *Literally moves the podium a half inch* Holt: “Your CRAZY! How did you pull this off?!” 😂😂😂😂😂

    6. Maddy McConnell

      Pranking was Jim’s thing so you can’t really compare

    7. Llamazing

      Lol It’s funny how Michael and Dwight were acting like the call was real

    8. Ntombikayise Nzimande

      Jim: im irate right now! Micheal: he's irate, give me the phone!

    9. Clive ward

      Haha, asian Jim even replicated the looking at the camera

    10. Michele Spencer

      The combative lilac notablely supply because manager correlatively zoom astride a oceanic net. encouraging, magnificent balloon

    11. Planet Geek

      Jim Halpert any day

    12. fire weasel

      jim is the better prankster sorry jake

    13. Matthew Bartlett

      2:11 I bet this is Randall Park’s favorite scene ever

    14. Eliza McCarthy

      Asian Jim was so well thought out

    15. William Haskins

      I find it hilarious how Dwight moves closer to the phone to hear the conversation and Michael covers the speaker like they are actually talking on the phone and he’s not sitting right there. 😂 😂 great acting

    16. Gökay Günay

      l like b99.But jim's prank is better.

    17. Barracuda'18

      Wait wait wait, is Jim saying Dwight went to the bathroom 24 times that one day?

    18. Sophie

      They are both funny and enjoyable in different ways

    19. Jousty Birdington

      I can't be the only one who wants Amy's voice as the dialing sounds for making a phone call. Three! FIVE?! OnE!?!

    20. Puja Prasad

      Jim is the clear winner.. Jake is a cutie who does simple n sweet pranks

    21. Parker Holt

      Jim’s obvious winner

    22. Mr.PerfectCell

      It’s hard, Jim almost convinced Dwight that he is Asian but Jake moved Holts podium an inch to the left and I still have no idea how he pulled it off

    23. El

      Jim looks sorta like Jake. Is that just me?

    24. Adarsh Rajan

      Jims pranks are always superior, love jake tho

    25. Indu Subaiya

      Jim gets a huge dub

    26. Prina Jindal

      I love jake but jim is obviously the better prankster

    27. Yerin's Buddy

      Jim is the blueprint. The Mr. Buttlicker scene is so amazing, just incomparable

    28. Daniel Stein

      This isn't even a competition. Jim's pranks are so intricate and planned for the most part. They are both funny, but on a completely different level.

    29. Ace Fury

      Controversial Opinion: Jake is the better prankster. A prank is a prank when the prankee finds it hilarious. Otherwise it's teasing/bullying/harassment. A prank is based on how its received, not how it's enacted. Jake's pranks, for the most part, left the prankee happy and amused. Jim's pranks Dwight felt targeted and harassed, enough to file several official complaints.

    30. Chava Mata

      No questions asked

    31. Chava Mata

      Jim will always be the best at pranks

    32. Xavi Oxley

      He’s nice, he knows magic AND he’s an actor what can’t Jimmy Woo do

    33. Emma Ray

      The Asian Jim prank seems like the premise of a “Twilight Zone” episode

    34. hey lily

      Jim's deffinantly better at pranks but Jakes more childish

    35. Ramsha Anwar

      I love how the bobblehead was what broke Dwight.

    36. MNY

      Jim is a genius, but Jake makes up for it in enthusiasm and heart

    37. panda moore


    38. Rudraksh Khair

      Bruh the way jim says HOW DARE YOU at 4:03 is the best. He really is an amazing actor.

    39. Mithilesh Kadam

      How can u even compare... Jim's pranks are god level.


      9:17 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that face

    41. Shivani Prabhu

      I love both of them with my entire heart but Jim's pranks are absolutely genius. He wins it P.s.: bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Is the best prank ever

    42. FZSWIFT 4

      Jim is most definitely better

    43. Ethan Leahy

      love jake but its not even a competition, jim is the best prankster

    44. arunima choudhary

      Dude Jim is the obvious winner, love Jake but come on. Jim is a pranking genius

    45. The HMF

      Jim is the better prankster but Peralta is funnier in general.

