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    There's NOTHING better than a plain scone. Except, maybe, a loving marriage between two men who are deeply committed to each other and are also our dads.
    Are Kevin and Captain Holt your favourite Brooklyn Nine-Nine couple? Or does Scully and his dog/wife (still don't know) have them beat? Let us know in the comments.
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    1. Andrea Luong

      gross rosa, those are our DADS

    2. Parul Dhruv

      My favorite video in IRflow.

    3. Glowstick Father

      Levi and Erwin be like:

    4. Haley Spence

      This gave me serotonin

    5. N Reddy


    6. ashley redlight

      Kevin know about acab.

    7. Sad_o_jello _

      I love that the most intimate we have ever seen them is them holding hands

    8. Aishwarya Puranik

      Best thing about the writing related to their marriage is they show them having arguments and differences, it's not always hunky Dory for the two, they MAKE it work!

    9. Coen A

      “I wasn’t injured, I was lightly stabbed.” “I’m sorry... you were STABBED!?!” “Lightly stabbed” That is 100% the way *at least* one argument between Nico DiAngelo and Will Solace has started (Nico is obviously the one who’d been stabbed).

      1. fluffy helll

        Omg I love you for this

    10. Tanya Musasiwa

      If I don't have what Raymond and Kevin have, I don't want anything

    11. Xergyo Salgado

      8:53 Get you someone who is willing to Crash their automobile to rescue you

    12. DragonSUNGod [Cerrado]

      0:44 that guy near Holt is not Marc Evan Jackson is he?

    13. JSRbowling595

      "Y'all are hella specific." Anyone else think that Jake kinda sounded like that one gay guy from Family Guy? I can't remember his name. I think it's Bruce.

    14. tteenwolf

      Is it just me or is Holt and Kevin the cutest couple on tv?!

    15. TheBizzle1984

      The efficient officiant is still my favourite joke from this show.

    16. Aries Thezodiac

      I forgot that Scully could sing in Italian...

    17. Tabassum Faiza

      Everyone talks about how Mondler And Peraltiago are the best couples. I think we should add Holt+Kevin to that list.

    18. Coral Reeves

      I swear this is the most romantic couple I've ever seen on tv. And they didn't even need to kiss, feel each other up or be seen in bed together.

      1. Vesperitis

        @RadioOppy1 that 'firm handshake' is the steamiest, sexist, ball-slappingest display of affection in television history.

      2. RadioOppy1

        All they need is a firm handshake.


      Are you not have problem with copyright for this long video dude???

    20. Samantha

      4:14 My heart just melts when Kevin says ‘My Raymond’. They are so cute!

      1. Hanniel Elysium

        I've been looking for this comment😍

    21. Josey Stevens

      Literally the cutest tv couple ever

    22. Margaret Schafer

      I feel like it's important to mention that somebody on the floor of my dorm has a Valentine's poll of best TV couple going on their door and Holt and Kev were winning when I saw it an hour or so ago

    23. etatwell1229

      “You guys are fun” 😂 I love that

    24. keisha 21

      Might be just me being picky but i dont think happy married couples are infatuation.

    25. It'sfreerealestate

      "Yall are hella specific.." :)

    26. Cassandra Allen

      Brooklyn 99 is really out here showing healthy relationships in a sitcom. I love it

    27. Karl Hurd

      In a year, we wont be able to see our fathers again. Let that sink in.

    28. Lauren

      Can anyone tell me what episode the pie scene was from?

    29. Jake Pullman

      "I wasn't injured. I was lightly stabbed." Badass and ridiculous at the same time.

    30. Gabbi Durham

      Kevin and Jake: father and son

    31. Bat freakin Man

      *gross Rosa! those are our fathers!!*

    32. Nicoll Armas

      OMG ThE PDA at the end

    33. Laureli Amadeus

      Terry's awkward little "You guys are fun" at 7:10 makes me LOSE my mind every time

    34. Anthony Bawia

      The most surprising thing is Scully’s singing, unbelievable!

    35. Apathetic Giraffe

      Season 8 is the last season and I demand the honest-to-goodness wedding they promised at 6:50.

      1. mushroom

        omg yes

    36. Kranberry

      **gasp** a KERFUFFLE!?!?

    37. Agustin Rico

      The song Skully sings at 2:20 is actually an incredibly famous opera song titled O Sole mio, the title translated to “Oh my sun” and is actually a beautiful piece of music

      1. Agustin Rico

        @Jenna Crafts to be fair he can hold a note alright and is probably the better singer out of everyone

      2. Jenna Crafts

        Scully always butchers the most beautiful pieces with that vibrato 😭😭

    38. Jay Rock

      I'm hoping we get more kev and ray ray episodes

    39. Kyung-wan Yoo

      Why do I feel like "BONEEEEE!" will be in this video

    40. shubham anandrao


    41. Ahs Oei

      Is it just me, or Holt x Kevin is the healthiest gay relationship period?

