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    Could a depressed person do THIS? *Gestures to video*
    Do you think you could win a game of Cones of Dunshire against the maverick? Let us know in the comments.
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    1. Comedy Bites

      Still holding out hope that Ben Wyatt's directorial debut will hit the festival circuit soon 🤞

    2. Nathan Miller

      Oh my god my life is just Bens life

    3. Castro Cryptid

      Cones of duneshire is just a kickstarter game

    4. Mediha Özgül

      YES, mY hUmbLE FArMeR

    5. Grace MacIntyre

      Ben writing gay Star Trek fan fiction makes my day

    6. Steven Karas

      Get u someone who loves you the way Ben loves calzone

    7. Jaime Marvin

      “I understand, just one second” is such an underrated line

    8. Kerry Egan

      Off topic but Ben and Chris’s friendship is really cute 🥰

    9. Squeaky Baseball38

      Notice at 8:39 the character Andy says "Woohoohoohoooo." But when it cuts to the next shot (with Andy still making the noise), his mouth isn't moving

    10. JavierM

      Every claymation animator ever: “you think a depressed person can do this?”

    11. Cloudy Mirage

      He should have called cones of dunshire calcones

    12. Mia

      the way chris casually pronounces calzone properly while refusing to eat it is 👌🏼

    13. Art Foodie

      “Show me your boyfriend won’t cheat on you without actually telling me your boyfriend won’t cheat on you.”

    14. Stephanie Sweany

      We all need a Ben in our lives. Sweetest nerd ever.

    15. Chas Howard

      I mean claymation takes a really long time

    16. Janessa Yuen

      Ben between jobs = me all of 2020

    17. Darren Ting

      N A P L E S

    18. Tatum Puckett

      You think a depressed person could make this? nO.

    19. Pink Mlb lover

      Talking bout the highwayyy to theee calzone-zone!

    20. daverage47

      Love how at 7.52 Ben scrutinises the gameboard like a chess grandmaster. Lol!

    21. Sean Kim


    22. Chris Buchaniec

      He could combine both his passions with the 'Zones of Dunshire, where the goal is all about THE 'ZONES

    23. Luzelle Dela Cruz

      What a dreamguy

    24. Firiel

      iT's AbOuT tHe CoNeS

    25. Dana Villano

      All hail the architect!

    26. Li Bach

      That Claymation scene is just genius. How did the writers come up with that idea and more importantly, How did Adam deliver it with such perfection? I love this show. Really underrated!

      1. 쀵쀵귀염이

        I mean they're the same writers for B99, The Good Place, The Office etc ofc they're gonna be good!

    27. Gabby Doux

      Ben writes gay fanfic? Amaz

    28. Firiel

      Honestly Ben is the most wholesome depiction of a nerd ever to grace the screen ❤️

    29. Ad Man

      Low cal calzone zone is a Michelin star place. Us mortals are not worthy of its low calness.

    30. Misha Kapadia

      "I'm gonna murder you." "I understand, just one sec."

    31. Teresa Wimmer

      I honestly don't remember the plot of Avatar...but I'll always remember every single shot of Requiem for a Tuesday!

    32. armando o

      whta is ben wyattt? eleok idsk

    33. L-Effect

      “This company is ours!!” I died

    34. rod

      The claymation movie always gets me.

      1. Saskia

        I die laughing every time

    35. Birds of Prey

      U cant be a feminist woman with a husband as supporting and open minded as BEN WYATT . He is literally BEST HUSBAND EVER.

      1. Birds of Prey

        @gwen ofcourse why not I m saying feminist with a husband Cause husbands or boyfriends dont let u be the most feminist version of u So u breakup or divorce them You still r feminist both ways

      2. gwen

        You can still be a feminist with a supportive husband...?

      3. Birds of Prey

        @Felipe Bigaran (just a point of view ) Leslie is a feminist and Ben is super supportive of her Like when he didnt run for elections and let her run When he made pies (calzones) rather than asking Leslie for the contest And many more

      4. Felipe Bigaran

        I don't... See the connection?

    36. PVK_Spark

      Guys Ben Wyatt was in the “zone” doing his hobbies

      1. will

        the calzone zone

    37. Yiğit

      4:56 thats what she said

    38. Mascha Nitzling

      I love Ben so much♥️

    39. Dumpling Man

      Ben is everyone during quarantine

    40. L A


    41. Babita Gharti

      The movie scene never fails me LOL

    42. Boom Roasted Productions

      It’s crazy to think that Adam Scott could’ve played Jim in The Office, if you didn’t know he interviewed for Jim.

      1. higgy

        @MikelosM No one cares.

      2. MikelosM

        @higgy I hate so much about the things that you choose to be

      3. BLA5T3R Productions

        @higgy ....Why are you the way that you are?

      4. Ian Cuspinera

        @higgy I care

      5. armando o

        @higgy yes

    43. Saadia Barlas

      The biggest snub in oscar history

    44. Kuma


    45. Sky W

      "I'm great!" And I said that, ya know like a liar.

      1. Sky W

        @Comedy Bites facts

      2. Musa

        Dont kill me

      3. Comedy Bites

        the venn diagram between John Mulaney quotes and Ben Wyatt's general vibe is a circle

    46. Monky Dollqueen


    47. Avalyn Miller

      “Low cal calzone zone”

      1. Zaithe

        @ArcherCHI local low cal calzone zone

      2. ArcherCHI

        Local Calzone Zone?

      3. The Irish Yoshi

        How could he not think of the Lo-Calzone

    48. Favian Colunga

      3 third

    49. Danny_cd