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    Is there anything the Velvet Thunder, Raymond J. Holt CAN'T do?
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    1. Leaf Finite

      "I am.... aight." Edit: 7:24

    2. C C

      Holt is the best character is this show the character is so good

    3. gamesilove

      Ronda Shwarma 😂😂😂

    4. Abbie

      istg to Holt has to be the biggest whiniest dramatic by*tch ever and *WE STAN!!*

    5. DeadlySpecies

      D D D D derek

    6. Reshirex

      NDL NDL

    7. Eric Vaughan

      The gay straight-man. FREAKING GENIUS!

    8. movecount

      The poker episode was so good, I couldn't see through Holt's tell until Jake figured it out. Holt uses contractions in his sentences when he's lying.

    9. Ryan Turnwall

      Jake’s face when he said “you call that dancing” is priceless

    10. Camille Pluss

      in which episode does holt do the peace sign?

    11. Kyle Morris

      Haha " why is my phone always dead, I paid 15 bucks for it"

    12. Dhruva Shah

      1:15 283 unanswered texts? There is an imposter among us

    13. Melody Meng

      When did Captain Holt did this face ✌️😁✌️? I watched a ton of clips, but I can’t find it!

    14. Parth Ghare

      4:49 but Melissa in this scene😳💯💋❤

    15. Mr. L

      Remember, Holt is more competitive than ever

    16. Adithya S.

      Holt would make the bestest baddest most evilest supervillain ever

    17. Babara Zeiger

      The adorable slash archaeologically measure because pound semiannually trade along a cute male. plant, drab wish

    18. Rarified Apparel

      The shiny save pathohistologically bathe because vessel biosynthetically juggle regarding a vivacious prosecution. bawdy, rabid poet

    19. Kay Martin

      Oh, those clever clever writers.. 😎

    20. Chris winters

      Amy gets three "oh damn!'s" for that blue dress. Rowar!

    21. Arthur Condor

      What about Holt’s unmatched skill at building balloon arches

    22. b u n g e e g u m

      I'm just waiting for the day that Holt can play poker with Yumeko Jabami

    23. Juan Lopez

      1:50 Holt dancing to Freakazoid by Midnight Star, never expected to see that

    24. Sinjin Reed

      *Sees Captain Holt "dancing"* That dude’s not gay.

    25. Dylan Phd

      Why does holt have over 300 emails?

    26. Amna

      "Dammit Eugene you sold me out!"

    27. Naina Rai

      Which episode is the thumbnail from??

    28. Göklerin Titaniği

      Just pause the video and take to 1:18. :) That look...

    29. Yassin Elsenoussi

      “Hes in a fight club” I love Gina

    30. kipklop

      "your dress makes you look like a mermaid" 😂💞

    31. hxneylove

      'you call that dancing' Jake's reaction 💯

    32. Irena Słoma

      Jake, the overwhelming time pressure.

    33. B

      that look he gave him after deleting the photos

    34. Lía Maríe Castillo Abreu

      I don't know what's better: The rainbow organized folders or the rainbow flag on his desk...

    35. A K

      I wanna join Razzmatazz

    36. Rudrajit Dey

      I actually liked the "fight club" idea of Gina.

    37. Diane Bunn

      He's like the Richard webber of law enforcement

    38. dogma_

      I love Jake’s love for capturing Holt doing anything remotely “unique” LMAO (referring to the dancing, hula hooping, etc. Really anything he wouldn’t expect from Holt)

    39. Alex Rodriguez

      If Holt ever did trip over an uneven sidewalk, he would say “oh, my”

    40. The gaming Star

      o o p s i e d o o d l e

    41. Ashido

      'Oh no it's bad for the bands' - Captain Raymond Jacob Holt

    42. Smriti S

      "Hand over the spatula" - should be a Gordon Ramsey quote

    43. david savage

      when i'm cooking how am i both charles and holt at the same time 😂

    44. Megan Baer

      I just realized the pride flag on Holt's desk. How did I never see that

    45. Millie May

      Holt is soooo underrated!!!!!!

    46. Alissa doley

      Its surprising that Boyle cooks his scrambled eggs with oil and not butter.

    47. Julie

      my hands are covered in BUTTER from making BUTTER

    48. ash cirino

      *B O O O O O O N E*

    49. Soura Sundar Roy

      "My hands are covered in butter from making butter"

    50. Iwant 2spanku

      "Because no one will ever believe you" 😀😀

    51. Venelina Sokolova VENI

      I read "hidden boobies" and thought "ah yes. BrEaStS"

    52. Kenneth Rayside

      His favorite hobby is ENUNCIATING.

    53. LadyLier

      What episode is the cooking one?!!

    54. Lauren Bastin

      Something about the delivery of “Jake the overwhelming time pressure” cracks me up every time

      1. Jordanne Chambo

        lachlan Bastin yep same. I rewind multiple times (while watching the show but I did when I saw it on this video too).

    55. Theda Shaw

      I was hoping him flirting with the receptionist was gonna be on here lol

    56. Luigi

      He also collects antique gloves smh get it right

    57. Hakkyou13

      I will ALWAYS love the hula-hoop scene. The situation diffusion makes me cringe SO HARD.

    58. Jacob Odom

      Captain Holt is essentially a Starfleet Captain

    59. Charley Ward

      Honestly, if it came out that Holt was on the spectrum, not only would it not be surprising in the least but I'm pretty sure it'd be one of the most realistic and positive depictions of it in all media.

