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    Asking us to pick a favourite cold open from these two shows is like asking us to pick our favourite child: impossible (although Ron Swanson with a puppy is pretty iconic...) Let us know your favourite in the comments!
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    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Comedy Hub Channel. With all of your favourite moments and characters from some of the worlds best comedy, including The Office US, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine Nine and many many more.

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    1. Madison Grandoni

      So now for the argument; who won?

    2. Jackson Gibbs

      "Ok, take him out and shoot him." -Ron Swanson

    3. Voodoodaddy Reece

      Brooklyn Nine-Nine sucks ass. Parks and Rec...brilliant!

    4. Arthas Menethil

      0:50 i feel your pain, i can grow a nice beard but my mustache is patchy and itchy.

    5. Andrea MacDougall

      That is one good looking Labrador Retriever puppy, if it was still alive I would adopt it!

    6. Nevan Slone

      3:14 A Daily Basis

    7. Edward O'Keavy

      I like how the puppy looks away for reassurance one it starts licking Ron.

    8. RingTailedGamer

      11:23 funny scene ever

    9. Daniel Mallory

      I just noticed that April looked at leslie during her song like that no only cause of her not liking of that happiness nature but because ron probably told her of the fire

    10. Hassan Ejaz

      So Long Tank Holt's reaction killed me 😂😂

    11. God

      0:44 Aziz broke character lol

    12. God

      Everytime Ron is on a screen it’s iconic

    13. Jacob Solomon

      Bruh Ben is Ron’s boss and he works out of his department and is still scared of him, so he acts like his employee haha lol

    14. Lorrie

      Easily Brooklyn 99

    15. Mwelwa Nguni

      Bruh Parks and Recreation is corny asf

    16. symbolic503

      "FINE! i was trying something and it didnt work!" 😂😂😂😂

    17. DareDeviL

      6:39 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the silence still gets me❤️😂

    18. Wil Wick

      I honestly like Brooklyn 99 better

    19. JunaTah

      I've never watched Brooklyn but their intros are definitely better.

    20. DR!P

      Lol when I was younger I almost got upset that Aubrey was a puppy person considering she’s literally a cat personified, wtf is wrong with me, who can hate a face like that 🥺

    21. Iron Cross666

      Hate it or love

    22. Mr Nydus

      Pawnee "Its safe to be here now"

    23. Tunoi Veil

      Welcome Zorp!

    24. Ian Block

      The way Ron enters Leslie’s office to inform her that someone is on fire at the park is pure gold

    25. Priyankita Pant

      I hate Tom Haverford.

    26. concienda

      at least he got that unbreakable sequel

    27. Pac

      Never watched Brooklyn 9 9 but it’s very blue in that office

      1. Circuit

        It's a police station, which are blue.

    28. Michael Gary Scott

      What is this show? Never heard of it.

      1. Sturges

        Which one bro

    29. Wh7sper

      If office was also here this would be perfect

      1. Rowan Sharma




    31. Vishrut Rao

      When you realize both these shows are creations of Mose Schrute..

      1. Comedy Bites

        Dwight's always had big expectations, Mose-wise

      2. Rebecca Lewis

        Your comment just made my day 😂😂😂

    32. Ethan Horn

      I love Brooklynn 99... a lot... In some ways I love it more than Parks and Recs... but Nick Offerman is a magic bean of a human bean and he can't be stopped. Every cold open that has Ron in it is absolute fuckin' dynamite. And if for some reason Ron saw this I would immediately say: "Sorry sir, for the colloquialisms. It won't happen again." and then proceed to walk away quickly but not timidly...

    33. Sergio Ochoa

      3:13 I liked the hat

    34. henry dresser

      those aren't even the best b99 cold opens. who made this?

    35. HJ K

      NINE-NINE! way better characters and script

    36. Akhil Nair

      Of course he wanted the puppy dead. It ate all the pieces of meat from Ron's mustache that would sometimes slip into his mouth.

      1. Aryan Saini

        excuse me the proper term is “flecks” of meat

    37. Manasa Narasimhan

      I love both Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But my favourite character is Ron Swanson, hands down.

    38. Vedika

      And then shoot him?! No, just keep him outside

    39. Jason Delvaux

      Parks & Rec wins by a mile.

    40. Sajed Nabi

      5:31 can’t miss out on Andy’s anger

      1. Rebecca Lewis

        What’s crazy, is that I have seen that episode many, many times, but it wasn’t until I watched this compilation that I noticed his angry face in the background.

    41. yuh yuh

      Wait, wait, wait did Ron just say "this building doesn't allow dogs" in a government building? Something is wrong here

      1. Daniel Mallory

        He likes saying no it crushes people he enjoys the sadness that no puppy causes

    42. Ghoulking

      Don’t tell Tom about the movie glass

    43. Rebecca Rich

      Let me just say the whole coffee machine scene has real Among Us energy

    44. Ian Cuspinera


    45. Derek Lasker

      The hat one isn’t even that good

    46. J burnett

      Why did Ron care if the puppy stayed inside because it’s against the rules, I thought he hates all things about government

      1. Sklizzy

        @Fish the Fish Is Fishing well if the dog is going to grow to be more than 50 lbs then i think that’s an exception

      2. Fish the Fish Is Fishing

        because any dog under 50 pounds is a cat and cats are useless

    47. Ghastly_Tales

      Each series is amazing

    48. Chandy Wandy223

      8:55 Holt's face is something else

    49. Addison Patrick Spengler

      I think brooklyn 99 got better cold opens.

