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    April Ludgate is a terrible, terrible assistant - and to people like Ron Swanson, that makes her the perfect fit. We salute you April, and your efforts to keep the citizens of Pawnee away from the Parks Department.
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    1. MyKillerson

      4:28 The thing about compliments, if you hand them out like that, like they're candy, they become meaningless. A complement from a person like Chris would mean nothing to me. I'd smile and say thank you, then immediately forget about it. But, a compliment from someone like Ron, that would actually mean the world, make my day, and I would probably never forget the moment

    2. Eric Swain

      Ya this Comedy Bites ! glad I don't work in an office.

    3. Ethan Horn

      I feel the "Great Job!" moment so much with April... that little "mmm" "Great Job!" "nnn" ... I knew someone in real life who was relentless in their positivity and it was absolute torture. Hated every second of it. I like to quietly do my work and then leave. And not involve myself with the live animals that I work with.

    4. Andrew O'Donnell

      Wait, did she choose March because it comes right before April?!

    5. FBR

      She's a 13 percenter


      4:41 I swer i saw the phone in her hand before she put it down 🤣

    7. Zoraida Ramirez

      Ugh! I hate it when they ask you to give 15% effort. Like what am I, in debt?

      1. Arun V

        But I got this bike at like 15% interest, which is one of the highest you can get ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

    8. Emma Ray

      How is it possible to have 93 meetings in one day?!

      1. aizat27

        Not with that attitude. Well, that's what Chris would say

      2. Donna Gran de Valeur

        A meeting every 4.5 minutes would leave you with an hour for lunch.

    9. A A

      What is this? THE OFFICE?

    10. Micah Brunet

      Bert Macklin is the most underrated officer on the force

    11. Bo Shek


    12. Lucy Robertson

      How dare you! She is the best assistant in the world. Stop telling lies Comedy Bites!

    13. Leandro Lopez

      Lmao I can't get over "el chupacabra"

    14. Tokyo Lad

      Imagine the title having different types of fonts

    15. iLL-Tempered Demon Hunter

      Not, according to Ron.

    16. TheOneWhoWill


    17. Sudeep Maurya

      sona is the worst best assistant .

    18. Jordan Gate

      She's like Barney Stinson to HIMYM on this show went from being about the main character to her! & Ron Swanson

      1. Firiel


    19. V D

      "sorry, dad!"

    20. Captain Barrett Coldyron

      Apathetic, sarcastic and beautiful. The total package.

    21. Prod. by TZ

      0:47 me at everything

    22. Juanita Nelson

      The succinct lycra postsurgically hover because day concretely admit mid a noiseless mom. delicious, cynical coach

    23. Harrison Ball

      I've never watched this show before this video, but I have obviously heard of it, I'm gonna binge the whole thing this weekend

    24. Bennett Hasty


    25. BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

      the world the unversal system it all an illusion, just a snake, waiting to be crushed but slowy devouring

    26. fascinatinglist

      This show was so underrated and unappreciated

    27. math2222322

      « Trying isn’t cool » it is sooooo true from the yonger generations and i never understood why.

    28. Sgt.NoPants

      April Ludgate > Rosa Diaz

      1. capxchess

        both are great characters imo

    29. Aash Martin

      she is the perfect woman

    30. 쀵쀵귀염이

      y'all are missing the joke about the title and keep pointing out the obvious lmaooo happy April Fool's, bishes

    31. Silvia Onsurbe

      It should be "the best worst assistant in the world". 🤗

    32. M M

      She’s a smoke show

    33. Mark Calloway

      Worst?! No the best assistant ever!

    34. • Jan Stormborn

      Until now im still looking for a “april ludgate” vibe friend!!!!!!

    35. Kali Gilardoni

      6:22 “Your young and trying isn’t cool” XD

    36. Madi Romo

      Omg I love this

    37. TwoMan

      Anybody else notice that its March 31st right now?

    38. Burt Macklin

      Yes, that was my call

    39. Burt Macklin

      She reminds me of an old adversary of mine...Janet Snakehole

      1. Eliah Marley

        I don't see it

    40. Frank Swarbrick

      Happy April Ludgate Day!

    41. Taylor Curtis

      i thought the title was april ludgate: worst assasin in the world

    42. Mr. Pickle

      Uploaded on March 31st. Nice.

    43. Brandon Angel

      I missed my meeting for some reason

    44. Lamia M

      I didn’t think March 31st existed 😩

    45. tommyguns _1669


    46. Georgine Verano

      I love April.

    47. Anna Jane Harris

      Today is March 31st literally

    48. Issac 1117

      Its March 31st, like this

    49. John

      I just realized, I am watching this on March 31st

    50. Trevor Carlson

      They really posted this on March 31st 😂

    51. Colin King

      Guess what day I’m watching this on

    52. Jo Z

      TODAY, is March 31st

    53. Felipe Borjas

      Uploaded on March 31st... The Day before April.

    54. Michael Perez


    55. RidgeJustice _

      They released this today because it's march 31st. Very Clever.

