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    Just waiting for the day Jake Peralta is announced as Taylor Swift's opener.
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    1. etatwell1229

      Jake ruined jazz for me. 10 years down the drain just like that.

    2. Heidi Hopf

      "A-skippy skop scoop this is super uncomfortableeee" and "...i'm uncomfortable with emotions" are my top two Jake Peralta lines and you can fight me on this

    3. Nivedita Ranjith

      what happened to Jake at Taylor Swift's concert? I NEED TO KNOW

    4. Waseem Zeid

      Anyone else want an album of Jake and Doug Judy singing

    5. Kriya Prashant

      Guys!!! Season 8 is the last season😭😭

    6. Kibe

      ... Or lack there of.

    7. Hayan Imadi


    8. Wumbe

      I am BEGGING someone to upload the interrogating scene in season 3 ep 23, it's literal comedy gold and I can't find it anywhere! The only place I can find it in Jake singing vids but thats only the parts where he's singing 😔😔😔 help a girl out bro

    9. Yuliana daisydaisydaisy

      is that charlie puth hahaha?

    10. Sherah BlackBerry

      Jack and he is being Taylor Swift fanboy


      Yes we all needed this

    12. s s

      Mi scusi

    13. gee

      that scene where jake is playing the guitar while screeching plays in my head 24/7

    14. Belen G

      The song with Stevie when they forget Charles was a banger tho

    15. Maro Malul


    16. Maro Malul

      Jake and Terry skipping while singing is my all time favorite

    17. basichpfan 1

      I love seeing kid cudis face jake screams

    18. I am definitely a human And don't question that

      the funny thing is he’s in a band that’s actually good

    19. Abhishek Mathur

      What is your real your - alison burger That's a madeup name , whats your real name

    20. Darby Geisz

      I’m a huge swiftie so when I watch this show and Jake talks about Taylor I get so excited😂 it’s the little things❤️

    21. Snehasmita Chakraborty

      She makes me feel things. Terry going crazy - She makes us all feel things. Swifties all over the world. But I really wanna know the reason behind the 500 m restraining order XD XD

    22. Mark


    23. nissi luther

      we need a cross over between Jake, Micheal and Phil dunphy

    24. Paranoid

      Literal chills!

    25. Amira Afendi

      stare into the maggot drawer is my favourite

    26. Mark Calloway

      would be a turn of events if he sang a lonely island song in the show

      1. mrdoe97

        Jake: "This ain't evidence, it is a glas bowl. I throw it on the ground!!!" Holt: "Actually that was the weapon in a murder case, and now since you broke it the prime suspect will go free."

    27. Hoshi Aoi

      This is weird, no matter how many jokes is in this video, I can't seem to laugh at any of them, why do ppl watch this series again? Is it ironically? sarcastically? Is it even a comedy? Idk man, jokes on shows now a day are just boring I guess.

      1. Hoshi Aoi

        @Lala T. I'll give it a try then, maybe you are right.

      2. Lala T.

        To be honest when I heard about that show, it was also through a video like this one and I thought exactly like you. I thought it wasn't funny at all. But then I watched the first 5 episodes of this show and slowly became completely obsessed, ha ha! When you know and love the characters, the jokes are way better.

      3. Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc

        Hoshi Aoi I see. i guess musical comedy is difficult. tbh I only like the Aaaaahhhhh and the Iwantitthatway parts so the other bits dont really do anything for me too but that might be because i’ve rewatched the show a few times.

      4. Hoshi Aoi

        @Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc my questions may have come up a little on the offensive standpoint but in no way I meant the entire show wasn't funny, this video in particular just can't make me laugh or even "shock me". I don't really see the main protagonist make me laugh even if he is accompanied by many talented comedians. In many shows the main funny guy has to be likeable or relatable. Maybe it's just me, some people may find him funny, I just can't seem to is all, and this video can't seem to do him justice either.

      5. Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc

        i guess you could say generally these musical related jokes are about jake being a child/ inappropriate adult or that he is silly fun despite working in a serious environment or at the least they could be funny due to shock value alone. but anyway, watching this and say the entire show isnt funny is harsh. if it’s not your cup of tea, then it isn’t your cup of tea. move on.

    28. Arpita Namjoshi

      Jacob Peralta- a Swiftie AND a potterhead 🥰 Who wouldn't love this man😘

    29. Deepak Prashant

      I want it that way is never the same for me!