    50. Mike Mensinger

      like YEAST!

    51. Zachary Tufts

      Andy at 5:30

    52. Emma Ray

      Blockbuster is where I got the video for “My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas”, it was one of my favorites. Also, Toms puppy voice is hilarious

    53. Patrick Calip

      Ron Swanson's Lord of the Flies reference was legendary to say the least.

    54. eggman


    55. C S

      W I I N E F S E T C T I O N

    56. Miranda Dunham

      WHo are the seven people who disliked this?

      1. Lillian Rodriguez


      2. luke skywalker

        I'm one of them.

      3. Blu0rb Gamer

        Let’s hope it’s the people that realised these things are too good to compete in

    57. John Cianciosa

      I want to know how many takes it took to get andy samberg to keep a straight face on the yeast infection one

    58. vlover1500

      Leslie is the only person that has a Hillary Clinton photo and be someone I can tolerate

    59. Flare 450

      Can I have the n word pass anyone

    60. Gian Ibarrola

      Ron is a chaotic neutral confirmed

    61. harith Aljumaili

      what does a cold open mean ?

      1. Cas Dobbin

        It's when you sit on a Japanese toilet seat and it squirts a jet of water...

      2. Addison Patrick Spengler

        It just means the start of a show like the clip before they start playing the theme song.

    62. The Master Samurott

      Idk why but the “It burned my hand so I punched it.” Gets me every time

    63. luis telles

      I will always love the capn trying the red hat 😂😂

    64. Mauricio Graham

      Both are funny but Parks and Rec hold a special place in my heart with the Office ♥️

      1. Addison Patrick Spengler

        I think i gotta go with brooklyn 99 on this one. Andy Samberg is hilarious.

    65. Mr Wolf

      2:25 I like how Ben isn't even in Rons department, even above him speaking of ranks. Yet he's so frightened of him, that he participates in the investigation. Lmao

    66. ESC Fox

      Dumbest/funniest shows ever

    67. Rickey Vinluan

      The ossified sweatshop resultantly doubt because baker intrinsically treat since a unhealthy crown. penitent, miniature fedelini

    68. Dankeater Midir


    69. Sean Lee

      You mean like a dining room, yeah but in Manhattan

      1. somethingcooliguess

        Oh dang.

    70. Namrata Malkani

      b99 all the way

    71. Quartz Universe

      "it burned my hand, so I punched it" - Ron Swanson

      1. 쀵쀵귀염이

        This sounds like something Rosa would do if y'all remember the printer and mouse incident 🤣

      2. shootingcomet082

        This seems very OOC to me. If Ron broke the coffee machine, wouldn't he just fix it?

    72. Abhey Kalia

      Clearly Parks and rec has cold opens which are a class apart.

      1. Madison Grandoni

        Yeah, Parks and rec are on another tier with their cold opens, not even matched by the office.

      2. Sklizzy

        @HawfHuman the brooklyn nine nine ones were met even funny imo, but i’ve also watched parks and rec but i haven’t seen it so that’s probably why

      3. HawfHuman

        Clearly all the shows are great in their own ways and have cold opens which are a class apart from most shows.

    73. Chris Buchaniec

      Tom Haverford rulezzzzz

    74. rod

      why didnt you show us every opening? they are all the best

      1. rod

        @Emma Ray thats ok

      2. roar black

        That’s the next video they’ll make, specifically for Parks and Recs since they did that for Brooklyn nine nine

      3. Emma Ray

        Then we’d be here forever

    75. Scants

      Jean Ralphio always coming up clutch liking the tweets lmao

    76. J Kim

      This channel continuously repeats the same content in different ways... And yet I keep watching em

      1. Comedy Bites

        @maria cecilia jardeleza man I WISH

      2. Ethan Horn

        As you should.

      3. maria cecilia jardeleza

        @Fikret Furkan Özkan Michael Schur is managing this channel 🤣💯

      4. Fikret Furkan Özkan

        Because I like B99, Parks and Rec and The Office. I guess this channel only shares the TV series Mike Schur made.

    77. Scotty Du


    78. Sam Stern

      Ron: Take him outside Andy: And shoot him? Ron: No just take him outside Dog licks Ron's mouth Guy: That dog has rabies Ron: Okay, take him out and shoot him

      1. Sam Stern

        @Valrock Mograth The Dog in the dialogue, but Tom if I had to choose

      2. Saavan Vohra

        @Valrock Mograth Tom the pig

      3. Sam Stern

        @Valrock Mograth oh

      4. Valrock Mograth

        @Sam Stern the dog or Tom?

      5. Sam Stern

        @Valrock Mograth what do you mean which one?

    79. Icecold1776

      Parks and rec

    80. Blake Cass

      Brooklyn Nine Nine anyone

      1. christopher leung

        NINE NINE

      2. Caleb Purviance


    81. Caleb Purviance

      First 😂