    56. buttplugs and mastadons 1988

      I want to marry her

    57. buttplugs and mastadons 1988

      Love April

    58. LukasTheLuck -

      Aah its today March 31st

    59. Slick Mike


    60. Jorge Charco

      Drinking coffeeeeeeyyyyy

    61. JustCallMeBo

      *MARCH 31ST* 😂

    62. Marcos Alejandro

      Good luck ron

    63. Sam Stern

      The drawings of Ben were kind of too far

    64. EA-SK8ER_

      I need to find me an April.

      1. Joe Dubya

        Well, take a stroll around central Florida. I'm sure you'll find a few hundred (if not thousands) of Aubrey Plaza look a likes.

    65. Ginny Kang

      Posted on the date she never knew existed, and intentionally, no doubt. ❤️ You clever geniuses behind Comedy Bites, you!

    66. Yachter

      April is the best at being the worst assistant.

    67. Michael Carnes

      Today definitely is March 31st.

    68. SR Lee

      Oh it's March 31. Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm also April

      1. Madhav Ignihir

        @John Smith m kay

      2. John Smith

        @Madhav Ignihir right back atcha pal. Be eezy.

      3. Madhav Ignihir

        @John Smith ok. I have judged what type of guy you are. So bye.

      4. John Smith

        @Madhav Ignihir is this dude your cousin or something?

      5. Madhav Ignihir

        @John Smith um they too just joke lol. Don't be so pissy and condescending. Also your original question sounded more like a question than a joke.

    69. Hadestrike

      To whom it my concern, dear Chris. *Insert double take that cracks me up everytime*

    70. ShortStuff

      April Ludgate: The Best Assistant in the World | Parks & Recreation | Comedy Bites*

    71. yousef badyan

      (It is my birthday) I love this channel

    72. je

      The crack when she says "yay" at 0:47 always gets me

    73. Kashvi Jain

      This video coming out on March 31st makes it so much better

      1. Crispy Potato

        @Boba Fett Bros. thanks for the actual explanation

      2. Tacarra M


      3. Didi

        @Boba Fett Bros. not talking about the contents of the vid But about the date it was uploaded...

      4. Boba Fett Bros.

        Bruh it’s because April put every meeting on MARCH 31st, not because it is April to half of the world lol

      5. 01 Aayush Karandikar


    74. Phil B

      Sona begs to differ.

    75. Yanan Li

      Aaaaaannnd this video is uploaded on 03/31. I wonder how many meetings we have scheduled for today?

      1. Roman Corey


    76. Vaniellis

      Todays is March 31st.

    77. tittytats sauce

      Ron blowing up at after she made or 90 meeting (with help but still) to 20 was a little unfair

    78. Repubbles McGlonky

      Pretty sure Comedy Bites hates Comments, they delete and re-upload literally every...

    79. Hometown Girl n' Curls

      Looks like I'm not the only one isn't watching this on March 31st lol

    80. Schmiv

      Uploaded on March 31st lol nice!

    81. GummyBear556677


    82. conservative but not for trump

      it's like the song goes I have 94 meetings but my assistant ain't 1 p.s happy march 31st

    83. H.Z. Abednego

      "atta girl"

    84. Dyknown

      Well, it makes sense this was posted on March 31st. Also, while we've all had brain farts like that, that's an impressive one.

      1. Jen McConnell

        let's be honest, that rhyme has no reason and I'd mess it up too

    85. Battalon

      I think she is doing great! Of course I wouldn't hire her 😬

    86. nupur deshpande

      Hmm....Today is March 31st

    87. olivia benedict

      bro today doesn't exist.

      1. Slew One

        I had to ask at work.

    88. Daboss 6585

      She’s secretly the best assistant because she does exactly what Ron tells her to do

      1. AGamer365

        Which is her own thing. He doesn't tell her to do it, her goals just line up with his. A true libertarian

      2. 쀵쀵귀염이

        that's the joke lmaoo

    89. Battalon

      1:34 I love that scene 😂 To be fair... he don't have to work for months and get the work of months (forcefully) done in one day... he slept like a baby for sure that night (if it would not be fictional 😂)

    90. Human Lettuce

      April is the best assistant to Ron, the worst assistant to other people.

      1. orksca

        i think the joke is she's actually the best because this was posted april 1st

      2. john logic

        @Dyknown but she got caught up in only 1 meaning Ron would have to do those meetings

      3. Dyknown

        @john logic On that day she was the absolute worst assistant to everyone in the world except Leslie, who would have gladly added a few more.

      4. Human Lettuce

        @john logic 94 meetings actually, because of April meeting with ron

      5. john logic

        Exept when she accidentally had 93 people have a meeting with him

    91. TessaMxdori95

      The BEST Worst Assistant in the World! 😉🙌

      1. Arun V

        She's the wor-r-r-r-r-r-st 🎶🎶

      2. Burt Macklin

        Jean Ralphio?

    92. Ethanol

      I believe you misspelled "best assistant" in the title

      1. Manav Udgirkar

        Its an April fools title


      Of course on March 31st

      1. ZekeTheFreak

        That’s not a real day lol April fools!

      2. Caleb M Curby

        Mind blown

      3. Jake Pullman

        Not even a real day.

      4. Ender Wiggins

        Good catch!

    94. The Sam Altman Show

      First comment