MATT DAMON is a "Sneaky Hetero!" | Will & Grace | Comedy Bites

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    Who remembers when Matt Damon appeared on Will & Grace and totally stole the show (literally AND figuratively) from Jack?! So sneaky...
    From Will & Grace Season 4 Episode 16, "A Chorus Lie": Using Grace as bait, Jack tries to prove his rival for the last spot in a gay chorus that will tour Europe is actually straight. Elsewhere, Karen tries to pass off an unwitting Will as her lover.
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    1. riya mishra

      And by girlfriend...I mean "Hey Gurlllllfriend"!!!!!

    2. Caylee N

      will & grace is so underrated

    3. Saurabh Adate


    4. Christine Lin


    5. Daniel Balsini

      i mean what if he is bi

      1. Bruh


    6. Tony Leadholm

      "I'm in a long term relationship with my high school boyfriend. Name? Ben." ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!

      1. Tony Leadholm

        @Marthe Nuyttens EXCATLY!!! 😁😁😁

      2. Marthe Nuyttens

        He is kinda in a relationship with his high school friend Ben hahahaha

    7. Auntie Patika

      not the stretch

    8. Dan Vedant

      He really crushed it😄

    9. sway4everything

      Thanks for the Tea...and A 🤣

    10. yeehaw weebs


    11. trupti999

      Thinking & hoping Wishing & Praying Lying & Cheating Tubby & Tone deaf LMAO !!!!

    12. sleepismisskn Cortes

      im early YAAAY