    60. Robert Patrick Atmojo

      Damnn Andre really let himself go

    61. Fatian Berisha

      1:16 that look😂😂

    62. Ali HN

      You forgot the most important hobby... BOOOOONE!

    63. Chris

      4:33 "Now I know how Salieri felt" Lol I got that reference

    64. Marina

      I remember when I first saw the promos for this show. I thought it was going to be bad. I have never been so glad to be so wrong.

    65. Salvia Kasana

      this guy parties 😂

    66. Planted Betta

      I love that one fat guy he was my favorite startrek alien “we are smart”

    67. T Bear-Aspirin

      I was...HOOOla hooping...

    68. huskytzu

      @4:40 Amy Snacctiago

    69. siddharth singh

      Where’s that thumbnail from ?

    70. Skullgrin

      Okay but why did Jake roll up to the contest dressed as Waluigi?

    71. Alllan Muc

      Do every1 of holts hot damns

    72. Arijit Halder

      Whoever made that thumbnail should be brought before a tribunal !!! 😤😤

    73. Demon Eon

      Damn Holt is a savage when it comes to poker, hot damn.

    74. Red Rex

      "Because no one will ever believe you"

    75. Lucijan

      06:39 "His nickname is longer than his actual name. Why is that Terry? - Cause he's a dick. "

    76. Connie Fm

      8:16 I had to watch it twice to catch his tell He said " _I'm_ not going to cancel this mission" instead of "I am not going to cancel this mission"

      1. Dracos002

        And " _you're_ both great at poker".

    77. Ushriya Moodley

      4:46-4:58 Jake is having the time of his life whole Amy and Holt just look at him annoyed, I LOVE IT😂👏

      1. Ali HN

        Holt has such a wide stance at 4:46 it's crazy...

    78. Kashkillerkem

      I am..., ight

    79. Belle D


    80. 831 blacksheep

      I just subscribed you thank you so much

    81. Ari

      Oh my hands are covered in BUTTER from making BUTTER.

    82. Sam V. Paul

      "Who is he" Most underrated line of the show loll

    83. Chriselle Hatchell

      he also enjoys fencing if i remember

    84. Ted Mosbt

      8:00 damn it eugene you sold me out Hilarious

    85. ツTiffany

      Chef Boyle and Captain Holt are the worst partners together lmao

    86. A La Thorpe

      8:17 he’s lying to Jake “And now YOU’RE going to fold”

      1. spam acc

        i've seen someone mention his tell could be for more than lying (eg nervousness) so perhaps it's frustration at bad cards, or him fighting against his addiction?

    87. Raza Yousaf

      Holt's tell: Contractions. e.g. You're

      1. Dayala Singh

        And also moving the bottom of his mouth.

    88. Victor Milles

      2:17 Does anyone know which episode this is?

    89. charlie brown

      He really is a pro; the *oOopsie doodle* is no easy move

    90. Timothyimessege

      Eugen is a bitch

    91. sartorian darkstorm

      its nice to see jake go from finding holt boring and annoying to be an expert at holts subtle ways and loving him like the cool daddy he is

    92. Kameron's Political Predictions Center

      2:25 muthaf*cka scrambled eggs are the only things I can make

      1. Kameron's Political Predictions Center

        @invock bruh, I nearly burned my house down making french fries

      2. invock

        "The only thing YOU THINK you can make." - Charles Boyle

    93. CallMeLum

      The.... Oopsie doodle 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. Bhaskar Gandavabi

      Holt is the best, he loves them like a father

    95. Where's MtNzx

      R.I.P Cheddar 😭😭

    96. Baker 1982

      Holt and Kevin do so much as a couple. Favourite TV couple

    97. Jonah 2007

      I honestly cannot tell if Boyle liked Captain Holt’s cooking

    98. danteelite

      "Dancing over. Situation diffused." Is an excellent example of who Holt is as a person. Very proper and professional, but he has a fun side and will do whatever it takes to avoid unnecessary conflict in a respectable way. Holt is the type of man the world needs but doesn't deserve!

      1. Derek Handson

        We need more officers like him. The system rn is terrible

      2. Niharika Khullar

        Exactly!!! I love everything about him

      3. Hi 123

        @Shotty WUNTCH TIME IS OVER!!!!!

      4. Almighty_ Jones

        If more cops knew how to be human in situations like these

      5. dogma_

        And the Jake just sObBinG

    99. M Sia

      Pizza toss is taking the hoop from around your waist/hips, then throwing it up. The dirty pizza toss is even harder, as it begins at the floor, and you need to throw it above your head... with your feet.

    100. Toby Holland

      Field hockey is the THIRD most popular sport in the world, with two billion fans. Terry's condescension when he says 'Men's field hockey?' and Charles' breast joke are amusing but also rooted in ignorance. Sports exist outside of North America.

      1. Toby Holland

        @Angry Jello Bear But that assumption about field hockey only being for women exists only in North America. This is similar to the recent ESPN discussions about who is the biggest superstar in 'sports' and they omitted any mention of Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar.

      2. Angry Jello Bear

        Toby Holland I think where Terry is coming from is because field hockey is usually assumed to be a predominantly woman sport. But. Boyle’s thing is ignorance.