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    Oh honey - it's the best of Jack and Karen, everyone's favourite dynamic duo from comedy classic Will & Grace. Come on now, time to touch stomachs.
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    1. stygianempathy

      I wish I had what they have

    2. Sia Sings

      that boom mic tho, it showed.

    3. Michael Piazza

      “That is the deal, isn’t red?”🤣💀

    4. Sufyan Huma

      Thats tammy 2

    5. George Gerardi

      The REAL stars of the show. Also, I lost it at "poorly decorated crack house".

    6. Fabian Franzmann

      Tammy ll

    7. Jack Coogan

      Man this show sucked when it came out and it still sucks. People just over compensated and said they liked it because they had gay representation. Too bad having a gay character isn't brave anymore so the show has completely lost it's only "unique" quality.

      1. thezachman1

        @Jack Coogan that's fair criticism. I think Jack's character works best as a compliment directly to Karen's character, it's what makes him believable, imo. His interaction with Will has had a weird antagonistic slant, for sure, but I do appreciate and enjoy Jack and Karen kept the show light and fun and silly while Will and Grace and their story was just a lot of droning on and waiting around

      2. Jack Coogan

        @thezachman1 oh I mean it certainly had it's fans. Apologies for stating it so "matter of factly" I really dislike the style of humor of just throwing a gay character in as a flamboyant attention-grabber. That's why I liked Modern Family with Cam and Mitch balancing the ends of the gay spectrum out. Maybe it's personal preference, but just not the show for me. I can't take anything away from what Will and Grace did for the gay community

      3. thezachman1

        a lot of people thought it was funny, but i guess having no opinions about the actual show is what it is.

      4. zurzak ne-etra

        but this is sooo funny!! maybe a bit stereotypical tho, so you might be right there

    8. Sky W

      Kinda wanna watch this show now

    9. Lauren Luckett

      i’ve never seen Will and Grace but i enjoyed this video.

    10. B Matos


    11. Icecold1776