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    Sit back and let Leslie Knope guide you through Pawnee's horrible history, one mural at a time.
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    1. Ananya Murali

      8:05 where is ben? is he the one filming lol

    2. greenafy

      You mean murinals?

    3. Chaaps Chaps

      Pawnee Bread Factory Fire

    4. Alexander Olszewski

      8:05 i love that champion is there with April and Andy

    5. Dalai Ankhbayar

      "Mongolia sounds amazing..." "Their mayor is a professional wolverine wrangler." "Fine, Mongolia sounds terrifying." As a Mongolian, I can verify that Mongolia is terrifying.

    6. Rachel Hohner

      Missing the list of grisly titles of (mostly unseen) murals Andy reads off his hand from when Leslie made the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt for Ben!

    7. kevin solorzano

      I’m never getting over Netflix taking this and the office off of stream 🥺

      1. Abby

        if you have a vpn its on UK netflix too

      2. Neptune Priest

        VPN, they're Canadian Netflix

    8. TheSilentKing

      4:39 - 5:22 This marked the last straw for Jerry who went on to quit the Parks Department and sue them for emotional distress. As payment for winning the case his mural was made the winner

    9. ArfaCreates

      That are such beautiful murals 😍

    10. Buffaloat

      you forgot the one where the magician got crucified for pulling a rabbit out of a hat

      1. KR SC

        The year was 1975🤣

    11. Jungle Moose

      At least Pawnee knows how savages should be treated.

      1. Misha Kapadia

        Whoa man... chill

      2. Nicholas T.


    12. OddUndeniably

      I never noticed how often Ben and Leslie sat in front of the wildflowers mural. It was their special place, and that's adorable.

    13. Evan Nance


      1. KR SC

        She also wore pants on a Sunday and spent 5 years in prison for it lol

    14. Evan Nance

      this is one of the funniest and yet most controversial video ever I bet

    15. Amanda Kantzer

      What we need is less offensive history..... Well said Leslie Knope

    16. Carter Reese

      I wonder about murals

    17. maria cecilia jardeleza

      I wish Jerry/Garry/Larry/Terry/Barry had won that murinal contest.

      1. Stephanie Sweany

        You beat me to it. 😹

      2. KR SC

        I know Gary Jerry Larry Terry Gergich-Gengrich is a great artist

      3. rod

        *haha you said Murinal*

      4. maria cecilia jardeleza

        @Napnosis Mayor Darry 🙌🏾

      5. Napnosis

        Its darry now

    18. Jenna Marx

      Ew Ann I'm scared of bees!!!

    19. commodor15

      Louie has not aged well...

    20. kinda sorta


    21. Excited Cat

      Aw man you guys forgot the one where the magician got burned to the stake for witchcraft lol (Which took place in the 70's)

    22. S Y A

      Jerry/Larry/Gary had a cool mural, both of them :)

      1. Fox Animations

        @Misha Kapadia I hope he didnt actually put that murinal in the mens room and had guys murinate on it

      2. Misha Kapadia

        @Fox Animations I'm just glad he didn't have a murinary tract infection

      3. Fox Animations

        Yeah i liked his murinal

    23. Sam Stern

      They have the most crude and offensive murals in history

      1. Azael VI

        @Lamia M.....if you're referring to Afganistan and Iraq, they are most certainly in the Middle East. If you're referring to set pieces in Parks and Recreation the show, those where murals were built on a sound stage.

      2. Lamia M

        @Azael VI yet those are not in the Middle East....

      3. Azael VI

        @Sam Stern I saw crazy pictorials of Muslim conquests and subjugation depictions over other Religious sects (other Muslims, Jews, Christians) over the course of centuries. That was in Afghanistan. One that really stood out was a depiction glorifying the Sept 11, 2001 attacks in NYC. That was found in a State building in Baghdad. I didn't see it in person but a buddy showed photos he took of it. The point is, every nation has a history of violence. To cover it up or tare it down does a disservice to current and future generations. We have to learn from it but recognize it is part of history and not blame current and future generations for the wrongs of the past.

      4. Sam Stern

        @Azael VI what kind of stuff is on those murals?

      5. Azael VI

        Evidently, you've never been to State buildings in most of the Middle East.

    24. Figiwigi

      Poor Jerry.

    25. Ghost Of a Goat

      I was just saying to myself you don't really ever see Amy poehler topless and that's great Amy poehler is a funny awesome woman but I forgot about this murnal

      1. Ghost Of a Goat

        @maggie jane was watch arrested development and GOB was talking about her cans it's a joke

      2. maggie jane

        why are you just casually thinking about how you don’t see amy poehler shirtless a lot lmfao

    26. Umut Sarıkaya


    27. Nadia Richy


    28. zbg13


    29. Misha Kapadia


    30. A Channel


    31. Thomas LoBello


      1. Griffin Murphy