    46. Tom Cruz

      it's a million dollar sale 🤣 I'm here on a date that's now leaving, totally worth it

    47. Tino17!

      My two favourite shows 🤩🤩

    48. Aaditya Kasibhotla

      Never noticed this dwight at 4:13 dwight says "I am on hold" to miachel like it is an actual call.

    49. Jake Belgira

      Uh uh...peralta wins this one😂

    50. Zümra Aydoğdu

      It's unfair to Jake because like...Jim is the great master of pranks and the office pranks are the best lmao there is no tv show character that would beat him with pranks

    51. jung mo

      buttlicker will always be my favorite scene.

    52. Avgeek India

      2:29 I desperately need photoshop tips!!:)

    53. B. Saf

      You gotta do a best undercover moment episode.

    54. Thomas Dunford

      Is that...JIMMY WOO??!?!??

    55. Shivam Takyar

      the guy from brooklyn 99 didn’t even have pranks, at least not real ones, unlike Jim had

    56. Raunak Mondal

      Jim is god tier in pranks

    57. Callum Keshavjee

      7:55 is great! Jim: MICHEAL Dwight: That's funny.... MICHEAL

    58. Gautam Bihani

      Jake is good and all but Jim is a freaking prank legend dude

    59. Sindhu

      Jim is definitely the most resourceful and the rewards are equally awesome. Jake's more of a spontaneous prankster. Love them both.

    60. Udit Gor

      Jim's the better one. I love Jake, but there's actually no competition. Jim wins. Hands down.

    61. indranil barman


    62. Pratishtha Shukla

      Jake is my favourite character out of the two ( just my opinion )....but Jim is the better prankmaster .

    63. Polly Maze

      Both shows and characters are brilliant but Jim is the clear winner

    64. mars Sh

      Moving the podium and William Buttlicker are my favorites.

    65. mars Sh

      Hey what is agent Jim doing here? What about Wanda's situation?

      1. India Freund


    66. Rishabh Agnihotri

      Jim wins hands down

    67. Beans

      Jim’s genius will never be replicated

    68. Indranil Ghosh

      I love both jake and Jim but Jim is definitely the best prankster ....

    69. Abdul Muhaimin

      " ... it's a million dollar sale"

    70. Ali Ahmad

      Jim amd Jake could be best friends

    71. Hasib Ahmmed Rony

      Jake's no match for Jim.😂😂

    72. Davi d

      The Office is funnier.

    73. Fabio Polichetti

      How can you even compare the two?!? B99 got nothing on The Office.

    74. mercyxmutual

      Jim realizing how much time and money he spends on torturing Dwight is always hilarious

    75. Vishrut Rao

      Actually Jim's pranks feel like pranks, whatever happens in Brooklyn 99 is just ridiculous, well it's written by Mose Schrute so it's just as fun

    76. David. Crowther

      I’m sorry did Rosa say Jake was 38 years old?!

      1. David. Crowther

        @Mr. Scarlo Jesus Christ he does not look 38. Fair play to Andy Samberg he’s really taken care of himself

      2. Mr. Scarlo

        @David. Crowther, only a couple of weeks between the finale and the premiere. However, the episode he says he's 38 is in the middle of the series.

      3. David. Crowther

        @Ari 9000 Christ above how much time passes between Season 6 and Season 7?

      4. Ari 9000

        Season 7 Jake is 38

    77. Marthe Nuyttens

      Oofff this really is the ultimate prank wars😍😂 I love them both, they’re LEGENDARY

    78. Kevin Gomolchak

      Always wanted to see what happened when Jim got back from the dentist. "You're not Jim. Jim's not white."