      1. Marshy

        @Coen A they said healthiest GAY relationship lol

      2. Coen A

        Idk, I think they’re tied with Amy x Jake.

      3. MikeRiderOOO

        Cameron and Mitchell and Ian and Mickey aside, Holt and Kevin are my favorite gay relationship!

      4. Daddy Plankton

        @COACH CREATURES perfectly said


        Yes Because it's the healthiest relationship period.

    42. Avery Adams

      6:27 ‘YEAH, GET IT DADDY!’

    43. Avoiceintheshadow

      When Kevin spits out the word kerfuffle, it's a masterpiece

    44. DarkKing009

      I’m sorry you were STABBED?! Lightly stabbed.

    45. bbcita anitta

      I'm going to miss this couple 😭

    46. JustTrollingAlong

      I would have liked this if it was scenes of Raymond, Kevin, and Cheddar.

    47. Josie Gray

      Holt's "Oh My" after Kevin said the pie was disgusting gets me everytime lol

    48. Mia

      k but whose clock was it

    49. WWEFromMyPerspective

      Season 8 coming sometime in 2021. Fingers crossed.

    50. Mr. L

      “I’m creating a CURFUFFLE!!”- Kevin

      1. Alistair B

        @Dominick 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      2. Dominick

        Kerfuffle is my favorite word now. Lol

      3. Alistair B

        I will use this line everyday

      4. The Great Emu War

        I am going try so hard to use this line one day.

    51. Mr. L

      Kevin and Holt even talk the same 😂

    52. Mr. L

      “Needled him a new suit.😑 Even when we’re fighting, you’re hilarious! Stop it. Stop it.” True Couple goals right there 😂

    53. Bianca Vasquez

      I cried when Skully started singing 🥲

    54. 70 janhavi belnekar

      4:14 When Kevin says they work with MY RAYMOND 😍❣💕💕💕❣

    55. Rohan Saikia

      One of the greatest couples on TV

    56. Saphira Shah

      "I am sorry, I'm uncomfortable with emotions" This is why I find Jake one of the most relatable characters.

    57. Epixster


    58. Shivangi Singh

      So cute how they're always looking for things to tell each other

    59. Burinnu

      8:13 Is it weird to admit that this actually sounds romantic?

    60. Devil Devious

      Needless to say, they are amazing

    61. Samantha Crevellari

      Look! It's our dads and they are in love!

    62. Lavanya Verma

      Do you, Kevin- "Yes" and do you, Raymon- "YES YES WE DO. WE'RE MARRIED!"

      1. Sarcasm Personified

        This is the good thing about B99, they do make gay jokes, but the jokes are not offensive. That's how it should be.

      2. Mr. L

        Short and sweet and to the point😂

    63. Temsu

      "You make me want to have a wetter brain"

    64. John Paul Trujillo

      The biggest OTP, love the scully serenading scene and the wedding scene, I need a vow renewal!

    65. Aaron Paul Leabres

      That clock always gets me laughing.

      1. Sgtturtle22

        “This isn’t ours”

    66. Michael Trainum

      Cool, thanks dad!! ...why is everyone staring at me? 🤣🤣

    67. Ian Stephenson

      These two are perfection every time they're on screen

    68. CoriBakesCakes

      Kevin punching murfey in the throat is definitely a top 10 moment 😂

    69. M. Wetzel

      07:54 Terrys expression

    70. Kevin Gomolchak

      *lightly* stabbed

    71. Marthe Nuyttens

      “Y’all are hella specific” 😂

    72. Marthe Nuyttens

      I always love Jake’s reaction haha😌

    73. rayzilla


    74. rayzilla

      Indeed indeed indeed

      1. Lavanya Verma

        Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

    75. rayzilla

      Captain and Professor Dad are the best!

    76. Tousif Hafeez

      I wonder why Holt and Kevin didn't adopt a child. Yeah Cheddar is good, but imagine if they had adopted a kid. Who grew up to be in the CIA or FBI. And during the opening of an episode he makes an entrance. Everyone's like, "Who is this guy?" And Holt walks out of his office and says, "Good morning squad, I'd like you to meet Michael Holt Cozner, my son" and everyone's like, "You have a son?" [I'm choosing the name Michael because I picture his son as Michael Jay White] And then during the episode, Michael reveals he was adopted by Kevin and Holt. And then a few years later he decided to leave them because they wanted him to pursue a career in something and he didn't want that and wanted to be in the CIA (or FBI). And since his job would require him to be in a lot of undercover missions, Holt and Kevin had decided to not mention to anyone about his relationship with them. And once he moved out, they both got lonely and so they got a Corgi dog named Cheddar. And now, he's out of his undercover missions and has been assigned desk duty for a few months. And while he was on his missions, he missed his father's so he decided to pay them a visit. I don't know. It kinda sounds like a good story to me. I obviously do hope it turns our to be real but I guess it's okay to label it as fanfiction.

