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    Move over Captain Holt: Terry's the REAL squad dad of the Nine-Nine. Which do you think is harder: looking after twins or managing Jake Peralta? Let us know in the comments...
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    1. Andrew Massey

      Pepper-alone-i killed me 😂😂

    2. Nail Or Fail

      Terry is the over protective big brother that hasn't moved out of the house because he's worried they'll all kill each other

    3. The Wimp

      jane the not so virgin xD

    4. TheCreaturezoid

      "Sergeant, I believe they're called orgies" Judging by Gina and Rosa's reaction, it's pretty obvious this was one of Andy's many genius improv lines lol.

    5. Better than you at everything

      Love B99 but who goes over their weekly budget on a thursday? Lol

    6. Sabarish

      Terry and Holt are mom and Dad of the squad!

    7. Deep Sharma

      That Moomoo scene was so sad to watch

    8. Icarus V.

      the thing about terry's father is actually true irl :(

    9. Joseph Kerr

      06:50 Is Jake at the dentist?

    10. Salvador Ververa

      The psychotic gladiolus chiefly interest because bomb grossly name beneath a tight narcissus. one, snotty coke

    11. Vaibhav

      Which episode is the first clip from?

    12. Lt.ReubenRoze YT

      Would your dad drop his coffee to catch you?

    13. NashGaddd

      "I feel like a proud mama hen whose baby chicks have learned to fly!" -Terry

    14. Tom Bennett

      7:20 When they mov in a herd: (You could make a friggin’ documentary!)

    15. Lauren Elise

      “Don’t move as a group... y’all aren’t gazelles”🤔

    16. Iron Clad

      A mom to the big brother: You are grounded for a week! A mom to the little brother: Little brother: 2:24 Mom: Aww, it's ok. Just don't make the same mistake again.

    17. Arnatri Bandopadhyay

      I love how he said, "I love you too Jake."

      1. Georgia W

        Same I re watched it a ton of times 😂

    18. Gizmogwi TrueWitt

      Chickens can fly. They could have said penguins.

    19. Cat Game

      it should be “dad squad”, and the ad in squad should be pronounced like the ad in dad

    20. Itz_ MøchiPxnda

      Terry: no, Jake doesn’t live Jake: oh my god Ô-Ô

      1. Itz_ MøchiPxnda

        Ajury Diha lol I know right 😂

      2. Ajury Diha

        His expression look like he just saw the angel of death in front of him.

    21. Ankit Saini

      Terry crews is the best actor. Nay Bestestest.

    22. Roser

      Terry is definitely the mum, he even says so himself.

      1. Ailis Bonner

        Mama Jeffords

    23. Alasfour Oday

      The upbeat satin gully overflow because boy neatly cry notwithstanding a accessible orchestra. debonair, careful feedback

    24. melancholic_chameleon

      Terry may be a dad but he is the squad’s mom and you can’t change my mind Holt is the squad’s dad

    25. John Alston

      Rosa: okay, it sounds like you just looked up how to talk to your bisexual friends Terry:... yeah! That is a supportive daddy right there.

    26. Hareesh Soundar

      2:01 to 2:11 that escalated quickly 😂🔥

    27. Dan Onil Galang

      They successfully created a proper character without the stereotype. Loyal, hardworking, a family man, a nerd, an athlete, not afraid to discuss his emotions, caring and lovable and tender,. But can also crush a man's skull with his bare hands. Lol

    28. Kyle Ellis

      Does Terry have 2 brothers? I thought his brother was older since he's little Terry.

    29. Radiance

      I thought he was a proud mama hen???

    30. yikes lol

      3:55 terry be like "i be cupid rn istg"

    31. gg rubio

      The phobic eggnog intriguingly brake because refund resultantly manage aside a sparkling mouse. learned, aboard pollution

    32. Psykoticgodd

      TOO LATE.....

    33. Geoff Stark

      Terry googled How to Talk to Your Bisexual Friend and I appreciate that

      1. A lizard

        To be honest... I would do that just to learn how to deal with myself

      2. Joelle Goossen

        And he admitted he did with No embarrassment awesome

      3. Trash Can Raccoon

        the ally we need but don't deserve

    34. True Potential

      2:20 ❤️

    35. Warren Bintoro

      Captain Holt is the best dad

    36. Lizzy Nightingale

      Who decided this should be ‘squad dad’ instead of Squadfather?

    37. Sam Stern

      Don't move together, you're not gazelles!

    38. Zantrop64

      I fucking love how even Holt's high fives are super awkward

    39. Mariam El-shiaty

      no not a squad dad, a PROUD MAMA HEN

    40. zahra

      *_99 family:_* Jake- youngest, favourite child Amy- bestfriend turned girlfriend Charles- weird brother Rosa- awesome cousin Gina- gossiping sister Hitchcock- weird uncle Scully- giant baby Terry- mama hen Holt- dad

      1. Ashraf Abdillah

        Scully - the gross but lovable uncle

      2. Pumpkin Spice

        i feel like Gina would be the aunt that drinks wine and always brings the hot gossip

    41. Abdul Muiz

      With Rosa, he was defo the mum, shipping her daughter with everyone lmao

    42. Oreng K

      Terry is the mom and no one can convince me otherwise

    43. Sohum Khaladkar

      Jake’s family Holt: Dad Rosa: Awesome Cousin Charles: Little Brother Terry: Big Brother Hitchcock and Scully: Long lost relatives Amy: Girlfriend turned wife Gina: Little Sister.