    79. nxahsvids

      i forgot how much i love jake peralta

    80. Nair Shabari Nath

      Literally the two best shows in the world 🔥🔥

    81. Fikret Furkan Özkan

      Obviously Halpert. Can't you see de difference? All of Jim's pranks are VERY smart but Peralta just "moves the podium". Jim pranks Dwight even from the dentist. I mean, when you think about Jim's pranks, Megadesk, desk at the bathroom, impersonating, vampire slayer, the holy grail, FBI missions... But the best of Peralta is "podium". Come on, Comedy Bites. Even, i don't know, Kevin can prepare better pranks. Peralta can continue to mess with Hitchcock and his shoes.

      1. Jay Kogan

        COMPLETELY agree with ya. Jim is much better and smarter in his pranks than Jake ever is. I feel like Jake kinda just fucks around with his pranks and improvises on the spot, like Amy’s date prank. I feel like why Jake’s aren’t as good as Jim’s is because early in the Office, Jim didn’t really care for his job and spent literally all day doing pranks. Whereas Jake, who works in the homicide department of the NYPD, doesn’t have that kind of time. So, I understand why his pranks are just nonsense. Still, Jim is much more creative and smarter in his pranks than the detective. Also, he ain’t as childish (sorry fans)

    82. Joshua Leipzig

      The two best characters

    83. 147 - Nadha Shafi

      Identify theft is not a joke jim. Millions of families suffer every year... 😂😂 Iconic line💯

      1. Akbar rmd

        The asian Jim turns into Jimmy Woo. FBI, magician, good friend during party.

    84. Tiger Lover

      Jake is great at pranks, but Jim is the obvious winner

    85. Brian Kao

      Jim wins no contest

    86. Schrodingus_ 007


      1. wookie 547

        Jim wins all the time

      2. Bhaskar Gandavabi

        Millions of families :)

    87. Nick D

      jim is way better

    88. Ahsan Bilal

      Love B99 more but Jim is the king of pranks.

    89. N Mouning

      The way that Charles was so excited to pull the prank on Holt though🤣🤣

    90. Fionn Corry

      This has been the combo we've been waiting for

    91. MzWhatThePuck

      I think Jake wins because with his pranks, the person getting pranked and laugh with him. But Jim’s pranks are pretty golden though.

      1. Esinam Adzo

        @TheWatcher328 that's why she said she thinks. It's her opinion so it's subjective

      2. TheWatcher328

        I thought it depends on prank quality, not "wholesomeness".

    92. ydh1997

      This is the best compilation I never knew I needed.

    93. Sergey O'Neill

      0:52 Rosa caring about people.

    94. Dusk

      The office >>>>> B99 Jim >>> Jake

    95. ruth alem

      i love them both but jim is a mastermind when it comes to pranks

    96. camilio B

      man dora the explora is better than jake perelta in everything

    97. Vedank Goyal

      Jim is definitely the better prankmaster but the moving podium scene will always be my top favorite

      1. Shadi Pokes

        I like Jake better overall

      2. Ntombikayise Nzimande

        "you're crazy! how did you pull this off!?" 😂💀

      3. millie bobby brown

        i don’t know the bill buttlicker scene is gold

      4. Erik Koltai

        @Movie Hermit Me naither Its Crazy

      5. Bhaskar Gandavabi

        Don’t think so, Jim’s pranks are much better because of Dwight

    98. Walter Kilgore


    99. Gayathri Gld

      How I wish b99 creators ended it at s9 ep9

    100. Fatma Zehra Yıldırım

      I'll miss peralta so much when b99 is over...

      1. Clive ward

        @The Krunchy Sponge season 8 will be the last one though

      2. The Krunchy Sponge

        @adnan hussain me too man a really good show is going away i hope it will have a sequel show or something similar with the a few or all of the characters

      3. adnan hussain

        @The Krunchy Sponge yup, it's confirmed to be the last season, i am gonna miss the 99 so much

      4. The Krunchy Sponge

        @adnan hussain i feel like it came out yesterday

      5. The Krunchy Sponge

        @adnan hussain wait it's going to be the last season?