    30. Alex Mamboiha

      Rosa Diaz song always crack me up hahahahha, Rosa rosa rosa rosa rosa diaz diaz diaz diaz diaz rosa diaz rosa diaz diaz rosa rosa diaz you are so coooolllll...

    31. Evan Nance

      That was we are the champions🤣

    32. Zaki Tahir

      “I want it that way” tops all scenes

      1. Zaki Tahir

        thanks :)

      2. shruthi b

        That way*

    33. JAG JR Gaming

      Serious question though: Why'd they kill the talking dog!!? WHY!!!!?

    34. Harun K


    35. Chimone Reviews

      Saved the best for last!😂

    36. Misha Kapadia

      s h e ' s g r e a t i ' m n o t a p o l o g i z i n g

    37. In raining day, you’re my rainbow

      my fave is Beat Down Boulevard

    38. soulfull M.

      You forgot a song with doug judy .

    39. Dave Ambing

      To be fair, the guitar is not in tune, he is clearly doing a G chord which should have sounded great. Cool cool cool cool.

      1. Sam the Music man

        I think he’s on the proper frets

      2. N3wt_06

        It might be a fret up or down. A G is only good if you play it exactly where it is supposed to be

    40. MegaChicken 123

      Favorite songs Jake and Doug Judy Jake and Amy Goin Diving in the Dumpster and STARE INTO THE MAGGOT DRAWER Edit: I forgot about line up I Want it That Eay

    41. Patrick Lovell

      My favorite moment in all of B99, The Harry Potter jam group circle

    42. Comedy Bites

      Which is your favourite of Jake’s songs? Mine’s *strums guitar,* *screams:* AhhHhHhHHHHHHHHHH

      1. Misty Prorak

        Jake & Boyle: "Whatcha gonna do with all that hunch. All that hunch inside your brain. We're gonna solve solve solve this case. Solve this case right in your face!" With the hand motions- LOL every time!

      2. I am definitely a human And don't question that

        a skibi scot scoot this is super uncomfortable, but if you count the band he’s in threw it on the ground

      3. Jasper Kleine

        For me it is definetly the were dd-driving in a car destination drug dealers bar song

      4. Sean

        Has to be I Want it that Way

      5. Darby Geisz

        DEFINITELY the funeral tribute to Doug Judy🖤

    43. Carlos Osei

      Jake and Judy always a great collaboration

    44. Ali Emad

      0:27, you sing loudly, straight to jail

      1. Chobbledocker

        You sing too quietly, straight to jail.

    45. Archie Lindsay

      This is a masterpiece

    46. Tanveer Ahmed

      Saved the best for last...

    47. Sreya Rayaprolu

      That one dislike is from the guy in the interrogation room

      1. DrZaius3141

        Pretty sure he wanted it that way.

    48. Chobbledocker

      - S T A R E - I N T O - T H E - M A G G O T - D R A W E R -

      1. Hobo Sullivan

        I keep my maggots in a bag. Stops them from getting away.

      2. Chobbledocker

        @Courier 6 Maggots, probably.

      3. Courier 6

        [Stares into maggots drawer] huh dont know what I expected

    49. A d

      You left the best at the end lmao

      1. Chobbledocker

        The GREATEST cold open. Even better than - L I K E - Y E A S T -

    50. Cook Coke

      Wheres unbreak my heart?

      1. Chobbledocker


    51. Cook Coke

      But we cant turn back coz we gone to farl

    52. Jason Smits

      rip talking dog

      1. Comedy Bites

        he’s with the angels now. in space. 😔

      2. Chobbledocker

        Poor talking dog :(

    53. Sam Stern

      The funeral scene was crude

    54. mnyoon 25


      1. Anthony Julius Isidro

        *intro plays: te nen te ne nen

      2. madhuaiyar27

        @Chobbledocker oh my god I forgot about that part!

      3. Chobbledocker

        @Joshua Ingobo It was number five. Number five killed my brother.

      4. Joshua Ingobo

        @Chobbledocker I WANT IT THAT WAY.

      5. Chobbledocker


    55. Daboss 6585

      Jake:stops screaming Us:why did you stop playing the beautiful music

    56. Sky W




    58. Saucey

      when is the next season 😭😭😭

      1. Tristen Appel-Bernstein

        This year but a specific date hasn’t been announced

      2. A d

        Great pp

      3. BestSportsOpinions

        Next season

    59. Evan Nance

      First one here!!!! It says no views 23 seconds ago Jake Peralta and his history of musical talent for 8 minutes and 23 seconds

    60. mnyoon 25