Captain Holt Reacts to Wuntch's Death: DIRECTOR'S CUT | Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Comedy Bites

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    Wuntch and Holt's final face-off comes to a dramatic conclusion in this EXTRA-LONG version of the original scene*
    *Happy April Fool's!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 11 روز


    1. Micheal Scoot

      I literally thought IRflow hanged

    2. Micheal Scoot

      Wtf is going on 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Edward White

      Bagel Holy said calmly

    4. N Mouning

      Real fans watch the whole thing 😅

    5. Omar Farukh

      This is a nightmare

    6. shreeansh shreya


    7. Austin Church


    8. David Figueroa

      Finally, a good April Fools joke

    9. Eeshan Pawar

      Captain holt ends world hunger... and also the bagels

    10. Leave me alone

      Who else watched it to the end

    11. Luca Pescador-Jin

      That’s a really deep bag

    12. Gillan Krishna

      I like the part where he says "BAGEL"

    13. Deema Alawadhi


    14. overall

      Bey gol

    15. Blake Cass

      When you listen for a while, bagel sounds like, ‘They Go.’

    16. John Carver

      🥯 🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯

    17. Estelwen Ethiriel

      ngl this at 2x speed beat kinda slaps tho

    18. Brewmaster

      Are you kidding me with this Ear molestation?!

    19. december 1to31

      I lived in New York Troy. I know what a baggel is.

    20. Seth Gideon Caringal

      music to my ears

    21. Lucy Taylor

      Good one Comedy Bites. Lol 😂

    22. Cheery Caramel

      The more I listen to this, the more it sounds like “Thereya go”

    23. Rudyolf Schiermeister

      bagel is the only way to celebrate

    24. wong kang jie

      I did not realise that it was Bagel on and on and on until about 30 seconds in. Then I fast-forwarded to 3:00 and it was still bagel bagel bagel

    25. Peter Sherman


    26. kevin blankenship

      At around the 3-minute Mark I realized how much of a masterpiece this piece of timeless television nay Cinema is.

    27. Your dude4Life

      Time cap 1:14 Bagel 2:00 bAgEl 2:30 BAGel 2:50 bagel 3:00 BAgEl

    28. Jinson Alexander

      Anyone else watch this on repeat for four to five times?

    29. Kevin Gomolchak

      I love how genuinely happy Holt is in this scene.

    30. gignock

      What kind of bagels are they, captain? Bone! Bone! Bagel! Bone! Bagel! Bone! Bagel!

    31. Tyler Morris

      Apparently he's saying bagel 🥯🥯🥯🥯🥯

    32. Rugile Tunaityte

      After a while it started sounding like “Baegold, beagole” :DD

    33. Isaac Osgood


    34. Brian Kao

      Me: So he just repeatedly say bagel Me after remember what today is: oh

    35. Hoodie Guy

      I loved the part when he said “Bagel”

    36. Hans Haraldsson

      Did he say bagel ?

    37. RJ Tavares

      Try saying Bagel 10000 times really fast

    38. Chobbledocker

      - B A G E L -

    39. Crab MTG

      Me at the end: What is this strange word called “bagel”

    40. Sky W

      Bro, how many cops are at the 99?

    41. mynameisnopmop

      So glad I was reminded what day it was by a friend.

    42. Sam Stern

      This title should be called Holt saying BAGEL! for 3 minutes straight

    43. Colin Lets Play

      I expected it and its still awesome

    44. Misha Kapadia

      after enough time it sounds like "faygo! faygo!"

    45. Paula Mendoza

      This is too short

    46. Josias Mata

      I still prefer “LIKE YEAST”

    47. Sam Stern


      1. Patrick Calip


    48. Nit Fens

      I really like that we get to see the directors original vision before the studio came and changed everything.

    49. Jaye3rd89


    50. Teo Trotta-Smith

      Thought my phone was broken for a sec there

    51. Abdul Sunny

      This was a video I didn’t know I needed

    52. Jaye3rd89

      My favorite part is when he said bagel.

    53. hasan sacranie

      The best part was when he sai bagel

    54. SwervingSphinxs

      what if he pronouced BAGEL just like Britta

      1. MaryEllen Brown


    55. Toasty STG

      Captain Holt gave out so many bagels that he sliced world hunger

    56. Monky Dollqueen

      There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses.

    57. Joshua Lobsenz

      sick beat

    58. Kankan Kalita

      220 bagels

    59. TheArcticFox

      I’m gonna hear this in my sleep now😂

    60. Itsjustjord

      Jokes on you, this is the content I wanted from you.

    61. Sehar Jaggi

      OMG FINALLY!! someone has uploaded a vidoe of him continously saying 'BAGEL'!! 🤣🤣 guess i have a new ringtone now🤪!!

    62. Mrmeble

      I like the part where bagel

    63. Grand Admiral Thrawn


    64. Movie Hermit

      This is beautiful... I’ve watched this for 3 minutes and 26 seconds

    65. Vk Vk

      You didn’t fool me. I thoroughly enjoyed holt’s ‘bagel’ if anything i wish the video was longer.

    66. Nipun Kakarla

      My favourite part is 2:17 when there's a bagel on screen

    67. Kah Hou Cheah

      Zack Snyder's Justice League Director's Cut looks really good

      1. David 09

        Just a random comment here But yh I agree

    68. Atharv Shukla

      "BAGEL" ~Officer Raymond Holt, The proud owner of the unlimited bagel bag.

      1. Cheery Caramel

        God my hands are tired I give up lol

      2. Cheery Caramel

        2:57 *Five* flying bagels

      3. Cheery Caramel

        2:50 *Four* flying bagels

      4. Cheery Caramel

        2:45 *Three* flying bagels

      5. Cheery Caramel

        2:40 *Two* flying bagels

    69. grizzlehatchet1

      Woof. Swing and a miss.

    70. Atharv Shukla

      I could hear him say "BAGEL" for the rest of my life

    71. Robert Stegmann

      Ah, the sequel to the Dianne Wiest cut.

    72. ChickenDogePlayz

      Are you ready for some BAGELS?!

    73. Yuki Siegrist

      I live Amy's double chin

    74. Ethan Tull

      It took me a disappointingly long time to realize what day it was

      1. HSB Vex

        I hate this day so much.

      2. leem

        Same hahah

    75. Jess Mathews

      This is the first time I'm this early, I don't have anything funny to comment 😐

    76. Charlotte Kwong


    77. Carlos Campos

      Imma get myself a bagel

    78. Apollo Sunshine

      the only time capt. Holt shows true, unfiltered happiness