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    If these two ever actually had to face off, Trevor would immediately eat Ben alive LBR.
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    1. Comedy Bites

      Important question time: who would win in a game of The Cones of Dunshire? We know Ben's the architect but Trevor is literally a demon so he might have some tricks up his sleeve...

      1. xAZGEDAx

        Well he forgot about the esence of the game.. Its about the cones

    2. Abby Cal

      6:08 Ben: Who hasn't had gay thoughts?! Jerry: nods

    3. 쀵쀵귀염이

      Pretty sure Ben would have a nervous meltdown if he came face to face with Trevor messing with him lolol

    4. Lady of Darkness

      "I'm gonna murder you." "I understand, just one sec." I love it so much 😂April and Ben make one of the best weirdest friendship and they're awesome when they're together lol

    5. Mascha Nitzling

      Trevor is Bens revenge for the bullying because of Ice town

      1. Leia Davison

        Legit Ben Wyatt in a parallel universe

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      Lovely video, a beautiful virtual walk, it's very relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

    7. Bon Ocean

      Step Brothers Adam Scott is legendary.

    8. Anna Muller

      We need the full recording from Ya Heard with Perd

    9. Tori Brown

      Ben crying in the Batman suit is too relatable

    10. YENKO DAVI

      this is so boring to me

      1. Maria Zyka Yamog

        then stop watching and go away

    11. Roman DeGiobbi

      Why is the outro 795,284,843,674 times louder than the rest of the video?!

    12. Dana Villano


    13. Dana Villano


    14. Rebecca Rich

      This compilation is all you need to explain why Adam Scott is a great actor - these two characters are about as different as they could possibly be and he executes both of them perfectly

    15. Abdul Wadood Khan

      April: I'm gonna murder you Ben: I understand Mooooood

    16. A person

      This just proves what a great actor he is. I mean, he can portray two very different roles stunningly.

      1. Caleb Mayfield

        That's what actors do.

    17. Miranda Dunham

      I would love to see Ben's reaction to Trevor and Trevor's reaction to Ben

    18. someloser 2888199

      Who else is annoyed when videos are 1 second off 10 minutes.

    19. AtomicSuperMe

      Can we talk about how Ben, Chris, and Ron all went to work, more specifically Chris’s office while dying from food poisoning

    20. CoffeeOperator 2

      eating soup on a bench alone no soup in the benz

    21. Francesca Kyanda

      I watched The Good Place before Parks and Recreation, and I didn't even register that they were played by the same guy 😂

      1. 쀵쀵귀염이

        just goes to show how great of an actor he is :D

    22. Rohan Gangan

      6.50 Boom!! Sadness That's the one! The Funniest Joke on this entire video

    23. JP

      0:32 oh no he just released the souls of the damned

    24. Misha Kapadia

      oh hello. hi. you look like a piece of crap. lmao and the same guy was eating soup, on a bench, alone.

    25. rod

      Ben Wyatt is my spirit animal.

      1. Tori Brown

        I relate to him the most

    26. realDavid Mooradian

      And he almost got the part for Jim in The Office

      1. Leia Davison

        He would have been so good in this role!

    27. Apollo Sunshine

      I love how they're completely different, but he plays them so well!

      1. Max Huzen

        Breaking news: Actor does his job

      2. Lady of Darkness

        While Kevin/Trevor/Shawn always has that dry lifeless role that is so perfect for a literature professor/lawyer/demon

    28. Caleb Galstaun

      I feel like good place Adam Scott would destroy Parks n Rec Adam Scott

      1. Caleb Galstaun

        @CoffeeOperator 2 basically

      2. CoffeeOperator 2

        Parks in Rec Adam Scott would surrender to good place Adam Scott because he hates confrontation

      3. Loralie Faucher

        Most definitely

    29. Matthew Kalha


    30. WyrmApple




      1. Gaming Highlights and Tutorials Whiting

        @Jason Smits no it was me i got here 27 seconds after publishing

      2. Jason Smits

        I mean one of u gotta be first but it ain’t u