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    Can't get more relatable than Jake Peralta cry-eating a burrito in a hot tub. Here's some of our favourite hashtag relatable moments from The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks & Recreation.
    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Comedy Hub Channel. With all of your favourite moments and characters from some of the worlds best comedy, including The Office US, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine Nine and many many more.

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    1. Cade Capper

      Is whoever made this compilation okay?

    2. Iva Thomas

      Comedy Bites woke up and chose violence.

    3. John Smith

      Y'know, I had my doubts going in to this mix, but I'll be damned if this didn't turn out to be amaze-balls. I have experienced all of these moods at one point or another. In retrospect, I gotta say that the whole, 'destroying an inanimate object' thing is highly underrated. Sometimes, it feels _so good._ I know it's not the 'grown up' thing to do, but very rarely, an inanimate object has to die for me to maintain my sanity.

    4. Kate Hill

      I need the Ryan quote "lead me, when I'm in the mood to be led!"

    5. Callum James

      Ah yes the relatability of shovelling chilli using a clipboard.

    6. Tiana Pi Tesr

      Gosh I want Aubrey to work with Steve . Most of them should mix.

    7. El0w3n_

      imagine theres a crossover of brooklyn 99, Park and recreation, and The office

    8. mike mougakos

      Worst show ever

    9. Sonoro 90

      why did 0:12 to 0:18 Transition SO WELL?

    10. Zeff Malchazeen

      majority of the clips are with ben, why?!

    11. Lyle Nathan

      Just commenting to make it an even 50

    12. Pok' l'Ours

      makes me wonder when "relatable" became a way to say "depressed with low self esteem". ... not saying you're wrong, but still

    13. Mark Calloway

      Sad that after this year none of these shows will be active anymore :(

    14. WyrmApple

      I am 75% Ron. 10% Jim. And 15% April.

    15. 5ix

      Pretty concerning that 6:53 is in this compilation...

    16. Thicc Egg

      Yo Comedy Central guy..u ok? You know U could always talk to us..

    17. Ju Yeon Lee

      What episode of b99 was 1:10 from?

      1. unpredictablemove88

        S4e17 Cop-Con

    18. Jess B

      Otherwise known as living with depression as told by sitcoms. Many of these moments are saved as gifs to my phone for moments where my words fail.

    19. Firiel

      "I wish I didn't have a heart. *Gets up decisively* I'm off to the cheese shop." I've never felt so seen

    20. Weary Carton

      so true

    21. MNY

      4:05 is the biggest mood ever

    22. MNY

      The amount of famous and iconic memes that have come from all these shows is insane

    23. rhoda dixon


    24. Marthe Nuyttens

      7:14 oh Chris Pratt is the best phahahahahahaha

    25. Marthe Nuyttens

      5:52 oh god BEST ONE EVER I’ve been laughing at this for over 5 minutes🤣🤣

    26. Marthe Nuyttens

      0:36 yasss I love that one and I’m gonna use it too😂

    27. Alfred C.

      2:02. Same Gina. Same.

    28. Ryan Leary

      All the B99 ones are great

    29. Itz_ MøchiPxnda

      My teacher: you have homewo- Me: 0:40

    30. Joel Marianuz

      I can relate to every single one of these😭

    31. John Carver

      I’ve decided to stop fighting it and start leaning into the fact that I’m an idiot, Was my favorite quote in the video

    32. I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious

      " I hate so much the things you choose to be"/"Who let the lemonhead into the room?" My girlfriend to me.

    33. Abby Marie

      Lol I’m glad my favorite was in there “No doubt about it I am ready to get hurt again.”

    34. AWESOME Boyzee Boy

      WHO IS THAT 1 DISLIKE! WHO!!!!😡😡😡😡

    35. Lostinei

      man why do "relatable" things always have to do with negative attitudes

      1. Alfred C.


      2. The Lone Wolf

        Because... it’s the truth 😔

    36. Scorch

      I thought this would be a fellow kids type of thing. Turns out it was a personal attack

      1. Cami Kaye

        wdym fellow kids?

    37. Caleb Popa

      Somehow I knew what the first clip would be

    38. Pickle Rick

      You can't through money at your problems. Rosa- 5:23

    39. Theo Bank

      "thanks guys, I really needed this" yup

    40. Gizoole 123


    41. bandjolyn

      The floor is my friend!

    42. Bharath-Vamsi Gogineni

      Apparently, someone at Comedy Bites is really feeling down. Hope it gets better

      1. Alfred C.


    43. Tugsgar

      Well I’m going through a little bit of a rough patch... whole year actually.

    44. SyrioHghar88

      Every time i see a montage from different sitcoms like this, The Office scenes are my least favorite.

      1. SyrioHghar88

        @AtomicQ Gang im not a fan of the office, one of my least favorite sitcoms. Just my opinion.

      2. AtomicQ Gang

        The office r my favorites

    45. Monky Dollqueen


    46. Emma Claunch

      So sad that b99 is ending 😢

      1. Alfred C.

        WHAT... is season 8 the final season?

    47. Jamie Graham

      Man it's sad how much I relate to 99% of these, lol.

    48. Mascha.nitzling


    49. Sky W

      No... don't eat the burrito-

    50. Martin Duroň

      I am Rosa, when she´s angry. Yep all the time.

    51. Apollo Sunshine

      even the first one was perfect, WITCHCRAFT

    52. William Harris


    53. N Mouning

      I felt all of these😭😂

    54. Disco Bird