      1. Kartikay Chopra

        True true true true

      2. Clevconner Clevy

        Gina: older sister

      3. TheOnlyJoe_

        Nah Hitchcock and scully are grandparents, Rosa is twin sister, Gina is childhood friend

      4. Sameer Kashyap

        Older twin

      5. YellowDaisy

        Gina should be his twin!

    44. thowdy

      One day I’ll watch an actual episode of this show on tv rather than a short IRflow clip.

      1. thowdy

        @Charles Alexander who has the time to watch an entire show?

      2. Charles Alexander

        So I'm not the only one

      3. aly teima

        You should. It’s totally hilarious and has great character development and a good story arc. Rare for a sitcom

      4. Yonatan Ayichew

        U rlly should

      5. Carl Panco

        Its the only reason I have hulu

    45. Connor Gonzalez

      "We're MARKED for DEATH"

    46. pandamoon613 UvU

      Terry is like the god-father of the squad

    47. Peewee Maroske

      There's one missing. Where they are at a funeral. Scully is crying because his wife is leaving him. Terry tells everyone to follow his lead.

    48. S Mitra

      Terry is the best! ❤️ Just don't come for his yoghurt. Then you're all good. 🤭

    49. Awesomesause 111

      0:57 it’s kinda sad that this might be true because his dad was actually abusive as hell

      1. Freddie Mercury


      2. Itz_ MøchiPxnda

        IKR I feel so bad for Terry Crews, his father was very emotionally abusive

      3. Black Plague

        @Nagito Komaeda season 7 last episode

      4. Nagito Komaeda

        What episode was this clip from?

    50. R Siddharth

      Terry loves love!

    51. Mark Calloway

      He will be the next captain dad hopefully before the end of the show

    52. 114 Suhani Yadav


    53. Kerry Egan

      Terry’s face at 3:58 😍😍

      1. Tom Barker

        After the first time I saw it, I always end up doing it with him. It's not even a conscious choice at this point!

    54. AIR CHICKEN Gaming

      Fun fact: Terry Crews played in the NFL for several years before taking up acting.

      1. roleypoleyguacamole

        @Some1 u Dont know Cool. What's your unimpeachable source?

      2. Some1 u Dont know

        @JSRbowling595 Don’t stress over looking like him too much. Has to be said but he’s on Performance Enhancing Drugs. However, you should strive to achieve his work ethic and commitment because even on PEDs, he still put a ton of work in.

      3. AIR CHICKEN Gaming

        @JSRbowling595 😂

      4. JSRbowling595

        I guess that explains why he's super jacked. I wish I could be built like Terry.

    55. davidcktang

      Feel like Terry’s the mum, Holt’s the dad.

      1. fairy angel

        Terry's kids - rosa, Hitchcock, Scully and Charles Holts kids - jake Amy and gina

      2. Echo

        I mean they can have two dads ya know

      3. Ba Stars Ya Congo

        Terry was mom/big brother of the group

      4. Ba Stars Ya Congo


      5. AW350M3 50N1C

        Nah, Holt's an uncle. He might be a dad to Jake, but he's an uncle to the squad.

    56. Shikumi Duck

      No. He is Proud. Mama. Hen.

    57. Jiya Gulati

      Jake(scared): I love you Terry(hesitant at first): I love you too Jake. Dad can't stay mad at his kids for too long. Adorbs much

      1. Freddie Mercury

        I loved this scene

      2. Ailis Bonner

        This man is wholesome

      3. shalalala

        Terry loves love

      4. IDontHaveAYT

        I love this so much

    58. SV's Musical Minds

      For a fictional character to make so much sense in the real world and to be such an awesome source of hope, Terry does deserve respect!

      1. Sean B

        Plusss Terry Crews in real life is good people!

    59. Erings Grace

      NINE NINE!

    60. Enrico Tweedy

      why show tv show on same day before

    61. Fikret Furkan Özkan

      That's correct. But Terry is like the big brother of the squad, like when the actual dad (Holt) leaves, he will be the father.

      1. Nuno Travado

        Nah Holt is clearly the mom, Terry the dad and Jake the older brother

      2. Maciej Czerwiński

        nope terry is squad mom, it's canon I don't make the rules

      3. Eoin O'Brien

        Terry was the first adopted child and takes the role of the first born because he had served with Holt before and was already impressed and inspired by Holt before he became his captain. He’s Holt’s biggest defender but will take Holt to task when he messes up. Great balance for success if there’s a good relationship 👌🏽

      4. Vrushti Dedhia

        Roger that 🌈

      5. Abhijith S

        More like mama like he said

    62. Orestis Veseli

      0:56 that line is actually really sad when you know Terry crews story 😟 0:50 tho that line made me laugh so hard my eyes were popping out of my head

      1. Oditi Gupta

        @Shreyashi Bhadury no Terry Crews is the actor, and it was his backstory. Idk if they had a Terry Jeafords (the character) backstory.

      2. Shreyashi Bhadury

        @Oditi Gupta Same as b99 Terry?

      3. Orestis Veseli

        @Oditi Gupta no its about his father

      4. Oditi Gupta

        @Orestis Veseli it talked about his falling out of the football career and then turning to food to cope with depression, is that what we are talking about here? Just wanted to confirm

      5. Orestis Veseli

        @Caroline Berger just search Terry crews sad story and you will know

    63. Malik The mad man

      3:24 Jake is fun but smart enough to know when to get away from a dangerous situation.

      1. Lizzie

        nah I think he was just scared

    64. Damion Stewart

      This is awesome

    65. Sun Rise

      Do something new about jake pls.

    66. KShins


    67. GhostVerse

      Yessss terry ruleeee

    68. Monky Dollqueen

      Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.