      1. Julian Avina

        @Danni G. It's a fanfic for a show. Not that serious dude. Just don't ask people when they'll have kids in real life.

      2. Danni G.

        Yeah it's a cool concept but not everyone wants kids, why can't people just accept that and move on?

      3. Julian Avina

        Wow Y'all hella specific!

      4. Tousif Hafeez

        @Abhijith S 2 seasons? Only 1 season is remaining. Season 8 will come out later this year. And it'll be the final season. There's only 1 season. But yeah, my fanfiction story is most probably not gonna be happening.

      5. Abhijith S

        Now it's not really seems like a possibility as the show will end will end 2 more seasons

    77. Monica Thomas

      Kevin has Holt's painted portrait in his office!

    78. Aditya Nambi

      i'm sorry you were STABBED?!

      1. Abhijith S

        Lightly stabbed

    79. Sergey O'Neill

      Because he's gay and black.

      1. Mr. L

        It’s so much more than that. Captain Holt is the greatest!

      2. Ariel Banks

        We've noticed 😐


      Raymond Stop being funny! stop it!

    81. your friend steve

      Their marriage is the most intimate thing I have ever seen

    82. Melanie R

      Jake is the captain of this ship 😂✋🏽

      1. K Lilly M

        He really is though

    83. aj

      kevin has the painting terry did of captain holt in his office, I don't know why but this makes me so happy

      1. aj

        @Justin THAT'S SO COOL

      2. Justin

        It’s so cool to me that terry in real life actually painted that. I had no idea he was an artist!!

      3. Thomas Jordan

        Same. Its such a nice touch

    84. Sohum Khaladkar

      Ray and Kevin, Jake's dads.

      1. Thatonekid


      2. Vesperitis

        Jake got two dads to make up for the one he never had when he was young

      3. Lost Alone

        ...Smashing it.

      4. Sohum Khaladkar

        @Akbar rmd fax

      5. Akbar rmd

        Best dad's than Jake real dad.

    85. Karabi Daimary

      I would really love “scully singing compilation” 🤣

      1. Patrick Calip

        Scully is unironically a very talented singer. I would also like a collection of his greatest hits.

    86. Ozi R

      The loudest Kevin got was when he said “stabbed”.

      1. Jake Pullman

        @George Gerardi Well, it all turned out well, and the moment was played for laughs, so I think the problem might NOT be the people laughing at a comedy program.

      2. George Gerardi

        @Ester Sabransky Comedy gold? This is serious. Kevin was just worried about his husband. The fuck's wrong with you?

      3. Cadie Moberg

        I was just thinking that 😂 he got so upset

      4. Lexi Uzumaki

        Lightly lol

      5. Ian Stephenson

        LIGHTLY stabbed

    87. Patrick Calip

      I must admit that Raymond and Kevin are exceedingly charming personalities when they are together.

      1. Tabassum Faiza

        Individually too

      2. divyanshu pandey

        @Lavanya Verma they are so called intellectual in practical they are dumb.

      3. divyanshu pandey

        not at all

      4. Patrick Calip

        @Lavanya Verma That's..... A goal I guess.

      5. Lavanya Verma

        They make us all want to have a wetter brain

    88. Julianna Harris

      Oatmeal and love: it sustains you

    89. Gayathri Gld

      *This isn't ours*

    90. MikeMJPMUNCH

      1:10 I love that Kevin has Terry's portrait of Holt in his office.

      1. Kranberry

        Omg I didn’t even notice thank you so much for pointing this out!!!

      2. Joe Lockers

        Yh I know, it’s such a nice added detail that has a big impact on us eagle-eyed viewers.

    91. Moises Lugardo

      This video gave me a wetter brain

    92. Brisk855


      1. Gil Siman Tov

        @Apollo Sunshine BONEEEE

      2. Apollo Sunshine

        Gil Siman Tov I am your your superior officer!!!

      3. Gil Siman Tov

        @Apollo Sunshine HOW DARE YOU DETECTIVE DIAZ ?!?!?!??!

      4. Apollo Sunshine

        Don't ever speak to me in that way again!

    93. Yael Fierro


      1. Pop Stuffit

        I mean, captain dad is just my boss

      2. Apollo Sunshine

        Whatever Rosa!

    94. Bat Man

      captain dad is not my boss.

      1. MaryEllen Brown

        I’m teaching father the math

      2. Apollo Sunshine

        Bat Man Whatever Rosa!

    95. soundarya

      our dads are truly meant for each other 🥺

    96. Leonardo Bonilla

      They are so uncomfortable their PDA is so out of control! Like they need a parental warning on this 😂😂😂

    97. Sam Stern

      Jake: I would like you guys to be my dads

    98. Sarthak Grover


    99. annalise is trash

      our dads!!!

      1. Apollo Sunshine

        Thor Odinson Whatever Rosa!

      2. Thor Odinson

        I’m teaching father the math