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    Before he was Starlord, he was ANDY DWYER: here's all the best bits of Chris Pratt on Parks & Recreation! Whether he's reflecting on the pointlessness of life or sharing every single one of his excruciating secrets, there's an Andy Dwyer for every occasion.
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    1. Luis Angelo Aquino

      You might kill me for this but Andy Dwyer's RESPCG is much better than Michael Scott's RESPSVEET. I love Michael Scott more than anyone else though

    2. Ella Reece

      Andy is like joey from friends dumb but sweet and like to dream big and is caring and vary imitative

    3. Sierra Davis

      Chris Pratt is the literal BEST.

    4. Chris Buchaniec

      In another universe, Mouse Rat is bigger than Nirvana

    5. Emma Ray

      Am I the only one that wants to know about those “experiments” the scientists did on baby Andy?

    6. Jorge L. Quiroz

      Just in case you didn't know, getting to Mt. Rushmore from Pawnee is at least half as long as getting to the Grand Canyon so April's baffled face is very justified.

    7. Dustin Scott

      The bucket list always gets me. 4:48

    8. mayank khatri

      Lil sebastian gets me every time🥺

    9. ExKnight39

      Our Galaxy's finest guardian, Star Lord

    10. Indranil Ghosh

      The network connection problem joke was improvised by Chris Pratt . He is an amazing actor!

    11. Fernando Treviño Castro

      Dude 5hundred candles in the wind is kind of a good tribute song



    13. Rebecca Rich

      Just watched GOTG 2 tonight so it’s super weird watching this right now but it’s fun

    14. C S

      Oh my God you drove us here.

    15. Looopy Lou


    16. Viviana Espinoza

      We’re lucky that he didn’t go hunting with the others in hunting trip because Leslie and Ann would have pantsed him

    17. Viviana Espinoza

      Andy and April are like a Fredrick and Eleanor little from Stuart little

    18. Viviana Espinoza

      I’m so happy Tammy didn’t beat up Andy in the library

    19. Riachanai

      The way April turn to look at Andy after he asks where the Mt. Rushmore faces are at the Grand Canyon always kills me lmao

    20. N Mouning

      The amount of money that I would pay to have Andy's band play at one of my events is INCREDIBLE!

    21. Sathish Krishnan

      Where's all the faces, with the presidents😂😂😂

    22. mohammed bakkar

      I’m not going to be a cop I’m gonna have to be a robber Best line

    23. celestialbronze

      "call an ambulance! a different ambulance than the one i ran into" is such an underrated line

    24. Skully Bats

      Too bad Chris Patt is a homophobe.

    25. Theo Bank

      Im never gonna be a cop, Im gonna have to be a robber All 6 year olds think alike apparently

    26. Sam Stern

      🎵 Bye Bye Little Sebastian 🎵

    27. Jack Coogan

      I really wish Andy and Bobby Newport had scenes together. Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt in those roles would be insanely funny


      The free medicine card sounds nice

    29. IITian boi

      Andy and April my favorite babies

    30. Lauren Cutchin

      dragon slayer

    31. Dibyesh Mishra

      "When they say 2% milk, I don't know what the other 98% is" - Andy Dwyer

      1. RJ Tavares

        Detective Rosa Diaz solved where the other 98% is

    32. Jack Shriver

      Last time I was this early Chris Pratt was fat

      1. Marcus Herrera

        He was Fat until Zero Dark Thirty then gained weight again, then Guardians of the Galaxy changed him, and stayed in shape.

    33. G T

      Network connectivity problems 😂😂

    34. Sladero

      I love him!

    35. Bolt Productions


    36. Roman Kiene

      Frick yeah