KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY Wants To Save His Boyfriend! | Love Bites | Comedy Bites

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    What do you do when your boyfriend chokes at a picnic? Get jealous that someone else saved his life, of course. The perfect romantic moment for Valentine's Day!
    From Love Bites, staring Keegan-Michael Key and Greg Grunberg: Newly shacked-up couple Jodie and Charlie realise they have bedbugs; Judd gives his neighbour the Heimlich maneuver; a guy who helped Annie out of a date once considers leaving his girlfriend for a chance with her.
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    1. Jason Ward

      Umm worst skit ever. Literally seemed liked a low key way to advocate homosexuality being ok. That's all fine and stuff, but where was the humor? All of their skits always end with resonance. This failed.

    2. Shafiq Jones


    3. Mardog

      And where is this funny?

    4. Buchi Chu

      This wasn't very funny...

    5. rene L

      Hah, gaaaay!

    6. MegaChicken 123

      Keegan sounds so weird with that voice

    7. Monky Dollqueen

      Someone you haven't even met yet is wondering what it'd be like to know someone like you.

    8. finn0088

      this isnt a skit?

      1. Sam Brown

        TV show. Love Bites (2011)

      2. Fed

        I think it is?